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how to clean headlights with vinegar

Headlights of your car ensure that the car is driven safely as it shows the road while you are driving. Car headlights should be clean and clear but sometimes this does not happen. Foggy and cloudy headlights are a problem that is faced by most cars. Overcast car headlight not only reduces the light emitted from the headlight but also looks bad. Dim light can be a cause of an accident.

Car headlights are made up of polycarbonate plastic and although they are remarkably stable, they are naturally porous. The plastic is covered by a protective film but due to naturally built up of grime and exposure to UV rays, the film degrades with time. As the polycarbonate oxidizes there is cloudiness over the headlights.

As the owner of the car, it is necessary that whenever you find that there is haziness in your headlights you clean it up. There are different products available in the market for cleaning the headlights like Headlight lens restorer pick.

You can always try them but doing it with items available at home is always better. By using vinegar and baking soda, something that is readily available in your kitchen, you can clean the headlights.

Cleaning The Headlight With Vinegar

In order to keep your headlights clean and avoid any difficulties while driving during the night, you can follow the steps mentioned below.

Step 1. Clean dust from a car headlight

There will be loose dust over the headlight and you need to clean it first. Take a clean dusting cloth and from the foggy and cloudy light wipe off the loose dust. Until the headlight is not cleaned you must keep removing the loose dust.

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Step 2. Take liquid soap and dilute it

Next is time to rub the headlight with soapy water. For this take liquid soap and pour it in a bowl. Add some water to it till a liquid solution is formed. Mix it well to make the soap solution. It must be thin.

Step 3. Clean headlight with liquid soap

You can use a microfiber cloth and then dip it in the soap solution. Then you can rub the cloth over the headlights to remove the grime. Apart from that you can also use a spray bottle and pour the liquid solution in it. Then spray the solution over the headlight and let it sit for some time. After a few minutes use the microfiber cloth and rub it properly so that the grime from the headlight is removed.

Cleaning headlight with spray cleaner

In case there is too much grime you can leave the soap solution to sit on the headlight for some more time. It will be easy to remove excess grime from the headlight.

Step 4. Using vinegar for cleaning the headlight

This step is to clean the headlights and give it the final finish. For this, you will require white vinegar and water. Add one part of white vinegar to three parts of water. Take the spray bottle and fill it with the solution.

Spray the solution and make sure that the vinegar covers the headlight totally. For loosening any remaining dirt you can leave it for five to ten minutes. Then take the microfiber cloth and wipe off the headlight by making a wide circular motion.

You will find that the yellowing on the plastic headlights comes off with it, but if it doesn’t don’t worry. You can use vinegar and baking soda paste for this.

Step 5. For removing yellow tint

In case the headlight is not totally clear with vinegar you have another choice in hand. You can take vinegar and baking soda. The combination of two parts of vinegar and one part of baking soda is good for cleaning foggy headlights.

Mix those two ingredients and foam will be created. Spread the mix over the headlight with the help of microfiber cloth. Dip the cloth into the solution and spread it over the headlight. Leave the mixture for some time so that the grime is removed.

Step 6. Rub to make the headlight sparkling white

Once you have applied the solution the headlights are cleaned. For final cleaning spray some water over the headlight. Take a fresh and clean cloth and wipe off the headlight. Rub it thoroughly so that no water is left.

In order to ensure that no watermarks are left after cleaning you can use paper towels. Take them and rub them over the headlight to dry it up. You will get sparkling results.

You can also take a sponge for wiping off the headlights. Take the sponge and dip it in water. Then rub it on the headlight. Dip it in the water again and then clean off the solution. Rub the clear sponge again and do it repeatedly till the headlight is sparkling clean.

With the help of vinegar, you can always clean the headlights but it is not the only way to do so. There are some other ways too and if you wish you can try them to ensure that your headlights are always clean.

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Cleaning Headlight With Vinegar Wax

Apart from using vinegar and baking soda you can also make your headlight sparkling clean with vinegar wax. For this, you will require a few things. You will require linseed oil, carnauba wax, and beeswax and apple cider vinegar.

You will require two containers or a double boiler. In case you do not have a double boiler take two separate containers. Now you have to mix four tablespoons of carnauba wax, one sup of linseed, two tablespoons of beeswax and half cup apple cider vinegar. Using the double boiler put the ingredients into boiling water. Heat the wax and keep stirring till they melt completely.

Once the mixture melts completely mix them thoroughly. It must be kept in mind that the total mixture should be properly mixed. Once it is done let the mixture cool down. Due to wax, a solid will be formed that will help in cleaning the headlights.

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If you wish you can keep some wax in store for using it later.

Now, take the wax and rub it onto the headlights. Let the wax cool down and after it has cooled down take a clean cloth to scoop it off. This should be done throughout the headlights and you can do it in circular motions. While cleaning you must remember that no residue is left. If there is any residue left then again there will be some patches on the headlights that will attract dust and grime fast.

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To Conclude

It is necessary to keep the headlights clean for ensuring safety. You can apply the simple methods mentioned above that will help you keep your headlights clean.

If you want to make sure that the headlights are sparkling clean then use clean cloths. If they are not clean then they will leave behind residue that is going to make the headlight dirty again. So, do not take risks while driving use these simple methods and drive safe.