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As soon as you start talking about the car bulbs in a store, you will surely come to know about the virtues of the LED lights and Xenon headlights as the salesman will start telling you about them and will be no doubt spewing all types of other acronyms that mean nothing to you actually.

Here you will get the idea to cut through the techno-babble and get down to the primary concerns about these two heavyweights LED and HID bulbs and whether they are worth buying.

Apart from the owners of high end, expensive luxury car owners as their cars coming with technically advances headlights, even the road car owners can upgrade their headlights easily with the LED or the hid Xenon headlights to achieve more improved results.

Are HID And LED Headlights Worth Buying?”

These two kinds of headlights have become the hottest property thanks to their excellent performance and advanced technology in comparison with the older halogen bulbs.

Let’s Check The Bulbs More Closely:

HID Headlights:

  • These are known as the xenon headlights and the full name of the headlights is High-Intensity Charge bulbs. The charge refers to the arc of the electricity, which is created by firing electricity between two different electrodes in a bulb that filled with the xenon gas. This type of light produces more light compared to the heating up the tungsten to create light.

HID headlight bulbs

  • You can even expect around 3000 lumens covering an area of 90 square meters, as opposed to just 1400 lumens and also 30 square meters from the old halogen bulbs.
  • More lights provide you more safety as you can see the further ahead while driving at a dark night or in foggy or bad weather and you will benefit from the certain ability for the other motorists to see you earlier on such twisty stuff.
  • They operate on a much lower power than the halogen headlights that need a lot to heat up the tungsten element. This is excellent as it will save the energy and therefore the fuel, as the vehicles will create the electrical power from its engine that burning fuel.
  • They last a long time and up to 2000 hours because they don’t burn up it’s halogen parts that come with low lifespan, which is around 450 hours just. HID lights are not just bright, but green also.
  • There are some drawbacks of the lights because HID lights are rather expensive in comparison to the other types of headlights and they do not look like the ideal bulb shaped and it is impossible or difficult to fit them into the older cars.
  • If you have been confronted ever by an HID equipped vehicle at dark night, you may be able to testify that they are so bright that you can be blinded temporarily. Not best for the nighttime
  • HID bulbs are not a cheap option for you as you need to pay 150 pounds or more than that for HID bulb, but they can be worth buying as they are quite safe to and lasts for a long time, you will also able to save some money from the fuel saving option.

LED Headlights

  • LED headlights are actually the new kids on the block, which have become popular already. LED lights are electrical conductors surely when switching on the emitted They are the simplest circuit for your car that is either on or off but doesn’t need to heat up.

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  • LED lights have only a few components that are good for the cars as they can be made in very small size. They can handle easily any vibrations or bumps that might happen on a less perfect surface of the road.
  • LED headlights of the cars are worth buying for the car owners as they consume very less power than the halogen bulbs and lasts longer. According to recent surveys, they can last for 35,000 hours or more than that.
  • One other cool advantage of the LED headlights is they are available in various colors including red, blue, purple, white, yellow, green, infrared, violate, orange etc. You can choose the color scheme as per your requirement and according to the weather of the place you are staying in. Most of the people prefer to have the yellow LEDs as they are most convenient to use on darker nights.
  • LED headlights are not much expensive or you can say they are very cheap. As around 30 to 50 pounds per unit is quite reasonable to suit every car owner’s pocket and at all bad for the budget conscious headlight buyers.
  • LED headlights are not much compatible with the older cars, so this is quite a disadvantage if you are looking to upgrade as they are not They are not those much brighter lights like the HID lights. So, if you are safety conscious but not much fancy lover, you may prefer to avoid them. But if you are working with the old halogen bulbs, they are must be quite brighter than the halogen bulbs.

Final Words

These two types of headlights are acquiring popularity day by day but if your concern is safety more than budget or fancy, HID headlights can be worth buying option for you. But if you are looking for a cheaper option that great for an all-around solution, LED lights are good for you as long as the lights will fit your vehicle.

Without getting much confused between the technical differences between the HI and LED headlights for the car, come to the endpoint that both types of lights are enough capable to produce broad similarities in terms to give more efficient lighting that very strong. Differences lie in the way that they have manufactured.

The upgrading process of your headlights does not need to be quite difficult. LED lights are available at very low cost and they are simple to install even for non-technical motorists. Same with the HID headlights, the upgrading kits are easily available in the market and easy to install for everyone.