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How To Install HID Kits

Halogen bulbs are cheap and quite easy to install. But, they use a lot of energy, so they drain your car’s battery very fast. They don’t have a good lifespan and visibility.

If you are tired of changing your halogen bulb every few years and are looking for a bulb that will provide you with good visibility during the night, you should opt for an HID kit. In an HID kit, you will find two main components, the HID bulb and a ballast.

In the market, you will find numerous brands of HID kits. But, trying to choose a good one among them is tough. Another problem is that not many people know how to install the HID kit.

Well, you don’t have to worry at all. It just involves a few simple steps, and you need to follow them. You can do it on your own without taking the help of a garage. You have to read the manufacturer guidelines and then follow them. The installation will take about forty minutes.

What Are HID Lights?

HID (High-Intensity Discharge) lights are now becoming popular day in and day out. You use HID lights on the headlight of your car. So, now what is this HID light?

A HID light switches on when there is an electric discharge between two electrodes. These two electrodes are present in a glass tube. In the tube, you will find noble gas, i.e.xenon and metal salts.

The xenon gas can warm your HID bulb within a few seconds, which other gas cannot do. So, in brief, you can say that HID light converts electricity into light. But to supply voltage and continuous flow of current to HID light, you need another electrical component, i.e.ballast. So, in an HID kit, you will find both HID bulbs and ballast together. A ballast is mandatory if you are installing an HID bulb in your vehicle.

Advantages Of HID Kit

#1. Long Life

In an HID Kit, you find two main components that are HID bulb and ballast. Both the components last for more than 3000 hours. Usually, car owners don’t change their HID bulbs for even 100,000 miles. The HID bulb gives you brightness for at least 2000 hours.

HID headlight on white car

But, if you will talk about halogen bulbs, then they last for only 500 hours. So, you can now compare the difference between the lifespan of the halogen bulb and HID bulb.

#2. Good Visibility

An HID bulb provides excellent visibility in comparison to a halogen bulb. The light produced by an HID bulb covers three times the area of a halogen bulb. So, it enables the driver to visualize correctly during the night.

#3. High Energy Efficiency

The HID lights have high energy efficiency in converting energy into light. An HID bulb can generate 110 lm per watt. If you compare with halogen bulbs, then they generate 25 lm light per watt.

How To Install HID Headlights?

HID kit installation is not a difficult task. You will surely get brighter light after installing an HID kit on your vehicle. It’s a great idea to upgrade your headlight from halogen to HID headlight. There is a popular question about how to install an HID conversion kit.

For HID kit installation, you need to follow the below steps. The steps are as follows.

#1. Open The Hood

First, you need to open the hood of your vehicle.

#2. Take Out The Old Bulb

The next step is to remove the old halogen bulb from your vehicle. So, for this, you need to disconnect the battery terminal and then gently remove the halogen bulb. Please don’t touch it directly with your hand because it may be too hot.

Try to wear gloves while removing the bulb. In some vehicles, you will find a different housing for the bulb, So to remove the halogen bulb, you need to remove both headlight housing and the bumper together, which will take a lot of time.

#3. Insert Your Hid Bulb From The Kit

You try to remove the HID bulb from the plastic cover gently and insert the bulb on the housing. But don’t touch the HID bulb directly on your hand. If by mistake you touched it, then you need to clean the HID bulb with alcohol.

Now place the HID bulb precisely in the same place where the halogen bulb was there. Then seal your headlight housing with a dust cover so that no dust will enter into the HID bulb and affect its efficiency.

#4.Mount The Ballast

Now for mounting ballast, you need a bracket. Brackets are readily available in the market. So, you can buy anything according to your choice.

But never mount your ballast by drilling holes or with the help of tape. Always try to use a bracket because it consists of metal, which will help dissipate the ballast’s heat and keep your vehicle components cool.

Again it would help if you mounted the ballast in a place that is away from moving parts. Even the place should have good ventilation.

#5.Connect The HID Bulb With Ballast

Now you need to connect the wires of HID Bulb with the ballast and then connect the ballast to the stock socket.

#6. Test Your Headlight

Now you test your headlight. If it does not switch on then, you can turn the adapter 180 degrees.

How To Install HID Conversion Kit With Relay?

#1. You need first to disconnect the negative terminal of your battery and then disconnect the stock bulb from your vehicle.

replacing headlight car

#2. Insert the HID bulb and then connect your bulb with the ballast by wire.

#3. Remove the fuse from the relay harness

#4. Then connect the black wire to the ground connection of your vehicle and the red wire to the positive terminal of the battery.

#5. Connect the adapter into the relay harness.

#6. If there is any loose wiring, you need to secure it with zip ties or insulation.

#7. Replace the fuse on your relay harness and then connect your battery terminals.

#8. Test your light.

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Frequently Answered Questions

#1. Can You Put Hid In Stock Headlights?

No, an HID conversion kit only works with stock halogen bulbs.

#2. Can You Install Hid Lights In My Car?

Yes, you can install it, but you need to use an HID conversion kit for it.

#3. Do I Need A Relay Harness For My Hid Kit?

When you install a relay harness, it connects your HID bulb directly into the battery. So, your bulb will draw all the power from the battery rather than any other component of your vehicle.

The relay harness provides a regulated flow of current to the HID bulb, which will solve various problems like flickering lights. Even sometimes, your headlight doesn’t turn on. But if you install a relay harness, then you will not face such issues.

#4. Which Way Does The Hid Bulb Go In?

Facing up is the correct way to place your HID bulb in its proper location.


HID kits can improve your visibility during the night so that you can drive properly. An HID light has so many advantages. So, you should surely think about upgrading your headlight bulb. If you install HID headlights in your car after reading this article, don’t forget to share your pictures. I would love to see those pictures.

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