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HID vs LED: When You Should Use?

Headlights can be a difficult decision if you’re conflicted on the colour temperatures. Or, are simply torn between two types. A blue light may be too bright for your car’s headlights at night, or a too yellow light may be too dim for your preference. If you’re leaning to buy either a HID or a … Read more

Soft White vs Daylight

Soft White Vs Daylight: When Best To Use?

In the past, when you went out to buy bulbs for your home, you basically were limited to the incandescent bulb. The thing here is that buying a bulb was a matter of checking the wattage of the bulb. The higher the wattage, the brighter the lights would be. It is quite interesting because Watt … Read more

How to Replace Headlight Connector with Cost

How to Replace Headlight Connector with Cost

Many car enthusiasts lead their headlights to a severe mistake through the wires and connectors’ wrong fitment. You must be one of them who takes a rash of melted connector sockets to the nearby shop, aren’t you? We recommend replacing the headlight socket instead of fixing it. In this guide, you get some easy instructions … Read more

How To Change Tail Light Bulb

How To Change Tail Light Bulb: Step By Step Instructions

The headlights of your vehicles show you the road; the taillights ensure that other drivers on the road can see your vehicle from behind. Properly working taillights are important for safe driving not only during the night but also during the daytime. During night time, they are must, and during day time, if you are … Read more