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How To Change Tail Light Bulb

How To Change Tail Light Bulb: Step By Step Instructions

The headlights of your vehicles show you the road; the taillights ensure that other drivers on the road can see your vehicle from behind. Properly working taillights are important for safe driving not only during the night but also during the daytime. During night time, they are must, and during day time, if you are … Read more

Load Resistors for Led Lights

How to Install Load Resistors for Led Lights

Installing a load resistor is almost important for the LED lights. You can experience the hyper flash problem with your LED bulbs, and this is the key reason for installing the loading resistance, which is known as equalizer also. Now the question is, what is hyper flash? Hyper flash is where the LED light will … Read more

how to restore headlights permanently

How to Restore Headlights Permanently: A DIY Guide

When you purchase a brand new car, it will definitely provide you with the features that the manufacturers of the car had promised you. But, you will also notice things start changing with passing time and deteriorating with the passage of time. Your headlights of the car are much important part that needs your attention … Read more

how to smoke headlights

How To Smoke Headlights: Pros & Cons Smoke Headlights

Smoking headlight to a car has been very trending to the carmakers who have been trying to enhance their car’s outlook. Who doesn’t demand to modify their vehicle? ‘Smoking headlight’ is a synonym that came gradually after the ‘Tinting headlight.’ You can mix up a flavor look when trying to modify your backlights or headlights. … Read more