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Beamtech led review

The last decade started its journey as a long road researcher; BEAMTECH is now one of the leader manufacturers to produce not only quality LED kits but also providing preeminent components to other renowned brands worldwide.

BEAMTECH declares their passion; they want to produce long-standing automotive passion with unique lighting products utilizing modern technology, and credibility makes them client’ friendly. The price range is never high comparing the premium support; the budget is around $35 to $100.

No surprise, BEAMTECH is the number-1 professional manufacturer for lighting technology in China though it creates a valuable position in the USA, UK, and Canadian aftermarket. What makes this brand successful overnight? It’s their goal;

Firstly, BEAMTECH has to provide high-quality lighting kit in an affordable price range everywhere. And, secondly, clients’ satisfaction rate is 4.7 out of 5.00 (Depending on Amazon reviews).

A vital department, named QUALITY ASSURANCE (QA), inspects all the BEAMTECH kits after production and confirms stability after check and test. Lifetime conversation rate, 7-day clients’ service, and instant deliberation (Within Business day) make you love BEAMTECH.

Our following content contains a fabulous guide on Beamtech led review; Get the right source to buy the right product.

The Secret Behind The Premium LED Headlight Kit; Why Choose BEAMTECH?


Korean technology in one of the most top way to modernize the automotive system & LED headlight bulb is our today’s discussion; We sponsor BEAMTECH. LED chips are duel-featured, and CSP designed.

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Newest technology helps BEAMTECH LED bulb producing (8000-10000) lumens for a per set, and output remains with (4000-5000)LM that creates an outstanding NIGHT-VIEW utilizing the xenon white brightness (6000K-6500K). Comparing 20X brighter than an available halogen bulb.

Note: The lifespan is (30000-50000) on average.

BEAMTECH allows minimum voltage; never a high voltage setup is permissible. Besides, you need not fix circuit interference, but easier installation helps you get instant plug-n-play.

Electromagnetic radiation isn’t accessible. Night light emission with narrow strip cheers the light beam pattern. The beam pattern is similar to halogen design.

Talking about special features, BEAMTECH has a unique design comparing other headlight LEDs. Sometimes, it looks fantastic inside the head beam, but a bunch of clients may face problems in the installation time.

Positive reviewers claim that BEAMTECH LEDs have more standard than COUGAR MOTOR’S product comparing the price range and quality, but lasting is comparably similar for both brands. Having a fan, including the headlight kit, sounds old, right? What if BEAMTECH doesn’t have a fan?

They use passive cooler throughout the aluminum alloy so that the LED kit remains heat dissipated. You must know that the Filament setup for BEAMTECH is identical comparing the Halogen lamp. IP65; Water-resistant.

Though lifespan is comparably fewer (30000-50000 hours) than other TOP LEDs brand; Is it a concern? Using handsome material like aluminum alloy and the ultra cooler system helps the BEAMTECH bulb avoid the baseless sound of FAN. You must check out this brand for Waterproof, Dustproof, and Shockproof seal besides an excellent LED shape.

Pros & Cons

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  • Korean technology (3rd of advanced technology)
  • Plug-N-Play
  • Fits to 99% of vehicles
  • Modern LEDs structure
  • IP Rate: IP65 (Water-resistant)
  • CSP (Chip Scale Package) Chip
  • Beam pattern follows the OEM Halogen structure
  • Operating Life: Almost 3.5 Years (30.660 hours)
  • Heat dissipation term
  • No additional FAN required
  • Aviation aluminum housings
  • All-type light source available in stock
  • 3-year limited warranty
  • Premium LED kit
  • 24/7/365 client’s support
  • CE and ISO 9001-2000 (Approved)


  • Headlight structure is completely different comparing available LEDs
  • Clients may meet problem during the SETUP
  • 3% of clients find an issue with them being loose
  • A 1-star reviewer claims that, Instead of being super bright, it seems dimmer than expectation.

An Overview; What’s Behind Choosing The Right LED Headlight Kit?

Considering three main types of light sources, you can intend to BUY the right LED headlight bulb; the process of installing and LIGHT power is considered easier than the HALOGEN & HID process.

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COB- Chip of broad (Manufactured by Chinese suppliers). Lower cost and medium-light performance. The body structure is comprehensive, so that brightness covers the maximum area. Because of excessive wide brightness, COB is not focused on the targeted area but widespread.

CSP- Chip Scale Package; Medium cost, medium performance, but beam pattern follows the OEM halogen. If you consider the OEM type beam pattern, it’s perfect in one side area. Heat dissipation area isn’t broad so that output doesn’t produce quality power—producer: South Korean.

SMD- Surface Mounted Device. Expensive and high-light production. Beam pattern has a quality light production stuff. Fanless but heat emission technology system.

Small in size, and you never need to rely on TURBOCOOLING stuff and install a fan. But, SMD TECH is more efficient considering the first two light sources.

The heat dissipation system makes it premium, and prices are not high considering the QUALITY. SMD uses the thermal conductivity that is 400 times higher than copper.

BEAMTECH offer you all type of light sources, but brightness may vary depending on the quality and price range. The cooling system of BEAMTECH follows the SMD method so that you get an easy installment comparing other bulbs.

FAQ & Solution; Something You Might Be Asking

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Q: Which Size Fits My Car Confidently?

A: It’s authentic to check out specific sizing depending on ‘user manual’ or switch off your bulb from the headlight kit and individualize the requirements.

Q: Do These Headlights Demand Any Anti-flickering Decoders/Resistors?

A: As we mentioned in our content that almost 95% vehicles are familiar to the BEAMTECH bulb, but as we all know, there are some models doesn’t allow additional lamp without an authentic beam model. In case, you may face flicker and error code. You can ask their contact for adjusting decoder or resistors.

Q: What If My Bulb Doesn’t Get Fit?

A: Try out an additional bulb holder if required; Do this if the stock bulb allows you to take the holder. Even if you can’t find a solution, BEAMTECH offers you the ultimate conversation rate for 24/7/365.

The Conclusion; How To Buy?

Available in Amazon, using the prime version, you can get 2-DAYS instant carriage. Choosing BEAMTECH technology maintains a comfortable price range & LEDs rank. The KEY-factor; 3 YRS replacement warrantee through lifespan stands similar to 30,000+ hours.

There are other quality brands available for 50,000 hours, but they don’t follow OEM structure and lower in quality brightness. Depending on a unique look, OEM structure and upgrade LED kit choose out BEAMTECH; rest for 3 YRS confidently with assurance.

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