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How to fix interior lights in car

Car Interior Lights Won’t Turn On When Door Opens

Car interior lights won’t turn on when the door opens? In this blog, I will show you how to fix interior lights in cars. I return late at night from work on most days. One fine day, I found that my car interior lights won’t turn on when the door opens. With my hands full … Read more

How Can We Avoid Problems Of High Beam While Driving?

While driving at night the temporary blindness of drivers because of the glare produced by the headlights of the car coming from the opposite direction with high beams can lead to major accidents. When the bright light from the opposite direction directly enters into their eyes, they lose their peripheral vision, and also they get … Read more

How Much Lumen Do LED Headlight Bulbs Really Have?

Though the manufacturers of LED headlight bulbs claim that a pair of the LED bulbs has a total efficiency of 4000 Lumens, it is only a theoretical value and in effect each bulb can deliver a maximum of 1300 Lumens. The manufacturers quote the Luminous efficiency of the individual chips as the luminous efficiency of … Read more

How Much Does It Cost To Replace Car Headlights?

Car headlights require replacement for various reasons. When the headlight system as a whole is to be replaced the process will be almost the same for all car models as well as makes. Before replacing the headlights drivers are advised to refer to the owner’s manual. In most of the cases, only the bulbs of … Read more

yellow motorcycle light

Which Headlights Best For A Motorcycle: Halogen, Hid, Or LED?

Among the different types of headlights, the halogen lights are still the most popular. The tungsten filament inside the halogen bulb produces light. Durability and lower cost of replacements are the outstanding advantages of halogen headlights. However, halogen bulbs generate a good amount of heat and even the moisture in the form of sweat from … Read more