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A blog dedicated to helping you to choose the perfect bulbs and lights for your vehicle, car, or truck and even for your homes. If you need new bulbs, you are in the right place!

About Lights Pick

My name is Nicklaus Ethan and I created this website because I wanted to give a piece of advice to people like me, people who want only the best things for their vehicle. Hopefully, Lights pick will give you plenty of advice and you will learn how to choose headlights or bulbs the right way. I have a dog Grumpy and he is my best friend. Check out my blog often because I will publish high-quality posts in several different sections. My friends are helping me to add new content regularly, and I want to introduce them too.

Jimmy is a mechanic and my personal friend for more than eight years. He helped me to pick a bulb for my previous car and we are close since. He knows lot about cars and trucks, motorcycles are his hobby, but he is modest and he always says that he knows something about bulbs, but not everything.

Jenny is a webmaster of many Amazon affiliate websites. She is the wife and a mother of two. She writes SEO articles and fashion tips in her spare time. She worked for many clients on Elance and Odesk, but she decided to become her own boss, she started an Amazon affiliate website about her passion and hobby. Her husband supports her in her wish to become a ballerina, a copywriter, a vlogger and a signer. She does everything she can to teach her kids how to behave in this crazy world. When she is not at work, she is at home preparing pancakes with homemade fruit. Glynnis likes to play Pokemon and she thinks that love is the most important thing in the world.

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