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Undoubtedly, headlight bulbs are not your first-choice factor while shopping for a new car. Most car owners focus on dents and scratches on the exterior, which spoil the show of their vehicle. Headlights might reduce brightness with time.

Hence it would be best if you are looking for replacements in the best way. Like every other product in your car, the headlight also plays an integral role in driving.

The standard headlights from the company can burn out over time. Hence it would be best if you shopped for durable bulbs when replacing traditional company headlights.

H11 and H9 headlight bulbs are immensely popular substitutes for headlights in the auto industry. This article will pick out the difference and key highlights between the different types of bulbs.

#1. What Is An H11 Bulb And Its Uses?

H11 bulbs are one of the most common headlight bulbs in cars. Most of the headlight bulbs have dual beams, while the H11 bulb has a single beam.

Philips Automotive Lighting H11 Vision

It means you will need two H11 bulbs for your car, of which one is dedicated to low-beam, and the other one is for high-beam. The presence of two bulbs adds durability to the H11 bulb, and it is the secret behind the success of the H11 bulbs.

Different Types Of H11 Bulbs:

If you want to shop for the ideal H11 bulb for your vehicle, you have to read the car manufacturer’s manual because it has the right instructions on what type of bulb is best for your vehicle. H11 bulbs come in both LED and Halogen variants.

Halogen bulbs are cheap and can easily be replaced but are looking for a long-term bulb. LED H11 bulbs are expensive and offer room for durability and increased brightness, making them perfect for the job.

H8, H9, And H11 Are The Same:

H8 and H11 bulbs are 98% the same; hence you can shop for H8 bulbs when you don’t find the right H11 bulb in the market. At the same time, the filament makes the difference between H9 and H11 bulbs.

The H9 headlight bulb has a 65 W filament which generally doesn’t last long. On the other hand, the H11 bulb has a 55 W filament, which counts for its durability.

#2. What Is An H9 Headlight Bulb? And Its Uses?

H9 bulbs are a type of headlight bulb which emits a single beam. They are also easy to install, strong, and are long-lasting.

As h9 bulbs offer strong brightness, they are an increasingly popular option for car and motorcycle headlights. Some factories also use H9 bulbs because they offer excessive brightness and last long when compared to any other bulb.

H9 Bulbs Are Easy To Install:

One of the best reasons to shop for the H9 bulbs is they are easy to install. If you don’t have much idea about electronics, then there is no need to worry when installing H9 bulbs as they come with plug-and-play features. You have to fix the bulb in the socket, which relieves you from the hectic stress of installing a headlight bulb.

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Benefits Of Using H9 Headlight Bulbs:

  • They are water-resistant.
  • They offer increased lumen when compared to any other bulb in the market.
  • One can also modify the H9 headlight bulb to adjust the illumination, making it convenient to use.
  • Easy plug-and-play installation.

#3. Factors To Consider While Shopping H9 Bulbs:


It doesn’t matter what type of bulb you buy; it is always important to check the lumen counts of the bulb. A 7000-lumen bulb is ideal for a car headlight. If you are looking for halogen bulbs, then go for those that offer 40-50 watt power, which is considered optimum power for a vehicle.

brightest headlight

LED Vs. Halogen:

There is no doubt that LED lights are far ahead in efficiency compared to halogen bulbs. LED lights are durable, easy to install, and offer high brightness compared to the H9 halogen bulbs. The only concern with LED H9 headlight bulbs is they aren’t compatible with certain types of vehicles.

Brand And Quality Of The H9 Headlight Bulb:

When you are shopping for the H9 headlight bulb, you have to consider the brand’s quality. Whether it is a headlight bulb or sound system for your car, you have to always prefer quality over quantity when shopping for electric appliances.

Investing in a poor quality H9 bulb can affect your vision or can also cause severe road accidents. It is always important to shop for headlight bulbs that offer high-quality brightness and improve your vision and safety while driving.

#4. Buyer’s Guide H11 Bulb:

When the concern is about shopping for the right H11 bulb, here are some of the important considerations you have to prefer to shop for the best H11 bulb in the market.


There is no doubt that by shopping for an H11 headlight bulb, you are making the right investment for your car. On the other hand, you have to check whether the bulb you are shopping for is compatible with your vehicle.

trailer truck with bright headlight


It is essential to select the H11 bulb, which offers durability because you cannot change your headlight every month.


Undoubtedly, the main purpose of shopping for a headlight is illumination. Hence it is vital to shop for headlights that have enough brightness. Moreover, you should also not shop for very bright bulbs as they can blind other drivers and cause road accidents.

#5. H11 Bulb Comparison With H9 Bulb: What Makes Both The Bulb’s Different?

In the first instance, you might not find a single dissimilarity between the H9 and H11 bulb as both look the same from connectors to the bottom.

Bright Headlight during night

The main difference between the H11 and H9 bulb is a tab on the upright female side, absent in the H11 bulb. In the H9 headlight bulb, you will see the top two lugs being the same. In an H11 bulb, the top two lugs are very much different from one another and are seated in opposite directions.

When the concern is about performance and longevity, the H11 bulb leaves the H9 bulb way behind the race. It is also one of the prominent reasons most car and motorcycle owners like to shop for H11 LED bulbs.

Moreover, when shopping for H11 bulbs, you will also see H9 mentioned in the features. A combination of these two varieties for high beam and low beam makes the perfect headlight.

#6. Benefits Of Using H11 Headlight Bulbs:


One of the main reasons for shopping for H11 bulbs is they have a longer life span when compared to any other light bulb available in the market.

One of the best benefits of shopping for H11 headlight bulbs is they help you save both time and money. They are also readily available in the market as they are popular in the industry.

bright headlight on snowy night


One should also not confuse the H11 bulbs with normal headlights, which perish over time. The H11 bulbs, whether LED or HID, are highly advanced and offer consistent brightness for long-term applications.


Apart from being the ideal option for car and motorcycle headlights, the H11 bulbs also offer easy switching between low beams, high beams, and fog lights.


If you don’t like to burn too much fuel on car headlights, you must fit the H11 bulbs in the socket. They offer ideal illumination and also use less energy when compared to other light bulbs.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Are H9 And H11 The Same?

H9 bulbs and H11 bulbs differ as H9 bulbs offer increased brightness, while H11 bulbs are more efficient when compared to the H9 bulbs. H11 bulbs don’t have a tab like the H9 bulb, which is present on the top of the female side.

Which Is Brighter, H9 Or H11?

There is no doubt that the H11 bulb is more efficient than the H9 bulb. But when the concern is about brightness H9 bulb is brighter than H11, which is the reason why some factories also use its services. One has to also go with H9 LED bulbs because they are brighter and durable for the long run.

cars with headlights on

Will H11 Bulbs Fit H9?

Yes, One can also replace the H9 bulb with the H11 bulb, but it will decrease the brightness because the H11 bulb has an external glass coating to ensure that you don’t blind the other drivers from the opposite direction.

Is The H9 Bulb High Or Low Beam?

The H9 bulb is a high beam because it lacks external coating on its surface, making it brighter compared to the likes of H11 and H8.


We hope you enjoyed the ultimate comparison between H9 and H11. You should not shop for the best light out of the two, but you should go for the one which offers more comfort and, most importantly, doesn’t interrupt the vision of other drivers.

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