page title icon How Much Lumen Do LED Headlight Bulbs Really Have?

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Lumen value of LED bulbs

Though the manufacturers of LED headlight bulbs claim that a pair of the LED bulbs has a total efficiency of 4000 Lumens, it is only a theoretical value and in effect each bulb can deliver a maximum of 1300 Lumens.

The manufacturers quote the Luminous efficiency of the individual chips as the luminous efficiency of the bulbs. But, the luminous efficiency of the headlight is curtailed by various factors like the temperature, the heat radiating area and size of the LED bulb.

Why A Pair Of LED Bulbs Can Provide Only 2600 Lumens?

Once the LED headlights start to function heat is generated and the bulbs gradually become hot. With the increase in the temperature of the bulb the Lumen amount reduces gradually so as to attain thermal equilibrium. Once the equilibrium is reached the working temperature will not rise further and the area of heat radiation also gets fixed.

The Lumen output at this stage is stable and this value is the actual Lumen output of the LED headlight bulbs and the headlight will work for hours at this Lumen value. Most of the headlights that are sold in the market take 5 – 15 minutes to reach thermal equilibrium.

When the product is of the best structure as well as design, the gap between peak Lumen value and stability Lumen value will be the minimum. The stability Lumen value is the actual brightness of the headlight bulbs.

When the manufacturers mention 4000 Lumens as the Luminous efficiency of the LED headlight bulb sit is nothing but the peak Lumen value whereas 2600 is the stability Lumen value which is the true efficiency of the headlight bulbs.

Lumen Value Of LED Bulbs

The LED bulbs use less energy when compared to incandescent bulbs. An LED bulb of 8 – 12 Watts will have the brightness almost equal to that of a 60 Watt incandescent bulb. The efficiency of LED bulbs is more than six times that of the incandescent bulbs.

The LED technology has been improved a lot and the latest type of LED bulb provides 800 Lumens for just 9 Watts of power. Hence the efficiency of the bulb is 84.21 Lumens per Watt.

LED headlight bulbs

Lumen is the rating used for measuring the amount of light emitted by bulb. The Lumens of an LED bulb indicates how bright the bulb will be.

The Lumens reading of LED bulbs is indicated on the packaging by the number followed by “lm”. When the Lumen value is higher the indication is that the bulb will be brighter.

Cheaper In The Long Run

The low-beam headlight of a car normally has 700 lumens and a typical high-beam headlight has 1200 lumens. The light provided by the LED headlight bulbs has more intensity but at the same time they consume little power from the battery. The brightest LED light bulb available in the market today provides 2500 lumens.

Halogen bulbs can be easily replaced with LED bulbs using the same fixtures. A 6 – 7 Watt LED bulb will be the exact replacement for a 50-Watt halogen bulb.

Though the price of LED bulb is higher, it lasts for years and provides the best value for the money spent to buy the bulb. The LED bulb does not give out any heat. Replacing halogen headlight bulbs with LED bulbs is a cheaper option in the long run.

LED headlight bulbs of superior quality are 80% more energy efficient than the halogen bulbs and these bulbs keep the battery healthy. LED bulbs are almost 5 years more durable than halogen bulbs and they are more powerful also.

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Why LED Bulbs For The Headlights?

Now, the LED headlight bulbs are more popular than other bulbs in the market. The LED bulbs ensure the perfect beam pattern and the driving will be safer and more comfortable due to the absence of dark spots and foggy light.

The best quality LED headlight bulbs are CanBus-ready. The LED headlights can be installed easily and will not take more than 20 minutes.

Installing an LED headlilight

The LED headlight bulbs are 100% waterproof so that they ensure safe driving even in extreme weather conditions. The latest LED bulbs are of low heat so that they have longer lifespan. Since the LED bulbs ensure improved focusing of light it is comfortable for the driver of the vehicle that comes from the opposite direction.

The LED headlight lamps are highly safe and there will be no electromagnetic radiation also. The driver can be calm and cool while driving with no worry about circuit interference.

Conversion To LED Bulbs

Those who want to select LED headlights for their cars have to consider various factors while purchasing the headlights and headlight bulbs. Since different types of bulbs are available in the market one should know the pros and cons of each type of bulb.

Since LED technology dominates the automobile headlight scenario today, while choosing the LED headlight bulbs one should be aware of the factors that affect the quality of the LED headlight bulbs.

Those who opt for LED headlight bulbs for their car should ensure that the LED bulbs that they select are compatible with the car. Those who want to switch over to LED headlight bulbs may find out the proper method of conversion so as to have the best driving conditions.

Performance And Stability Of LED Headlight Bulbs

The LED headlight bulbs are able to produce sufficient light to ensure visibility thanks to a series of diodes. The LED bulbs improve the performance of the headlights in many ways.

When the LED bulbs emit light they do not generate heat. In the case of halogen as well as HID headlight bulbs a considerable portion of the energy consumed by the bulb is converted into heat.

But in the case of LED headlight bulbs, since there is no heat generation the entire energy consumed by the bulbs is used to produce light. As a result the LED headlight bulbs require less quantity of fuel to emit light. The stability of the LED headlight bulbs depends on ballast and the level of shockproof as well as waterproof.

High performance ballast is a vital part of the LED headlight since it ensures to optimize protection from heat, uninterrupted light output and energy efficiency. Adequate level of shockproof as well as waterproof of the LED headlight bulbs ensures the best performance of the bulbs.

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