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HID ballast mounting bracket

For years, car manufacturers have used halogen bulbs on car headlights. These bulbs produce light while you drive at night, but they expend a lot of energy. That’s why the battery drains out in a short time.

Although their cost is far lower than LED or HID bulbs, people don’t like to have halogen bulbs in their cars as they have low luminosity while driving at night.

I had a halogen bulb on my car headlight, but I wanted to change from halogen to HID (High-Intensity Discharge) bulbs. HID bulbs use Xenon gas instead of halogen. These bulbs produce bright light even in the dark, and so I can see everything clearing at night.

While buying an HID bulb, I purchased a ballast along with it. Now mounting the ballast is as necessary as installing the HID bulb itself.

I tried to mount the ballast many times but failed. But then I did some research and found the right ideas on how to mount the ballast properly. I am going to share these ideas on mounting an HID ballast on its brackets in detail.

What Is HID  Ballast?

If you are thinking of simply switching from a halogen bulb to an HID bulb in your headlight, you will face many problems. Some people may think that buying ballast is just a waste of money, but it is not. If you want to see correctly on the road during the night, buying a ballast is nearly mandatory.

Xenon HID Replacement

Now, what is a ballast HID? Well, ballast is a substance that stabilizes voltage and current to your vehicle’s lights when the car turns on. Ballasts provide proper flow of current to the bulb so that it does not short out.

If you do not use a ballast, your bulb may draw more energy and burn out quickly. You may also face uneven lighting while driving. As a result, you cannot see things in the dark and may become prone to accidents.

How Can You Mount An HID Ballast?

Well, it’s not an arduous task. It may seem tricky, but in actual it is not so. To mount an HID ballast, you need to follow a few simple steps. The steps are as follows.

#1. Disconnect The Terminals Of Your Battery

First, you need to locate your car’s battery and disconnect your battery’s positive and negative terminals. At this stage, you should also clean the terminals with baking soda and water.

Disconnecting car battery

You can quickly make this solution at home. Mix both baking soda and water in a 50: 50 ratio and clean the terminals. While disconnecting your battery terminal and installing ballast, you should also wear goggles and gloves for safety.

#2. Replace Your New HID Bulb

Now it’s time to disconnect your halogen bulb or any other old bulb from your car. You should not touch the surface of the bulb directly with your hand because it may be too hot!

Now connect your HID bulb with the ballast with the help of a cable. You will find everything, including cable, on the HID installation kit. Before removing the bulb and placing a new HID bulb, you need to thoroughly read the kit’s instructions.

#3. Find Place For Mounting Ballast

You should find a good location for mounting your ballast. The place should be free from dust and dirt. It should also be away from water.

It would help if you found a position close to the HID bulb because this ballast will have to be connected to it to provide the right current and voltage to the HID. It would be best to look for a place with a good amount of airflow on the ballast to prevent it from overheating.

#4. Mount Your HID Ballast

If there are HID ballast brackets on your kit, then it’s good. Otherwise, you can purchase brackets from online shops. The bracket consists of metal which is a good conductor of heat. When you mount your ballast on the bracket, it can dissipate heat properly. As a result, the ballast will not become overheated.



You should remember one thing: you should drill holes directly on the ballast. Choosing mounting hardware like an HID ballast bracket for your ballast is the right decision.

Make sure that you do not mount your ballast with the help of double side tape or clippers. It may damage your ballast.

A tape will act as an insulator, and it will overheat your ballast. So, it will not supply adequate voltage and continuous current to the HID bulb after some days. As a result, your headlight may automatically shut down in the middle of the road, or components on your vehicle may catch fire because of overheating.

#5. Complete Your Installation

After mounting your ballast by bracket, connect the terminals again on the battery. Now turn on the lights of your car to check whether you have correctly installed them or not. If you have not correctly installed it, then repeat the procedure once again.

After reading the procedure, if you still find it challenging to mount a ballast, then it’s better to take the help of any professional to mount the ballast properly on your car.

Frequently Answered Questions

#1. What Is The Correct Way Of Mounting Ballast?

It would be best if you mounted your ballast in such a place that will be away from dust and dirt and have good ventilation. But, that place will be closer to the headlight. There will be no moving part near that place.

Replacing HID Bulb

#2. How Will I Know That My HID Ballast Is Terrible?

If you will see any burn mark or swelling on your HID ballast or oil leaking, then it is an indicator that you need to change your HID ballast. Again if a typical irritating sound comes from your bulb, it is also a warning sign that your ballast is not working correctly.

#3. Is It Illegal To Use HID Headlights?

No, it’s legal. Many high-end vehicles use HID headlights.

#4. Which Is Brighter, HID, Or LED?

If a person uses an HID bulb in his car’s headlight, it will be a much brighter light than LED headlights. An HID bulb can cover three times the area covered by an LED bulb.

#5. How Is The Lifespan Of A Ballast?

The average lifespan of ballast is usually 75,000 hours or nearly 15 years.


A ballast is needed if you are using an HID bulb on your headlight. It supplies the right voltage and current to the bulb. It helps you see everything on the road at night. That’s why you need to purchase a good ballast for your vehicle.

headlight focused on green car

But its mounting is also essential. It would be best if you used ballast along with a metal bracket. An HID ballast mounting bracket will help the bulb to run smoothly.

In this article, I have shared the proper way to mount an HID ballast in detail, hoping that if you follow every step, you can install HID lights easily.

Please share your feedback, comments and suggestions, and any other questions that you may have about mounting HID ballasts in the comments section below.


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