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Philips Xtreme Vision Vs. Sylvania Ultra

Philips Xtreme Vision Vs. Sylvania Ultra

I love adventure and enjoy a hobby of going for long drives, especially in the dark. However, sometimes, I feel that my vehicle’s lights are not suitable for the same. The point is that when you are driving at night, you need to consider the output of your car’s headlight, as visibility is an essential … Read more

Hid Color Chart

Understanding The HID Color Chart: Which Color To Buy?

You normally see HID or high-intensity discharge lights in luxury cars. They are expensive, no doubt, but they produce a much brighter light than OEM bulbs during night driving, thus increasing your visibility and safety. So, HID bulbs protect you from road accidents. These bulbs are very efficient and run for more than 2,000 hours. … Read more

H11 vs H9

H11 Vs H9: The Ultimate Guide

Undoubtedly, headlight bulbs are not your first-choice factor while shopping for a new car. Most car owners focus on dents and scratches on the exterior, which spoil the show of their vehicle. Headlights might reduce brightness with time. Hence it would be best if you are looking for replacements in the best way. Like every … Read more

Common problems with HID lights

4 Common Problems With HID Lights & How To Fix Them

In this article, we talk about some common problems with HID lights such as ballast failure or bulb not working. Are your car headlights giving you problems? Do they also stop working suddenly or don’t work at all? There are many problems with HID headlights, and these can cause accidents too. This article will discuss … Read more

Headlight Bulb Types

Headlight Bulb Types Chart: Type, Color, Beam Pattern And Size

Finding a headlight bulb to replace or install in your headlights housing is hard without knowing the correct sizes. This headlight bulb types chart is your solution. In this review, we will break down the correct fitting of headlight bulbs including their features that are bright and efficient for driving, and which ones are better. … Read more