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Best Headlight Sealant

Buying a headlight sealant may pose some concerns. Chemicals are a factor that people may worry about, including how effective or too intensive the formula may be.

I have never used a sealant, nor cleaned my headlights – but I’ve noticed how the yellow tint makes them look old, and even worse, less visible at night. I’ve heard of the toothpaste method that apparently can clean your headlight lens.

While it seems like an interesting DIY, there is no scientific evidence to back it up. I’d much rather use a product created for sealing against moisture that can ease your mind more when needing durable protection.

Keep reading to learn the pros and cons of each sealant for your headlight lens.

Best Headlight Sealant: Side By Side

Meguiar's G17804 Keep Clear Headlight Coating - 4 Oz Spray
Value For Money
Chemical Guys GAP11516 Headlight Restore and Protect, (Great for Cars, Trucks, SUVs, RVs, Motorcycles, & More) 16 fl oz
Key Features
Clarity And Cleanliness, UV Protection, Long Life
Lots of Product, Clean And Clear, UV Protection
Meguiar's G17804 Keep Clear Headlight Coating - 4 Oz Spray
Key Features
Clarity And Cleanliness, UV Protection, Long Life
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Value For Money
Chemical Guys GAP11516 Headlight Restore and Protect, (Great for Cars, Trucks, SUVs, RVs, Motorcycles, & More) 16 fl oz
Key Features
Lots of Product, Clean And Clear, UV Protection
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Buying Guide: Things To Consider Before Buying Headlight Sealants


Ensure the headlight lenses are clean so they look brand new before applying the sealant or coating. A sealant protects against damage and at the same time seals out dirt from seeping in.

So, using a designated headlight cleaner first will help clean it fully, along with sanding.


This step is optional but is recommended before putting on any sealant on your headlight lens for transparency. Its purpose is to take off any yellowing by sanding the surface with wet grit sandpaper.

Then, follow up with a soft wet sandpaper or towel to smooth out any line residue made by the sandpaper for a smooth finish. After sanding you can apply the sealer or coating spray for optimal protection against damage.


Before applying the sealant, ensure that the headlight lens is cooled down. Ideally, the best results are to apply the sealant in the shade so no UV rays from the sun can seep in during the process.

Headlight Condition

It’s a good idea to examine the headlights to see if there are any cracks or broken areas before sealing. If they are cracked, you can temporarily extend the headlight life by using super glue with a sealant on top.

The sealant and glue will ensure no dirt or grime can get into the crack for however long the sealant intendeds to last.

Best Headlight Sealants

#1 Blue Magic Headlight Lens Sealer: Best For Protection

This blue magic headlight sealer is best for protecting your car’s headlights against damage from the weather to clear visibility for any driving circumstance.

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  • Fits universally. Suitable for any vehicle’s headlight lens old or new to protect overtime.
  • Easy to use. Designed in a plastic bottle with a spray cap for easy and fast application.
  • Lots of product. The blue magic sealer includes 8 ounces of liquid enough to last a long time.
  • Clear cap. The cap is designed with user safety to prevent accidental sprays or leakages.


  • Contains chemicals. Alike many headlight sealers, the chemicals included may be hazardous. However, avoid using and storing it around children. Always cover eyes.
  • Drying time. may take longer to dry but you can always spray at a good time such as before going to sleep.

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#2 Meguiar’s Keep Clear Headlight Coating: Best For Clarity

This product provides clarity to old or new lenses to improve its life and sustainability overtime as harsh weather conditions may damage it. This coating protects and replenishes dirty headlight lenses.

Meguiar's Keep Clear Headlight Coating



  • Clarity and cleanliness. Keeps headlights clean with a couple of sprays. Will clear coat and provide clarity after dry.
  • UV protection. Durable coating to prevent the sun’s UV rays from damaging the lenses.
  • Long life. Provides effective coating to last a yearlong.
  • Easy to use. Equipped with an aerosol spray bottle for quick and easy application.


  • It may not be enough. The bottle is smaller than other kinds of coating but its quality is excellent and effective.
  • Need protection. Must use tape to prevent the spray from damaging other parts of your vehicle. However, is a smart decision and takes only a couple of minutes.

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#3 Chemical Guys Headlight: Best For Restore And Protection

This restoration product protects against yellow, damaged UV headlights and clears up potential fogginess for clarity. Dissolves a yellow haze and provides optimal headlight clarity for visibility.

Chemical Guys Headlight Restore



  • Lots of product. Comes with 16 fl. Oz of liquid to use whenever your headlight lenses need protection and sealing.
  • Clean and clear. Makes headlights more visible through extensive cleaning of its chemicals.
  • UV protection. Seals and uses protection against the sun’s rays to prevent future UV light damage.
  • No sanding is needed. it is optional if you want to sand the lenses, but not required with this product for convenience.


  • Not 100% clarity. Works very well to create clarity on lenses in the 80-90% range which is still high quality.
  • Not thorough cleanliness. Creates shine but it may not provide an in-depth cleanse for really dirty headlights. Use a scrubber then apply this product.

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#4 3M Ultra Headlight Restoration Kit: Best For Value

This headlight restoration kit is designed for removing yellowing, and fogginess for clearer vision when driving at any time of the day. Designed for vehicle lenses to look brand new in an all-in-one pack.

3M Ultra Headlight Restoration Kit



  • Kit contains all required tools. This kit provides masking tape, wax protector, and sanding discs with extras.
  • Universal use on lenses. Apply to any plastic headlight lenses including fog lights, directional lights, or headlight and taillights.
  • Advanced technology. Designed with 3m technology to diminish yellow lenses while protecting against chemical damage.
  • Easy to use. Provides everything you need to clean your lenses without having to buy or replace your vehicle’s lenses.


