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Broken Car Headlight

Nobody can deny the importance of a car headlight. If your headlight is broken, it is like driving with a blindfold on. If there are oncoming vehicles, then the problem is multiple. You are as good as completely blinded.

You should run your car with your headlights, and there is no denying the fact. But there are some occasions when your headlight is broken, and you can’t go to a garage to get it fixed. You don’t need to worry. Changing your car headlight is not a very tough job. But you must be prepared to spend a couple of hours for the job.

Remove The Blown Out Bulb

You will have to open the hood to access the headlight housing. All of you must be aware of how to unlock your hood. If you are not, you can check the user manual. Once you have opened the hood, please secure it with the safety latch. This way, you will not have falling over your head.

Before you attempt to do anything that touches the electrical system of the car, it is better to disconnect the battery. You can disconnect the negative terminal, which can be easily recognized by the letters NEG written on the terminal. Sometimes there could be just a (-) symbol. You need to disconnect only one terminal. Keep the wires on the sides so that it doesn’t accidentally touch the terminal.

In some new cars, you may need to remove some plastic trims before you can actually access the back of the headlights. Be careful when you remove these trims. They are usually secured with plastic clips, which can be hard and break easily. You can check the user manual with regard to accessing the back of the headlight.

The next step is to remove the connection to the headlights. You must press on the plastic release clip and gently move the connecting clip back to release it from hold. You must keep the release button till the connections are completely removed. Be careful not to hold the wires when pulling the connecting clip backward. You may disconnect them accidentally. You can inspect the pigtail connector to see if there is any damage or burning which will indicate a problem with your electrical connection.

You can locate the bulb holder at the back of the headlight assembly. You can remove the bulb by twisting it and pulling it back. If the bulb is held in a plastic holder connected to wires, then you may have to release the plastic assembly and then remove the bulb from it. You can check your manual for the correct method of removing the bulb.

Purchasing The New Bulb

Before you go to the store to buy the bulb, you must make sure you know the type of bulb you are using. If you are using the original bulb, then you can easily get them by mentioning the car model and the year of manufacture. You can also check your user manual to know the bulb specification. If none of this is workable in your case, you can always carry the blown-out bulb to the shop. If you want to have the light of the same intensity on both sides, it is better to replace both the bulbs simultaneously.

led headlight bulb

You must be very careful when removing the bulb from the packaging. You must ensure that you don’t touch the glass portion of the bulb with your bare hands. Any moisture or the oil from your hand can spoil the bulb. It will not give the life that it should be giving. The best method is to wear a glove. If you are not comfortable handling a delicate object with gloves on, then make sure that you hold the bulb by its metal base.

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If you have accidentally touched the bulb with your bare hands, you can rub the bulb with a rag moistened with alcohol. This will remove the oil on the bulb. You must wipe the bulb with a clean piece of rag after this. You can hold the bulb with the piece of rug to avoid touching the glass again.

Fixing The New Bulb

Fixing the new bulb is easy. You need to reverse the process that you used for removing the bulb. You can spray some electrical cleaning compound in the pigtail clip. When you put the clip back, you don’t have to press the release button. When the pigtail clip is secure, you can hear the click. Once you have fixed everything connect the battery and check whether the headlights are working properly.

Replacing A Broken Sealed Beam Lamp

In many of the older models, there used to be a sealed beam lamp. These are self-contained units which need to be replaced completely. You can access the screws from the front of the car. In some models, you may need to remove some trims and the grill. You must remove whatever has to be removed to reach the screws of the headlight unit.

Broken Sealed Beam Lamp

The sealed unit is secured with a plastic or metal ring with four or five screws. Once you remove the screws, you can remove the ring and pull out the sealed beam headlamp. When you pull out the sealed unit, you can see wires attached to the back usually using a pigtail clip. Remove the clip by pressing the release button. Remove the sealed beam completely and fix the new one by connecting the pigtail clip with wires.