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install fog lights

In bad, foggy weather or at the dark night it can be miserable for the drivers to drive their car. Installing the high-quality fog light on your vehicle can improve your visibility greatly in such poor conditions of weather.

You will get the headlight kits with detailed instructions for the car owners or the driver to install them properly. These are best for the people, who have very little or no experience in wiring.

The process of installing the fog lights differ from one to another as per the models. You can ask for professional help or can read the instructions properly to install the lights. When you are struggling really to install your headlights, you can take the help of the internet to get the best and easiest procedure to install it.

Step By Step Procedure To Install Fog Lights On Yourself

Choosing The Right Fog Light For Your Car

You should start the process by choosing the right headlight for your car. To have the best one check the law of your state first because some places have certain restrictions on different colors and types of fog lights that you can install in your car.

Check the regulations and rule of your local area to be sure that your preferable fog light is in compliance. All of the fog lights are not approved by the Transportation Department.

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Select The Right Type Of Bulb

When you are going to install the fog lights for your car, you wilt three different types of lights or the bulbs that known to be used as fog light. You can choose your own style as per your requirements and preference: LED lights are now very much popular among the young drivers as they provide very much bright lighting and come with a long lifespan.

Headlight and fog light of a car

Another plus point of the lights is, they consume very little energy. These types of lights are not prone to vibration. If you compare the lights with halogen, the only drawback is its price. They are pricier than the halogen bulbs.

If you want more bright but eye-soothing light for your car, your choice should be the HID or the high-density discharge light.

HID lights are very much popular these days as they produce a light that very natural and close to the lights of the sun. Number three is the old traditional halogen lights, they are the oldest one but available widely in the modern car industry. They are very much cheap to buy but get quite hot and burn out faster.

Style Of The Light

There is a number of option is available to choose the right style for your fog light. But they are divided into three main categories:

Bumper Mount

They are designed specifically for certain holes and usually come with the rectangular or round shape. Most of the fog lights come with the style direct from the factory. They are the basic type of fog light that you can choose.

Grill Mount

They are usually quite larger in size and round shaped. These types of lights are installed on the front grille of a car or directly mounted behind the front grille. You will get the style typically with the SUVs and trucks.

Rock Mount

They are generally rectangular and round-shaped light. These are specifically mounted above your car or onto the car’s front side brush guard. This type of light is also found more with the SUVs and the trucks.

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Install The Light

Start your installing process by turning off the car and park it first. Try to do the process on an even surface by engaging your parking brake of the car. If you are choosing the bumper-mounted light, they will be located at the below point of the headlight.

If you are not able to locate them, check the manual to do it properly.

Round fog light

Now it is time to run some safety on your own. Just disconnect the fog light from the power system of your car. Detach the clip to disconnect it properly. Remove the bolt, washer, and nut and in this way, you will be able to remove the housing of your fog light.

Just assure that during the process you hold onto entire parts. Hold it until the end of the process.

Remove The Housing

Now gently and carefully remove your headlight housing. Do not scratch the car’s bumper. If you are installing the roof-mounted or the grille-mounted lights, lift it away from the car to avoid any type of scratch to the body or roof of the car.

Insert The Light

Now it’s time to insert your preferable fog light. The housing of the light must fit into the specific space of fog light that left by your old light. Buy the fog light according to space. Make sure first that the bolt holes are the lineup, if not then drill some new bolt holes.

Insert The Bolts

Now insert all the bolts. Thread the nuts and washer over those bolts and tighten them with a wrench or the ratchet. Too the tightness can damage the fog light housing and always go for immobile and snug housing.

Power On

Now reattach the fog light switch with the clip. The fog light for your car should be properly powered by the car’s battery now.

Test The Light

Finally, it is the testing time. So start the process of ignition. You need to test the new lights that you have installed. Make sure that they are properly installed and secured by the bolts.

Make sure that the angle of the light is good and will give you excellent visibility and never will shine in the eyes of other drivers.

You can install it for the first time or can replace your old one with these steps. But go get this in a proper way or proper manner you can get the service of a professional expert for the job. An expert auto mechanic can do the job with his skill and knowledge without damaging any part of your car.

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