  • Might not have enough product. Since it’s a kit, there might not be enough of certain things. However, it is very convenient to have an all-in-one lens sealer.
  • Streaks may occur. The swipes can cause slight streaking but with cleansing, it should go away.

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#5 Turtle Wax Headlight Cleaner And Sealant: Best For Clarity And Shine

This sealer and cleaner are convenient to use in a one-step application. Cleans yellowing and cloudy oxidation while sealing the lens for protection against sun or weather damage.

Turtle Wax Headlight Cleaner And Sealant



  • 2 in one pack. Provides cleanliness and prevents the lenses from turning yellow.
  • OEM formula. Uses acrylic resins to prevent future cloudiness or fogging for optimal vision.
  • Works on other plastics. Includes suitability for plastic windows or plastics that are translucent.
  • Compatible with other products. Can use with other headlight lens products with restoration chemicals for a full clean.


  • Not a major transformation. Will make a difference after cleansing but may require more product on each headlight.
  • Better as a sealer. You may want to use a cleanser (or scrubber) before as it contains half cleansing and half sealing formulas.

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#6 Rain-X Headlight Restorer: Best For Deep Cleaning

This restorer improves driving visibility by deep cleaning yellow headlights. For mild or slight haze on headlight lenses to help them shine brighter without oxidation that may block light emission.

Rain-X Headlight Restorer



  • Restore plastic. Helps to clear the plastic lenses by dissolving unwanted yellowing or haze.
  • Increases visibility. Makes lenses clearer with cleansing formulated chemicals for the finest visibility.
  • Cleanses. Deeply cleanses with a multi-step process that is more effective than a one-step sealer.
  • Easy to use. Just apply the product with a damp rag to clean the headlight lenses. Rinse the headlight and wipe with a soft towel to dry.


  • Small product. Smaller plastic bottle may be used up quickly.
  • May leave residue. Without fully scrubbing the product on the headlights, it can leave some residue behind.

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#7 Mckee’s Headlight Protectant Spray: Best For Protectant

This durable protectant spray will seal and protect your headlight lens from yellowing from sun damage. According to research, the sun will make headlights fade and this product will deliver clarity for safety.

Mckee's Headlight Protectant Spray



  • UV protectant. Protects against the suns damaging effects of yellowing for future exposure to the sun to lessen the damage.
  • Increased clarity. See better at night by spraying McKee’s lens spray to allow the headlight lens to last longer quality-wise.
  • Discoloration defense. Fights against yellowing by deep cleaning the surface with chemicals.
  • Easy to use. Simply spray on your headlight lens and wipe off with a damp and smooth cloth or towel.


  • Might need tape. You might need tape so the spray doesn’t get on the car’s paint, however you may need to contact the manufacturer for more details.
  • Longevity is less than other products. You may need to spray a couple of times a month to see the result (depending on severity of lens condition).

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Best Headlight Sealer?

In our opinion, the best headlight sealer is the Blue Magic Headlight Lens Sealer.

This is the best headlight sealer because it’s designed for protection to enable the headlight lenses to last longer. Damaged lenses can make for unsafe driving with dimmer brightness from oxidization and blue magic removes discoloration effectively.

Blue Magic 730-6 Headlight Lens Sealer - 8 oz.
  • Package Dimensions: 22.86 H x 5.003 L x 7.62 W (centimetres).Fit Type: Universal
  • Country of Origin : United States
  • Package Weight: 0.295 kilograms
  • Fit type: Universal

What Is The Best Clear Coat For Headlights?

The best clear coat for headlights is Meguiar’s Keep Clear Headlight Coating.

This clear coat has the most protective coating with UV protection that cleans off any residue from damage. The product provides visible changes of clarity just after a couple of sprays and drying time.

Meguiar's G17804 Keep Clear Headlight Coating - 4 Oz Spray
  • CLEAR LIGHTS: Maintains clarity on new or restored headlights
  • UNIQUE FORMULA: Proprietary headlight coating provides durable UV protection
  • A NEW LOOK: Helps keep new headlights looking like new
  • LASTS ALL YEAR LONG: Provides headlight clarity for up to a year
  • EASY TO USE: Convenient aerosol spray application

How Do You Seal Moisture Out Of Headlights?

Before sealing your headlights clean them on the inside first. You can completely remove your headlight headlamps from the housing to unassembled the headlight. Then simply wipe the inside using a soft cloth (without lint) to take out the moisture. Always contact your manufacturer of the vehicle if you need assistance with this deconstruction process.

You can also dry out the moisture by using compacted air like a hairdryer or drying packets in the headlight’s housing.

Can I Use Silicone To Seal Headlights?

Using silicone tape is not recommended. It may not seal properly and can be messy to clean up. Buying a proper headlight lens sealer is ideal as it has more protective features from damaging factors such as UV rays and harsh weather conditions.


Buying headlight sealant is made easier with these top suggestions. Our top three recommendations are Blue magic Headlight Lens Sealer, Meguiar’s Keep Clear Headlight Coating, and Chemical Guys Headlight Restore and Protect.

You don’t have to worry about buying a deficient sealer as these are suggestions that can increase the headlight’s life and save money (by not having to replace the lens) as discussed in this review.

You can go drive worry-free when you have a protective sealer against bad weather conditions or UV rays that can damage your lenses to the extent of low visibility.

By checking out these recommendations on, your day and nighttime worries will dissipate.

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