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Best Solar Flagpole Light

The sight of the American flag anywhere can have you feeling a deep sense of pride and belonging to the world’s most powerful nation. It may be the reason why Americans are some of the most fiercely patriotic people that the world has ever seen.

A big part of that is having a flag post mounted with the express purpose of showing how proud you are of your country. It is while it is flying that necessitates the need for the flagpole light. It actually is a requirement that if you are going to be flying the flag through the night, you should have adequate light shining on the flag.

Best Solar Flagpole Light Comparison

BLINNGO Solar Flag Pole Light,Upgraded Flagpole Solar Light with Highly Reflective Alloys and Enhanced Brightness, 5V 48 Super-Bright...
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Solar Flag Pole Light 128 LED Light, Super Bright Led Solar Powered Lights on Most 15 to 25Ft Flagpole 100% Flag Coverage, 2 Modes...
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42 LEDs that can be lit up in three different modes
128 LEDs and still manages to be energy efficient
BLINNGO Solar Flag Pole Light,Upgraded Flagpole Solar Light with Highly Reflective Alloys and Enhanced Brightness, 5V 48 Super-Bright...
Key Features
42 LEDs that can be lit up in three different modes
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Value for Money
Solar Flag Pole Light 128 LED Light, Super Bright Led Solar Powered Lights on Most 15 to 25Ft Flagpole 100% Flag Coverage, 2 Modes...
Key Features
128 LEDs and still manages to be energy efficient
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What Are The Best Solar Flagpole Lights On The Market?

1. The Hallomall Light – Editor’s Pick

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Hallomall has been a staple in the list of the best flagpole light manufacturers for a number of years. This has seen them become a household name, and obviously the first option you turn to when you need to get a reliable solar flag pole light.

This particular light is filled with 48 LEDs that are capable of putting out 800 Lux. They come fitted with an auto on-off switch and the LED lights are powered by a 2200 mAh battery. There is no doubt that this is the best solar powered flagpole light.

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2. Blinngo Solar Light – Runner Up

Blinngo Solar Light


Blinngo came out with a flagpole light that did quite well, but obviously not as well as they had hoped.

This led them to revise the top section of the flagpole model and that move resulted in this second generation flagpole light, even with less than 11 solar panels.

What you now get is quite similar to what the first one provides. You have 42 LEDs that can be lit up in three different modes.

These LED lights are powered by six solar panels that are charging a 2200mAh battery capacity is enough to keep the lights on for a good 10 hours to 12 hours.

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3. Zioti Solar Light – Value For Money

Zioti Solar Light


If the two previous LED flagpole light models feel underwhelming or could definitely do with an improvement, then yes, they absolutely do. Zioti is not quite the household name as the other two.

However, that doesn’t stop them from coming up with products that blow the previous two out of the water.Case in point is this eco-friendly flagpole light that combines a 2500mAh battery with 128 LEDs.

To help power this light straight onto your flagpole and still manages to be energy efficient.The best part is, it comes with an IP67 dust and rain resistance rating.

So, even on the days when the clouds roll around for serious business, your light will make your American flag look epic in the rain. The more than 30 LED solar lights will make sure the flagpole lights best for more than 10 hours on any given night.

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4. Maxsa Weatherproof Black LED – Best Waterproof

Maxsa Weatherproof Black LED


The other flagpole light models on this list have something in common; they all go to the top of the pole. If you don’t want something like that, but instead would prefer a near ground-dwelling flagpole light, then this Maxsa solar flag light will be the perfect option for you.

As a ground-dwelling flagpole light, it is quite quick to install and set the solar panels in the correct orientation. Depending on where you install them, weather conditions can seem worrying.

They are likely to have water splashing all around them, especially when there is heavy rain. That is the simplest reason why this LED solar-powered flagpole light needed to be weatherproof.

The LED flagpole light comes with a light sensor to get the light to come on when the sun goes down, and off when the sun comes up. This allows the solar cells to charge and discharge without you having to turn it on and off every evening.

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5. The Alpha 180X Light – Easiest To Install

The Alpha 180X Light


This has to be one of the most amazing lights to use solar power if you are one to judge from flagpole light reviews. Like many, you can leave a comment describing your experience with it.

It is guaranteed you will be in love with the best overall solar power lights you will ever come across. Photovoltaic cells power 35 long-lasting LEDs that are quite easy to install.

LED bulbs aside, this super bright light is not only functional but also very durable. The solar panel mounts next to the light to help provide 6 to 12 hours of functional lighting.

