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Welcome to Lights Pick!

What happens when two car aficionados, a rockstar mechanic, an SEO expert, and a dog named Grumpy, all come together? The result is a blog dedicated to helping you – our reader – in choosing the perfect bulbs and lights for your vehicle, car, or truck and even for your homes. If you are in dire need of new bulbs, you are in the right place!

About Lights Pick

My name is Nicklaus Ethan, and welcome to Lights Pick!

Together with my friend Gaurav, we created this website because we wanted to help people pick nothing but the best lights and accessories for their vehicle. Lights Pick aims to provide you with plenty of recommendations, which can also serve as your reliable guide in choosing the correct headlights or bulbs.

Gaurav and I are just a fraction of the brains behind this blog. We also have my good friend, Jimmy, who authors a lot of the content here. Jimmy is a mechanic by profession. I met him eight years ago, without knowing that my consultation regarding the best bulb for my car would turn into a great friendship! He definitely knows a lot about cars and trucks, and considers motorcycles as his top hobby. He is quite a modest being, too! He says he doesn’t know much about certain stuff but suddenly turns into a fountain of wisdom when asked about them.

Now, we’d like you to meet Jenny. She is a webmaster of several Amazon affiliate websites. A wife and mother of two, Jenny loves writing SEO articles and fashion tips during her spare time. Jenny worked for many clients on Elance and O-Desk, but reached a turning point and decided to become her own boss. When not training her kids on the daily, practical things (which includes creating their “crazy world survival guide”), Jenny wears the hat of a ballerina, a copywriter, a vlogger, and a singer. Her versatility in interest and experience will surely add more color to this blog!

Of course, my mention of Grumpy is quite hard to miss, so here he is!


Grumpy is the fifth member of the Lights Pick editorial board, and he is my bestest best friend. Grumpy just brightens up even the gloomiest of days like the sun (or, a light bulb!).
Say hello, Grumpy!

Do check out our blog often, because we publish high-quality posts every month.

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Nicklaus Ethan
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