page title icon 5 Easy Ways To Facilitate How Installing Your Led Headlights Bulbs In The Car

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If your car has the same old standard halogen headlight bulbs that were fitted to the car as they left the manufacturers factory, you are aware of probably that how ineffective and poor light output can be, especially with the comparison of modern LED lights.

What you may be not aware of is that the LED lights can be upgraded easily to the much brighter headlight bulbs. As per the lighting is concerned, it is always preferable to get the best performance of a headlight with reduced energy charge, in this segment LED lights are best for your car.

LED lights look quite trendy, unique and available in different colors. Installing the LED headlights in your car is not an easy task and not a rocket science at all. You need some basic tools and little rudimentary mechanical knowledge to complete the task.

Selecting Proper Kit

You have to buy only the right kit that suits your car best. There are the dual-beam headlights and the single-beam headlights and you have to choose one for your car.

Single beam LED lights are used best for either high beam or the low beam car headlights. Dual beam conversion kit for LED headlights can function well for both of the positions.

Whatever function you have chosen, it is important that should be well fitted into your car’s light hole. Select the LED headlights that compatible with the headlights hole of your car.

Installation Preparation

It is quite essential to proceed with proper planning. It may take some time but you cannot ignore the value of the part; otherwise, the process can result in lots of disappointments.

Removing car headlight

Rough the car minimum 20 feet away from the garage door and keep the headlights on. Mark the exact height of the headlight beams, with a removable product such as a tape. Know your LED conversion kit.

There should be two ballasts, two bulbs, terminated connectors, and wiring. You need to ensure the quality of the wirings and ballasts first.

#1. Remove The Existing Headlight Bulbs

This process is not as simple as it sounds but it is quite challenging and difficult. At first, try to locate the back part of your headlight bulb, which you are going change. There you may find some wiring connectors, which are attached to the part and you need to remove it first.

You also need a flat screwdriver that will work as the clip to wiggle the wiring connector free. Make sure that your car is secured, keys are carefully removed from the ignition, and the engine is off. Depending on the type of bulb, you need to first remove your metal clip and twist it anti-clockwise to pull out the halogen bulb.

#2. Install The LED Light

This is eventually the last step for you. It is exactly the reverse process of removal. Always wear your protection as you are handling the headlight changing method.

To protect yourself from any accident, wear the cotton gloves while you are handling the headlights, but to have the better result you can wear the clean rag or the rubber gloves for a better result.

Install the LED bulbs into the socket of the headlight but do not touch the socket or bulb with your finger. By twisting clockwise secure the bulb in its position.

#3. Connecting The Ballast

Some LED conversion kits come with the built-in ballasts on its bulbs. But with a good quality LED kit, you will get the separate ballasts. The installation process is pretty much straightforward.

There you will get two connectors on its ballast, one part is attached to the headlight bulb and end connects the original wiring of your car.

#4. Secure The Ballast

Your installation process is almost done and now it is essential to secure the ballast by mounting it. Bouncing ballast can damage the wiring. You can give your headlight a professional look by mounting the ballast properly on your car’s inner fender.

You can use the zip ties to secure the ballast but they are not good as they allow some additional vibration and movement they allow generally.

#5. Test The Light Now

Now just fire up your vehicle and try the newly installed headlights. If you have done the process properly, it will fire up much bright. If you don’t get the proper result, recreate the steps again or trace the issue to fix it.

Close up of a car headlight

Check the aim of your headlight now by parking at the same place from where you have tested before. Check the right aim and compare that to the mark on the wall that you have made previously.

Conclusion Note:

The latest upgrade of the LED light system is designed specially to give you at least 90% brighter light than the standard halogen headlights. They project the beam of the light over 35 meters further and unlike the yellowish oxidized light emitted by the standard halogen bulbs these smart lighting systems emit a clean, crisp and white light.

In fact, the light produced by these LED lights can make your sidelight bulbs appear dull yellow color by comparison. It can be a good idea to invest in some matching LED lights.

The improvements that the LED bulbs create in the headlight beam of a car enables the driver to see the road more clearly at the night and particularly the white lights allow the road signs and road markings to be clearly illuminated.

Once you have upgraded the dipped beam headlights, you can upgrade the main beam and the fog lights of your car as well. These upgrades are completely legal on road and they don’t affect your car insurance.

Installing the LED will turn your every nighttime driving into a more pleasurable and relaxing experience, especially if you are the enthusiastic and keen driver.

LED lights are not much expensive like the Xenon headlights and they are easy to install and come with good life span and energy saving option. These are the reasons that most of the people choosing the option of LED headlights for their car.