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How Many Lumens Do I Need For Solar Flagpole Lights?

The answer to this is pretty straightforward. However, there is a lot of wordplay at work, so it would be better to explain everything here, then you can make an informed choice as to what you will do with solar lights.

Technically, you could light up the American flag with as little as 300 lumens of light from a solar-powered flagpole light. However, here is where the issues begin cropping up. The fields of deep blue and red on the flag are very good at absorbing light. While 300 lumens does light up the flag, it is not sufficient enough to bring out these colors.

As noted earlier, if you want to fly your flag at night, you will have to have it lit sufficiently. The US Flag code specifically states that the flag should have “Proper Illumination.” So, while technically 300 lumens can work, that really wouldn’t count as proper.

Instead, you should look for light fixtures with more than 1000 lumens if you are to provide proper illumination to the flag. This can also be a little bit too much if you know what you are doing. Let’s look at the next section.

How To Choose The Best Solar Flagpole Light?

Choosing the solar-powered flagpole lights isn’t a matter of clicking on the one that you like online, or even picking the one that interests you from the shelf of your nearest department store. You will have to put some thought into it.

Actually, it is required of you to put some thought into selecting a solar light as the US Flag ordinance requires you to provide proper illumination. For this, you need to know how to get high-quality LED lights to work for you.

This brings us to two units used to measure light. These are lumens and lux. The amount of light that that solar light will give out in total, is denoted by lumens. On the other hand, Lux is the amount of light cast on an area that measures one square meter.

As light leaves the point of origin, it will spread out. This means the amount of light that will land on that flag per square meter is what is more important. To achieve a high lux measurement that can adequately light up 15 to 25 feet, the light will have to be focused onto the area that you want to be illuminated.

The size of the flag also plays a big role as 30 LED bulbs can prove to be inadequate. This is why light seems to be directional. When choosing the best solar light, it would be best to know the height of the pole you are using, and then look at the amount of lux that pole will emit over that given distance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Have To Install The Lights In A Specific Place?

In general, you have two options available to you when it comes to choosing where to place the light. You could have one bolted to the top of your flagpole with the lights facing down and illuminating the flag from a close range.

flag pole illuminated at night

You could also have solar flag pole lights and a solar panel that are much closer to the ground. These will go around your flagpole and will then illuminate the flag at night by concentrating the light into a narrow beam, and then projecting to the flag. It is this second type that will greatly require lux figures as they are quite a distance from the flag.

As long as you can get solar energy to power the pole lights and have the rechargeable batteries at full charge, you can illuminate your flag from any advantageous location.

How To Make Sure The Solar Flagpole Will Fit The Pole Light?

The beauty of living in the developed world is there are systems in place that govern how things should and will be done. These can be summarized into a word known as standards. For everything that is constructed, it has to conform to a group of set instructions that will determine how well it does.

These are the very same instructions that the American Nation Standards Institute set for the flagpole. It is not a random number-inch thick rod. There is a universal standard on how to build them.

This is the guide light manufacturers use. The bulbs will fit these universal standards. If it doesn’t fit, then one of either the rod at the top of the solar lights does not conform to these standards.

How Do I know Which Ornament Ball Fits The Flagpole, If Not Included In The Light?

In an effort to always provide excellent customer service, and probably avoid scathing reviews, a good number of manufacturers will bundle the solar panels lighting with the flagpole ornament. That said, it is still not a standard practice. Some other manufacturers will simply forego including them to save on a buck here and there.

If you end up buying solar LED bulbs that do not have an ornament ball, you need not fret. As stated in the previous question, the manufacture of flag poles is standardized.

This means depending on which flag pole you use, it will have specifications as to which size of screw on the ornament ball to get for the ball shaft. It is only the butt end (the larger ends) that will change in diameter to match your preferences. These can range anywhere from 3 inches in diameter to more than 12.

What To Do If The Ornament Ball Can’t Get Loose?

The ornament ball is held to the flag pole by the use of a screw. If the ball will not come off, then this could mean that the screw, or the pole, has developed rust around the threads.

As this is also exposed to the environment, there could be other things like fine sand in between the thread. If it does not come off, it would be best to get a can of WD40. This is a metal lubricant that is great at dealing with rust and other grime that may be preventing you from removing the ornament ball.

The Verdict

Overall, Hallomall Light is the best solar flagpole light. It is quick to install, has all the lighting power you need without worrying about electricity consumption with its Auto On/Off button as a bonus.

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