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Why BMW Lights Stay On When Car Is Off and How to Fix It!

The BMW is an immense joy to ride. Although this premium automotive brand ranks high in luxury vehicles, it does not mean that problems will never transpire. Sometimes, owners find that BMW lights stay on when the car is off. There are a few things you can try out to remediate this issue. Here are … Read more

how to clean headlights with toothpaste

How To Clean Headlights With Toothpaste – Ultimate Guide

Headlights are an imperative safety element in vehicles. The last thing to bother when driving in rainy or windy weather is dirty car headlights. While the former can sometimes be unavoidable and exasperating, dealing with them is certainly possible. Before one heads out to restore their headlights, they must consider restoring them by giving some … Read more

T3 LED Bulb Replacement

T3 LED Bulb Replacement – Step-By-Step Guide

Nowadays, you may find that halogen bulbs burn out quickly and are not energy efficient compared to LED lights. LED lights give much better performance and consume less energy than halogen bulbs when looking for lighting options. So people have now started replacing their T3 halogen lights with LED bulbs. Many people don’t know how … Read more

How To Install HID Kits

How To Install HID Kits: The Ultimate Guide

Halogen bulbs are cheap and quite easy to install. But, they use a lot of energy, so they drain your car’s battery very fast. They don’t have a good lifespan and visibility. If you are tired of changing your halogen bulb every few years and are looking for a bulb that will provide you with … Read more

How To Install An HID Ballast With A Mounting Bracket

How To Install An HID Ballast With A Mounting Bracket

For years, car manufacturers have used halogen bulbs on car headlights. These bulbs produce light while you drive at night, but they expend a lot of energy. That’s why the battery drains out in a short time. Although their cost is far lower than LED or HID bulbs, people don’t like to have halogen bulbs … Read more