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GTR Lighting Ultra Series 2.0 Reviewed

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GTR Lighting Ultra Series 2.0

GTR is a well-trusted name in the headlights industry. It boasts of a powerful portfolio laced with quality products for the convenience of the customers.

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These headlights provide extreme performance, set in groundbreaking innovative designs. One such masterpiece from GTR lighting is the GTR LED Conversion Kit.


  • Durability: Score 9/10
  • Performance: Score 9/10
  • Material: Score 8.5/10
  • Design: Score 8.0/10
  • Overall Score: 9/10

Technical Specification

  • Brand: GTR Lighting
  • Dimensions: Varies according to the vehicle
  • Color Temperature: 6000K (white)
  • Raw Lumens: 3900
  • Real Lumens: 3350
  • Wattage: 41.5W (low beam)
  • Wattage: 30W (Hi/Lo)
  • Light Source: Elec-Tech NLW7535CV3

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  • Exceptionally durable
  • Clear, brilliant white light
  • Easy installation and use
  • Enhanced beam pattern
  • Increased nighttime visibility


  • These GTR LED headlights are expensive.
  • Some car models might require the use of anti-flickers for installation.

Lifetime Warranty: These kits have a heat-sink design that is not only efficient in keeping the bulb’s body above 80°C but also renders a chic look. It has a bearingless fan to actively cool the heat sink, as low operating temperatures are critical to the longevity of an LED.

The drivers’ housings are also entirely potted on the inside, only achievable with expensive die-cast housings like those in these led concept lights.

Plug And Play Design: These GTR LED headlights have a 100 percent plug-and-play design to suit numerous vehicles. This design makes it compatible with almost any vehicle in the US. These lights can be installed easily at home by following some simple steps within a few minutes. The steps are clearly outlined in the user manual and are quite easy to follow.

gtr led headlight

6000k White Light: This headlight has a color temperature of 6000k white, which delivers brilliant light at night. This color helps increase the nighttime visibility considerably.

Numerous customers have delivered raving reviews and testimonials for how amazingly brilliant this light is. This brightness makes driving at night relatively safer.

3350 Real Lumens: The GTR led conversion kit features 3900 lumens and delivers 3350 lumens of real light. The LEDs are perfectly aligned with the projector optics, giving you the perfect beam pattern that you need to drive your car.

In addition, the collars are fully adjustable in terms of rotation. Simply said, you will be able to clearly see the road while the glare that you give out to other oncoming vehicles will reduce.

Heat-Sink: The company has exposed this headlight to numerous simulations to develop a high-grade design of their heat sink. This heat sink keeps the bulbs cool despite delivering high voltage illumination consistently. The clever design helps to sustain performance while ensuring longevity and resilience. The flexible and adjustable design further helps the bulb to last you a lifetime.

Better Fitment And Anti Flickers: This headlamp takes a balanced approach to increase output while minimizing design complexity, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. Premature failure can happen by too much power and an insufficient heat sink or vice versa.

Even though they only emit 3,900 Lumen of light, the usable light that they produce is ten times higher than other LED bulb options due to their superior optical focus. You’ve come to the right place if you’re seeking the brightest option that will always fit. In Case of any fitment issues, the headlights also come loaded with anti-flickers.

Anti-Flickers: If your car has PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) or CanBus, you may notice flickering or switching off after installing the LED bulbs. This flickering is a simple repair that the company takes care of in advance.

The headlights come along with Anti-Flicker Cancellers to eliminate any PWM or CanBus difficulties. These cancellers can especially come in handy for the newer and higher-end models that compulsorily require the use of anti-flickers for installation.

Bottom Line

The GTR Lighting LED Conversion kit is a powerful white light replacement bulb available in the market. It delivers 6000k white light at an amazingly reasonable price. It gives you great clarity, while reducing the glare that it gives out into oncoming vehicles.

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