page title icon How Do You Convert Halogen Headlights To LED?

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More and more car drivers are using the LED lights bulbs these days instead of the halogen lights due to its amazing benefits. Even most of the cars you will find have upgraded their bulbs with these. But what are the benefits of using the LED bulbs?

LED light bulbs for cars are popular aftermarket options because they are much brighter and they use less power compared to the traditional ones. They can produce a beam, which is brighter even than the incandescent bulbs. They can help the drivers to prevent accidents in low light places.

LED lights are useful during the dark nighttime as the drivers can see well in the dark while driving. These lights produce brilliance with less radiation and pure color.

You can replace your halogen headlight with LED lights but you need to buy the complete housing. Or you can use the LED light with low wattage so that you can match the brightness of the halogen. If you want to switch the option of brighter LED, you don’t need to replace your entire car but only the housing and lights can do the task for you.

You Need To Do It Step By Step By Following The Right Process:

To start the process, you need to search for the type of your headlight bulb with your search engine:

White Halogen Light Bulb

The Most Popular Two Types Are:

Single beam bulb: Here the low and high beam uses two different bulbs

Dual beam bulbs: Here the low and high beam bulbs are combined into one single bulb

If you are not satisfied with this search method, you can try out some other methods also to know the type of your bulb:

  • Check out the owner’s manual to know the type of your bulb
  • With the help of your local dealer, you can contact your car manufacturer
  • To read the reviews, you can remove the headlight or read the instructions on it
  • Take note to know the type of bulb before purchasing the bulb or the LED conversion high-end kit.

If you have the idea of the type of bulb, you can go for buying the kit. There are many online stores that offer the kit or you can look at the stores of your local area to find a suitable kit. But you need to research a little bit to find the best type of kit for the purposes.

Now it’s the time of un-BOXING. If you have got your kit, just open the box can check out whether you have received all the necessary components. There you will find two ballasts, two LED bulbs and the wiring.

Now you need to start the changing process. Make sure first that your car is completely secure and safe before changing the lights.

  • First, you need to make sure that your car’s engine is off, keys are removed from the ignition and the parking brake of the car is on.
  • Now prop up the hood and locate the headlight bulbs of your car. There you will find the plastic material wiring connector connected to the bulbs.
  • If you are doing it the first time, you can go for some gentle assistance from the flat and good screwdriver. The plastic clip is a delicate part to handle.

Removing The Halogen Bulb

The process of removing the bulb will depend more on its type. But regardless of that, the first step should be removing the metal clip of the bulb. But when you are removing the old halogen bulb, don’t throw it away; just keep it in a safe place that you can use in the future.

As you have removed the clip, you need to twist the bulb anti-clockwise to pull it out. Do it very carefully.

Install LED Bulbs

Install now the LED bulbs. You need to install it in the socket of the headlight. Be very careful while you are doing it and never touch the LED lights with the bare hands or fingers. Just take a towel to hold it. Now twist it in the clockwise direction and secures it in a proper way.

Best Selling Dual Beam LED Bulbs

Connecting The Ballasts Off LED Light

As the final step of the installation, you need to connect the wiring of LED ballast. As one e end of its reach to the new LED bulb and other parts should be in the actual wiring harness.

To check out the position of the light’s cut off, you need to first power up the new headlights.

This is important to check the cut off if you don’t want to blind other car drivers with the brightness of your new lights, so it is important to check the position of your new headlights.

You will find many screws for headlight alignment that you require adjusting the position of the LED headlights. You can also check the owner’s manual to get more information on the topic.

Now you need to secure the ballasts. You can take the plastic zip or the double-sided high-quality tape for the purpose.

It is important that you should keep the ballasts far away from extreme vibration, excessive heat, or extreme moisture.

halogen vs led headlights

If you are done with the process, it is time to go for the taste drive to check your work. These are a few simple steps that you can follow to convert your halogen headlights to brighter LED headlights.

These are the DIY process that you can do yourself but it is always recommended to go for the professional support and help to solve the issue. A good mechanic can help you best to replace the halogen lights with new LED lights. They are aware of the right process and equipment for the purpose to avoid any error or any flaws.


When you are buying the LED kit, keep in mind that you have a proper idea about the type of light that goes perfect with your car. Research a little bit to end up buying something good in quality and comes with the warranty.

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