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hikari ultra led review

Welcome to the complete guide to choosing an ULTRA LED HEADLIGHT CONVERSION KIT that is wholly designed for Top-Branded American cars. Though HIKARI is just an ultimate brand to fit all kinds of LED bulbs are available in your car, but it is featured to use in Trucks and SUVs too.

All you need to make up a quick decision to upgrade the vehicle’s (LES) Light Emission System using the HIKARI LED conversation kit because of the Robust band, High-technology, Uniform beam pattern, and complete brightness.

In this whole content, we would discuss the upgrade system of HIKARI, just roll your eyes following this short guide and buy one of the available models’ suits your vehicle.

Depending on the clients’ review, our rating for HIKARI is 4.5 out of the 5-star, isn’t it amazing? BUY after getting sure; Price remains under $100 no matter which one you choose. Get free shipping next to your door sponsored by HIKARI.

LED Headlight Conversion Kit; TOP-4 Key Features Hacked


HIKARI uses an updated version of Dodge Ram, Ford, Chevy, GMC, Honda, etc. due to use a clear cut line instead of dark spots after the lens criteria, and it avoids overpowering so that light-power remains straight on the off-road or highways.

Projector has a lamp-standard design that adopted an ultra-thin strategy with 0 to 360-degree angle. Non-excessive heat outflow because of the low voltage protection; Uses Turbo-Cooling method and rigid IC controller.

2. Excellent LIGHT OUTPUT

Three ways that make HIKARI light output superb than other conversion kits;

  • No spot, never foggy
  • Solid beam pattern, &
  • Non-troubling to oncoming traffic or vehicles

You can instantly switch the correct beam light ON and get white brightness on the road without troubling passengers at way. Because of being sealed with IP68 waterproof tech, it doesn’t even flicker in rainy or foggy days. Hollow bottom designs make HIKARI unique for the heat emission system in continuous use. Greater than local LEDs.

3. BUILT-IN Superb Material

The first thing you must consider when buying a specific headlight bulb and is lifespan with 30,000+ hours. But, HIKARI is 20X credible with all-in-all design and provides a 50,000+ hours lifespan guarantee.

HIKARI Ultra H11 LED Bulbs

High achievement needs quality materials as integrated design, external drive, and ameliorates decoding system. In case, HIKARI fulfills the entire requirement for high thermal conductivity by using AVIATION aluminum alloy that reduces excessive heat and uses supercooling technology so that bulb remains long-standing.


Before deciding to buy a headlight bulb, it needs proper regiment, right? Yes, buy HIKARI LEDs with confidence after checking out the correct plug size and requirements of your car; Once you confirm fitness, never hesitate to buy one of the following models.

Note: Manage enough space for installation after the headlight.

Pros & Cons: (Based on the Reviewers’ Report)


  • Soft white light or additional lighting option in a solid beam pattern
  • Light emission doesn’t dazzle on-coming traffic, passengers’ and vehicles
  • IP68 waterproof
  • Hollow bottom design to reduce dissipation
  • Available in low beam, high beam or fog light LEDs
  • +220% brighter than stock Halogen features
  • Up to date (100% accurate)
  • Plug & Play
  • Replaceable to halogen and HID with upgrade LED bulb
  • Japanese technology (Technological Expertise Rank: 1)
  • Enhances super bright light on the highways
  • Maintains appropriate angle in lighting with 360-degree rotation
  • No dark spots
  • Installation instructions
  • Lifetime support


