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The breathtaking factors of Cougar motor, you never should miss out, guess what? It has ‘SAME DAY SHIPPING, 15-minutes installation, and a stunning plug and plays version. Though the cooling fan is modified in the for the minimum heat dissipation LED bulbs to fit amazingly in the engine compartment. No modification needed.

Between excessive and quality brightness, what’s your option? If you like yellow light transform before the car, the stock halogen is a bit bright.

Comparison says bluish tint of Cougar Motor’s LEDs liked by maximum clients through the rate of left-right distribution with 360-degree rotation. The process of Cougar motor led headlights to install is easiest comparing to available headlight bulbs.

Available vehicles contain low beam projector headlight with Halogen featured bulb, and It’s never a mystery. Though modern engineers prescribe to using LED headlights in the top-line models, automobile developers are putting LEDs strategy in the beacon housings.

If you’re confident about the LED replacement bulbs, check out this cougar motor led headlight bulbs review. Using the following brands’ LED kit matches stock LED accent or DRL (Daytime running lights) even in the low beam lights.

Clients Satisfaction

One of the clients asked for a solution; whenever I intend to purchase the prominent headlight kit searching many websites’ reviews, it starts a headache to read all the contents loud. In case, we must review Cougar Motor to explain, why is it recommended?

The problem occurs when available vehicles come with a stock bulb, but few readers get answered to the best-LED headlight kit. You never need to be in a dilemma, choose out Cougar motor LED with a 90% satisfaction rate.

Journey Of Cougar Motor LED Headlight Bulbs; What Makes It Best?

What if I say Cougar Motor started its journey in 2006 but makes king place within 15 YRS in the competition of modern LED production; and, the LED bulb is their great achievement for the global market. Specific categories help clients to find out their real choice, and Cougar motor is the high-end automotive version of TODAY’s aftermarket.

Traffic car headlights on

Ultra night vision produces quality brightness and enlightens your visibility to focus on off-road driving more clearly; Cougar Motor stands on their superb vision of well-staffed departments with professional employees from pre and after-sales.

QAD (Quality Assurance department) is missing for even some exceptional companies, but Cougar motor launches own QAD department to monitor the final clearance of products’ quality.

Let’s explain their vision; it reveals HIGH-VALUE and super fast service to delight clients. The conversation rate is 99.9%! At the beginning of the active conversation, Cougar Motor works vocationally every day.

Thousands of positive reviews prove their qualification though there are few 1-star reviews. It’s not mean at all because Cougar Motor is one of the rare LED experts and an AWARD-WINNING Company. Quality, Price range, and professionalism get you quality assurance to love the brand. Select out from their specific cart clicking on the product list.


Comparing to the Opt7 flux beam, Cougar motor led headlights have an affordable price range; Fan doesn’t sound, duel led lightsaber, Quality brightness, professional light output, and climate-friendly.

Though lifespan is 50,000+ hours, Cougar Motor declares 1 to 3 Years warranty depending on the specifications, including Fog-lights, S1 LED/HID plus, and V16 series LEDs.

4 Types Of Cougar Motors LED Headlights

We specify 4 types of bulbs are available in the Cougar Motor’s cart, and you get to purchase one of these perfect shaped LEDs just clicking at the available options. Instead of being cheated out through a fake-reviewed company, Cougar Motors enhances all your opportunities with top-rated headlight bulbs.

Fanless LED Headlight

Talking about fanless All-in-One Conversion Kit is formed of 3D Bionic Technology with 230% brightness; Works even better than stock halogen with a 360-degree rotation system.

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White light output and ultra chip layout inspire the Xenon white color system by the way. The next generation LED system allows accurate hunting at midnight with precise light production.

Safe for ongoing drivers, and you can get 20 minutes installation. Besides the auto-rotating system, the one thing simplify this fanless LED headlight is an airship-class aluminum component (Ultra cooling tech). Lifespan considers to 50,000 hours, but it increases to 150% roughly.

LED Headlight With FAN

As you can see, the name this Cougar motor headlight kit uses TURBOCOOL Fan that increases the accurate lifespan to be 50,000 to 60,000K hours durable. The bulb has high luminous brightness; 200% light power than stock halogen headlights. Modern beam pattern, Non-spot headlight lens, foggy light helps authentic power submission.

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Installation can happen in 20 minutes even after FAN adjustment technology because enough space is reserved in the headlight slot. Fit for 95% vehicle. Lifetime support is possible for this package.

LED Fog Light

The beam pattern is upgraded for the 100% fog light LEDs in Cougar Motor production. The heat dissipation system is quite radiant to manage high temperature; The heat sink capability reduces 40X power consumption depending on the ultra automotive technology.

Being equipped with XB-D Cree chips help LEDs quality; Besides, the projector is optical made so that your car produces modern brightness than Halogen and stock bulb kit. White light helps off-road being quality brighter. As like other specification LED fog light exposes 50K hours lifespan.

Though the best fog light color produces by Cougar Motor and helps maximum vehicles, the Newest vehicles demand additional load resistors to avoid flickering. DRL and authentic Fog light for cars.

HID Replacement Bulb

Brightness is 3X for this model of Cougar motor with LED arrays (4 sets); Power emission is compared to the stock halogen headlights. XENON technology, white light color, and lumens output are 9,600 for duel bulb. Higher center light intensity is possible throughout the special chip layout.

automobile headlight lamps

Instant installation, Fanless technology, and precise lighting make HID replacement bulb preferable for you. Lifespan: 50,000 hours.


  • 230% Brighter than stock halogen
  • Center light intensity
  • Visual focus
  • 360° beam pattern
  • Avoid flickering to the ongoing traffics
  • 20 MINS Plug and Play
  • IP67 waterproof
  • Airship-class cooling tech
  • Lifespan: Up to 50,000 Hours
  • Fanned, Fanless, Foglight, and HID system
  • Cool White light
  • Warranty: 3 Years
  • Replacement guarantee within 30 DAYS


  • Shipping Fees are non-refundable even if you deny purchase later
  • Brightness can be a little bit dim comparing the stock halogen
  • Though it says 15 minutes installation you need experts’ solution sometimes

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, we highly recommend to check out the vehicle’s specification belong to your ownership if you want to replace Cougar Motor’s LED to the present headlight bulb. Once you are confident about the traffic legality, tend to buy the specific model from the following Cougar Motor Led Review; you’re assured of quality purchase.

Waterproof and shockproof protection available around the bulb kit; besides, the aluminum housing is not fragile so that you get super lasting, and ultra cooling technology helps the lifespan to be 50000+ hours. All your choice enlisted in one content; check all the tags of Cougar Motor products.

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