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Are your headlights giving you trouble? Read our guide on how to fix headlight wiring, and how much it might cost you!

Are the headlights of your car flickering? If yes, this can be due to a wiring problem.

Headlights are the eyes of the car. If one of them goes out, it can cause a lot of problems for the driver.

There is nothing to worry about! Go through this article and learn how you can fix your car’s wiring without much effort. We will also give you an idea about headlight wiring repair costs. 


How To Fix Headlight Wiring And Headlight Wiring Repair Costs?


A headlight consists of wiring, harness, fuse, and the headlight bulb. If one of these items goes wrong, it is impossible to get the headlight working.

The wiring is the first condition to be checked if there is any problem in the circuit. It is because the wiring harness provides power to the headlight. Let’s see how to fix this problem at hand.   

How To Fix Headlight Wiring?

The headlight wiring harness is the thing that supplies power to the headlight to work. But sometimes the wiring is not the problem. Sometimes it’s the fuse that can get impaired and fail to protect the headlight from power circuit damage. In either case, it is mandatory to check the wiring of the headlight. If the wiring is damaged, how do you fix it? Well, here are the steps:-

Things you need:

Just a crescent wrench!  

Steps To Follow:

Step 1: Identify the problem

Identifying the troublesome part should not be hard. Start by turning on the vehicle’s headlights. It will be easily noticeable which headlight component is not working.

If you are still unsure, you can show your vehicle to an expert to diagnose the problem. If you are sure about the damaged part, then jump to the next step!


How To Fix Headlight Wiring And Headlight Wiring Repair Costs?

Step 2: The battery job

Now open the car hood. For this step, you need a crescent wrench in hand. Locate the battery of your car. Once you locate the battery, identify the negative and positive terminals. Now, open the negative side of the battery using the wrench. You will have to bolt the battery’s terminal nut off and release the cable from the battery.  

Step 3: Wiring harness 

Once you release the battery cable on the negative side, you need to disconnect the wiring harness. Finding the wiring harness is not very difficult. If you don’t know how to locate it, then here is a tip for you: Look near the rear of the headlight kit. You will find it there. Now, take a look at the wiring harness. Does it look clean?

If it does not look clean or looks corroded, then you should probably replace it. It can cause trouble in the future. A corroded wiring harness can also result in damaging the car and can prove to be harmful. If it does not look fully damaged, then you can repair it. Check if a layer of corrosion is visible in the wiring harness. If you see it, then brush it using a pencil eraser.


How To Fix Headlight Wiring And Headlight Wiring Repair Costs?


After this, try applying a dielectric on the harness. It will protect the wiring from future corrosion and won’t harm the wiring harness. After doing everything, you have to connect the wiring harness back to the headlight socket. You also have to connect the battery terminal’s negative cable. Now shut the hood.

Try to turn on the headlights. They should work now. If they are working correctly, then you are done! If not, then do not worry. We still have a solution. Try these methods too: 

How To Fix Headlight Wiring: Other Ways

  • Sometimes the fuse box is the thing that is causing the problem. Open the fuse box and check the fuse for blowouts. If the fuse is blown, the replacement would cost $50 to $100 per hour.  
  • Sometimes just unplugging the wiring harness will do the trick. Unplug the wiring harness, but remember to connect the negative lead to the terminal of the battery. Quickly release the negative lead from the voltmeter and finish wiring back the negative terminal. Follow the same steps to connect the positive lead to the positive headlight harness. Be cautious while you do this, use rubber gloves. If everything functions correctly, then you need to replace the headlight bulb.


Headlight Wiring Repair


  • The headlight wiring cable is situated back in the fuse box. If you see any problems with the cable insulation, you need to detach the negative battery cable. Now cut the cords into two parts. One part needs to go before the tear and the other after the cut. You should use wire cutters to cut the cable. Now connect them back to the point where you have cut them. Use a heat gun to connect them back. Be careful while connecting them back, ensure that the neutral end is connected to the neutral terminal. Melt the solder inside the sleeve. Hopefully, they should work now.

What Does The Headlight Wiring Repair Cost?

You cannot always repair the headlights at home. Sometimes we need to seek professional help. Many people ask about the cost of getting the headlight repaired or the headlight wiring repaired. We have answered some questions here to help you out with your queries.

What will be the cost if one of my headlights got burnt out?

Headlights getting burned out is a common issue. Many people complain that one of their headlights is working while the other one is not. One of them can burn out due to excessive heat. 


How To Fix Headlight Wiring And Headlight Wiring Repair Costs?



There can be other reasons as well. Regular late-night driving can be a reason. You can replace the headlight bulb set. The cost for this varies. It can cost from $15 to $50 gradually. There are many market choices available if you want to replace them, like HID, LED, Halogen, etc. 

Mostly, when one bulb goes out, the other follows. For this, you have to do the immediate replacement. Replacement also avoids any future damages and gives your car a new life. 

They also provide consistent vision on the road. When you replace the headlights, consider the labor cost together. A local mechanic will usually ask for $50 for fixing the lights.

What if both the headlights don’t work? What will be the cost?

Once you lose both of your lights, you are totally blind in the night. In this case, you need to get them installed by a professional and make sure that they get repaired immediately. You can also change them at home. Many lights come with installation kits to make them easier to install at home.


How To Fix Headlight Wiring And Headlight Wiring Repair Costs?


If you get your headlights installed by a professional, then he will charge you. The main reason for faulty headlights is burnout. You will have to get it replaced as soon as possible to avoid the damage it causes to the wiring. It can cost you 85$ per hour.

What if the headlights get switched off because of a faulty headlight switch? In this case, you have to change the headlight switch or dimmer the switch. The cost of repairing or replacing the switch is approximately $120 and can reach up to $200.

If you are looking for a cost-efficient headlight replacement, check SEALIGHT Scoparc:

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What to do with a broken headlight?

Your headlights can be damaged due to many reasons. Most road accidents lead to a broken headlight or damage it enough to limit its working. In this situation, you have to change the headlights assembly unit entirely. Changing the headlight assembly can cost you quite a lot, as you have to buy a new pair of headlights. If you were already thinking of getting new lights, then you should go ahead and do it. You have an opportunity here!


How To Fix Headlight Wiring And Headlight Wiring Repair Costs?


Though this can be costly but will end up giving your car new life, and if you upgrade to HID, LED, or Halogen, then probably you will have better night vision. The cost of replacing the entire headlight set depends on the make and model of the car. If you have a pickup truck, sedan, or SUV, you should probably keep a good amount of money handy. It can cost you anywhere between $300 to $800!

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We hope this article helped you out with your problem. Headlight fixing can cost money and can irritate you sometimes. However, faulty headlights are illegal, and you could land in trouble for it.


How To Fix Headlight Wiring And Headlight Wiring Repair Costs?


If you go through this article thoroughly, you can do most of the work at home without wasting much money. Hopefully, you loved the solutions we gave.


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