  • It takes almost an hour to install
  • Price-hiking than performance
  • One of the 1-star reviewer claims, You must avoid that model if it doesn’t come wired
  • Quality brightness but lasts less than 50000 hours but 30000 hours
  • You may seek an expert for installation
Hikari UltraFocus H11 H8 H9 LED Bulbs,18000LM,32W Prime ZES LED Equivalent to 120W Ordinary LED,High Performance LED Kit,Halogen...
8,564 Reviews
Hikari UltraFocus H11 H8 H9 LED Bulbs,18000LM,32W Prime ZES LED Equivalent to 120W Ordinary LED,High Performance LED Kit,Halogen...
  • ·【Top LED tech from ZES LED family】 The ZES is known for producing the highest performance LED chips and Hikari UltraFocus Halogen Upgrade Replacement Bulbs are no exception. Hikari UltraFocus LED Bulbs have a perfect beam pattern, which means they provide superb visibility and 6000K color temperature that provides a feeling of extreme clarity. This Sets Hikari Ultra LED Bulbs apart from other brands!
  • ·【18,000LM High Performance】These are the top Torch led headlight bulbs worldwide. We introduce HIKARI Ultra, the next generation of ZES Extreme bright Series Light Bulbs! This powerful new design produces a stunning 500% brightness over stock while maintaining a super low power draw of less than 32 Watt.
  • ·【Uniform Focused Beam Pattern, Patented Design.】HIKARI Ultra LED bulbs utilize the latest in ZES LED technology, producing an ultra bright beam with a beam pattern that is engineered to provide a sharp cut off line, concentrating light where it is needed, without blinding oncoming traffic. Utilizing the latest in ZES LED technology, our 32watts ultra bright LED bulbs will give you more usable light output and a longer lifetime than standard halogen bulbs. Also Great for trucks or SUVs!
  • ·【+500% lifetime over than stock】Light up your life. Hikari has yet again raised the expectations of automotive illumination with our new High Power 50000 Hour LED Headlight Bulbs. These new LED bulbs weigh less than Traditional Halogen Light Bulbs and have a Lifetime of up to 50,000 hours. They are backed by a HIKARI 2 years Warranty, come with Free installation instructions and carry both DOT and ECE Approvals.
  • ·【CANBUS Built-in/Error Free】These bulbs have CANBUS built-in and can work perfectly for 99% of vehicles. Some vehicles may require an additional error canceller or resistors. Contact HIKARI, and we will send it to you free of charge.

HIKARI Ultra Led Headlight For Streaming: Complete & Short Details

Kelvin/Color Temperature

Halogen & LED can be replaced with HIKARI LED for efficient lighting, straight beam pattern, and white light technology. Using a bit expensive color kit alike OE HID makes a milestone encourages luxury brands like BMW, AUDI, and Mercedes to choose HIKARI specifications.

For a test gear LEDs on to 6450k to 7300k and see the color compact comparing the OE Halogen technology.


To be honest, our experience speaks HIKARI is 8X brighter than F-16 series though they’re featured with the same version. Duel luminous part, SURFACE MOUNT TECHNOLOGY (SMT), and upgrade LED features to help out the headlight bulb to produce superpower just in a nanosecond!

Wider angler helps to cover the whole road map with 360-degree bright light. Never blink within the expiry date; color-friendly and white-light strategy allowance.


Though HIKARI has a value for LIFETIME advisement, it limits a 2-year warranty for each model. Even if any trouble happens for a single time, you are allowed to seek a replacement issue with registering on their official page. After checking up all your conditions, HIKARI gets you an instant replacement next to the door within some hours.

Design & Build

As we have discussed in KEY-FEATURES, the flawless pattern of HIKARI headlight LEDs is reputed worldwide due to an all-viewing alterable bulb. HIKARI uses aluminum alloy around its body besides water-proof, dustproof, shockproof, and Quakeproof technology.

HIKARI claims their bulbs last over 60,000 hours. Instead of a fan, HIKARI uses the TurboCool strategy utilizing the heat sink to keep the bulbs stable for continuous use.

Note: Some vehicles require load resistors for error-free operation.


With a budget of $100, you can buy a specific HIKARI kit as the ultra Headlight Conversion Kit in 2020. TurboCool system runs continuously; emits the heat production, but 220% extreme brightness clears the front range of highways so that you get a safe drive using the ultra night visibility.

Get all-time support and 2-YRS replacement guarantee declared by HIKARI LEDs. Choosing the right product quality with affordable price range pays off when it comes to HIKARI technology; TRY now.

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