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how to clean oxidized headlights

During the winter months, when you have less sunlight, moonlight and even more cloudy days, it is really tough to see the road ahead for the drivers. Increased glare from the other cars through the windshields is one of the major concerns for every car owner or driver. Headlight glare is one of the key reasons for nighttime crashes.

No matter what is the time of the year, it is imperative to keep your headlights, windshield and exterior glass clean as possible with little bit extra effort. You will get the cleaning service at any cleaning station but you can also for some DIY process at your home to start your cleaning.

Start with inspecting your headlights, whether it is faded, cloudy or bright? Yellow light can reduce your vision and need to be restored. If your headlights are yellow, worn restore them as soon possible. Worn, cloudy and yellowish headlights can lower the light output and redirect the lights, which is emitted making you a hazard to yourself and other drivers.

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With the growing number of kits for headlights restorations products, you can do it yourself today. Keep in mind that the headlight glares are a big issue today and by following some easy tips; you can get rid of the issue easily and reduce the risk of daytime or nighttime crash.

Reasons For The Yellowish Or Oxidized Headlight

The oxidized and yellow headlight is a big problem and difficult is to clean them and keep them in new condition. The best thing is to do is, not just clean them but restore them with DIY headlights restoration kits or you can call a professional to do the task and to get the best available service. To clean them, just make sure that you have a complete idea of the material that they are made off and the reasons that made them discolored.

There are some important things, which are the reason of discolored headlights:

1. Headlights are now made of the polycarbonate plastic materials but not the glass and these types of materials are quite hard but very porous. So they need to be sealed.

2. The debris from the road that is basically the small rocks, pebbles, sand and keeping up the speedy ongoing traffic at the speeds of 30 to 80 mph works as the sandblaster on the headlights of your car. Now, these debris chips away eventually the sealer of your car’s headlights by making the small cracks and dents. Then the crack and dents begin to collect all the grime and dirt from all around.

3. The UV rays of the sun combined with the acid rain and acids from the stomach of some bugs, petrochemical from the asphalt on the roads eats away the sealer on your headlights more like cancer.

The before you know that the crystal clear headlights of your car get cloudy, foggy and oxidized, start taking good care of it because it is really tough to clean or restore if it is too much dirty.

The Solutions Of The Headlights Restoration Or Cleaning

If you know the cause of your foggy headlights, you can now restore them with an easy process. First, clean them and then sell them to get a long-lasting The most effective process is the wet sanding process, polishing, and sealing. With can use the high-quality headlight restoration kits also.

1. First, you need to mask or tape of your yellow headlight to protect it from the car’s paint job.

2. Start standing the car’s lenses with a 1000 grit sandpaper and then move to the 1500 grit sandpaper, gradually go to 2000 grit. While you are sanding, keep the headlights surface wet by using a spray bottle that should be filled with water or you can use the garden hose but slowly.

3. Now clean up the headlights with clean water and then polish the headlights with a water-soluble polish that you have chosen from the market.

4. Let them dry completely before moving towards the final or the sealing process. You can even use a blow dryer to ensure that there is no moisture on then as just a one drop of water can ruin the entire finish. Now finally, seal the headlights of your car with high-quality polymer sealer. The quality of your sealer will determine how long you will be able to keep the new look of your headlights.

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Another DIY Process To Clean  Yellowish Headlights

You just need a few things to complete your cleaning process, automotive polish, glass cleaner, plastic gloves, water, and a soft cloth.

How To Clean Yellow Or Oxidized Headlights

Just add toothpaste to your list to start your best DIY process.

1. First, wash the headlights with water and toothpaste using the soap. You can use the toothpaste laden cloth to clean and use it in a back and forth manner. Leave it for few minutes and then rinse it with plain water, allow it to dry.

2. Now clean the headlights with soapy water and clean the surrounding area with it too. Dry thoroughly.

3. Don’t forget to use the masking tape around the headlights. This process is mandatory to protect the paint finish on your car.

4. First, take off the covers of your headlight and wash it with white vinegar. Give it a vinegar bath and keep in the vinegar for a minimum of one hour. The acid of the vinegar will loosen up all the dirt. After one hour, rub it with a dry and soft cloth or sponge to clean up all the grimes and finally reinstall the cover of your headlight.

5. Vinegar bath resurrects the showroom quality of your headlights if they are covered with the scratches. Spray the cooking spray after the vinegar bath and drying method to get a clean and shiny headlight.

6. Another good option is denatured alcohol. Firstly wash the headlights of your car with soapy water. Take a soft rag and deep a corner of it in denatured alcohol. Gently rub the rag on your car’s lens. Rinse it properly and let it dry completely.

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