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A pioneering new technology has arrived at the lighting industry in the form of Xenon HID lights that have given the traditional halogen lights a big run for their money. As the industry is telling now, Xenon lights are better in every aspect than the halogen lights.

These lights are more energy efficient and on the other hand very much cost-saving option. In comparison to the halogens, they last ten times longer. It also offers five times more lights.

Xenon HID lights are more preferred because of the passage border between the dimness and luminosity of the HID lights that more distinct than the Halogen lights, there are consequently fewer lights reflects from the headlights of an approaching car that employing the lights and the glare does not bother the drivers, except the drivers, gaze straight at the HID light.

Differences And Facts Of HID And Halogen Lights:

  • It is the time to understand the differences between two types of lights and how they work. The micro-discharge bulb of the HID lights is filled with the inert gas, including the powerful Xenon and it does not contain any type of filament like the incandescent bulbs. These lights also illuminate when an electric arc is produced between two different electrodes of the tungsten metal.

HID headlight bulbs

  • The ballast plays a major role as it transforms and it also handles the higher energy level that renders and occupies the bulbs with energy. The ballast regulates also the energy stream. The inbuilt tracking system adjusts the state of the energy and closes off automatically as the voltage threatens to intensify more even beyond the level of satisfaction. This may ascertain that the bulb does not blow up very fast.
  • The light that emitted by the Xenon HID headlights is much cooler in the color temperature than the candent bulb or even the halogen bulbs. Xenon bulbs pass of the light that as same as the brightness level of the noon sun. This is the main reason that people are choosing the option for greenhouses and indoor gardens.
  • Now you may aware of all the good things about the HID lights, whether they are the Xenon or the McCulloch conversion kits, but what makes then safer and better than the halogen lights?
  • HID lights of are more efficient than the halogen lights. As we discussed before instead of using the filaments halogen lights are filled with halogen gases. On the other hand, the HID lights come with Xenon gas that reacts properly to the electricity and pulled into them to produce the arc. These arcs produced by the Xenon HID lights are brighter than your old halogen light.
  • Another reason that the people are going for the HID light is they don’t come with the filament but uses safety gases, this is the reason that the halogen lights burn so fast in everyday use as they have the filaments that deteriorate over the time.
  • HID headlights work better than the halogen headlights as they have skipped all the requirements of filaments and they use gases only.

HID vs. Halogen Headlights

  • With your HID headlights, you will get a number of options, choices and styles as per your preferences, your tastes and your requirements. Different road drivers come with different requirements that will help you to determine that which one is best for your purpose. Generally, you will not get that many options with your Halogen headlights. In the genre of style, design, and purpose, they are very much limited. With HID lights you will able to get various types of brighter lights like violets, blue, perfectly white and pale yellow and you may have the one as per your preference and the weather of your locality. As the HID headlights offer various color temperature and that is measured in the Degrees Kelvin, it depicts the color of the light source. Color temperatures rates by the brightness of the HID bulb are the common misconception among the people. In reality, higher color temperature emits less light from the HID headlights.
  • As the HID headlights have minimum energy requirement and these are quite easy to fit. You don’t need any technical knowledge to fit the bulbs and the task can be completed within thirty minutes time duration. People, who are looking for the high performance of their car, HID headlights can beat the halogen bulbs in every aspect.

HID Technologies vs. Halogen Technologies

HID bulbs are more durable than the halogen lights. Driving vibrations can slowly cause damage to the filaments of the halogen lights however the HID bulbs have nothing inside to break. HID light emits the safer light only. The illumination of the 35W HID Xenon lamp is 300% brighter than the 55w halogen light.

The color temperature of the HID lights is more than 5000Kelvin compared to the 2300 Kelvin Halogen bulbs. Despite the huge difference, the HID Xenon system uses less electricity from your car’s electrical system and generates much lower heat during the operation.

Advantages of HID light in comparison with the halogen lights:

  • 10X long-lasting, able to power over the lifespan of the vehicle
  • 3X brighter performance and increase the vision range very much of the road
  • Consume 35% less power and emits less heat
  • Safer, easier and more comfortable than the halogen lights and reduces the weariness if you are driving at night
  • Emits a safer white blue eye soothing light

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Final Words

Most of the vehicles on the current market come with the traditional halogen headlamps as the standard equipment of the car. The popularity of the halogen lights is, they are quite easy to manufacture and not much expensive in comparison with the highly powerful HID lights.

But when it comes to the energy efficiency and lifespan matter, HID bulbs are doing better. Halogen bulbs require more care to increase the lifespan, which is almost impossible for a regular road driver. HID lights require few seconds to reach the full brightness level and many of the drivers prefer to have the low beam HID lights and the high beam halogen lights.

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