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How To Install HID Kits

How To Install HID Kits: The Ultimate Guide

Halogen bulbs are cheap and quite easy to install. But, they use a lot of energy, so they drain your car’s battery very fast. They don’t have a good lifespan and visibility. If you are tired of changing your halogen bulb every few years and are looking for a bulb that will provide you with … Read more

HID ballast mounting bracket

How To Install An HID Ballast With A Mounting Bracket

For years, car manufacturers have used halogen bulbs on car headlights. These bulbs produce light while you drive at night, but they expend a lot of energy. That’s why the battery drains out in a short time. Although their cost is far lower than LED or HID bulbs, people don’t like to have halogen bulbs … Read more

led headlight color chart

LED Headlight Color Chart Guide: Is It Important?

LED colored headlights can be tricky to choose. This is because not only do you want your vehicle to look good and stylish, you need it to be safe enough to drive at night. In this review, we will break down the LED headlight colors that shine brighter than any other kind. Most importantly, what … Read more

How to Replace Headlight Connector with Cost

How to Replace Headlight Connector with Cost

Many car enthusiasts lead their headlights to a severe mistake through the wires and connectors’ wrong fitment. You must be one of them who takes a rash of melted connector sockets to the nearby shop, aren’t you? We recommend replacing the headlight socket instead of fixing it. In this guide, you get some easy instructions … Read more