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switch on your fog lights

What Are Fog Lights, When Should You Switch On Your Fog Lights?

Fog lights are the specially designed driving lights that can increase our visibility in during heavy fog. These lights are quite important while driving in the rash weather conditions and also very essential to prevent the accidents that caused by several visibility problems due to sleet, snow, deep set of fogs, intense rain etc. It … Read more

How To Repair Multifunction Switch For Fog Lights? [Tested Method]

Fog light for cars are the light fitted with the vehicle, and they can be manually switched off or on by driver in the case of poor visibility caused by fog, heavy rain, or snow. It also increases the visibility of car behind or in fronts as a fog light in cars are much brighter … Read more

Headlights not working

Headlights Not Working: Fixed High Beam & Low Beam

The technology of headlight is not much complex, but there are many chances that your headlight can stop working suddenly. For the driver, who drives at night, the issue with headlight can cause terrible trouble. If you face the problem suddenly on the road, you need to take a note on that and need to … Read more

low and high beam headlight switch

Low Beams Or High Beams: When Should You Use Them?

Drivers use the headlights to help illuminate the dark roadways at night or in the dark night conditions. It is important for drivers to understand that the lights are necessary for road safety in other circumstances. Headlights are not only necessary to help illuminate your path, but are also very imperative to help other drivers … Read more

holding car headlight bulb with gloves

How Do You Convert Halogen Headlights To LED?

More and more car drivers are using the LED lights bulbs these days instead of the halogen lights due to its amazing benefits. Even most of the cars you will find have upgraded their bulbs with these. But what are the benefits of using the LED bulbs? LED light bulbs for cars are popular aftermarket … Read more