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Off-road driving is an inherently hazardous activity. It is perilous even when you can see the surrounding terrain. If you can muster the courage, maybe you would like to take your Jeep Wrangler out at night on rocky terrain. However, such a venture is not without risks, as you very well know.

Best Under Glow Lights for Jeep Wranglers

The Jeep Wrangler is a great vehicle to modify. You can customize in several ways including LED light installation to improve its functionality as well as its looks.

The Jeep Wrangler looks pretty fabulous even without any customization. But with customization, a great vehicle becomes even better. Installing LED lights may require some DIY but the results are worth the effort.

If you are searching for underbody lights, you might know that there are countless options in the market to choose from. You may want to narrow down your choices to some of the best out there.

Here are the best underbody lights for Jeep Wrangler.

1. MICTUNING C2 Curved RGBW LED Rock Lights 8-Piece Set (ASIN – B08C7ZWJ4C)

This set of lights may be the most expensive on the list. But its effects are also the most spectacular. There are a total of eight lights in this kit. Each one of these lights has a bright LED that covers quite a wide area. You can change the color whenever you like. You can also use Bluetooth to control these lights.

As a result, you can switch on the lights and change colors using your smartphone. According to customers, the installation process is quite straightforward. It does not take too much time, nor is it tricky.

For these reasons, these are some of the best-LED lights for Jeep Wranglers in the market.

2. SUZCO 10-pods Trucks LED RGB Neon Underglow Rock Lights Kit (ASIN – B08538S8F5)

SUZCO brand is making a set of 10 LED lights. These are available at a great bargain price. There are several different colors that you can select for your Jeep Wrangler.

Since these lights are waterproof, rain and wet conditions will not affect them. They come in a robust plastic case that will keep them safe in the long term. You can switch on these lights using a remote control. You can also use your smartphone to control these lights.

3. Nilight RGB LED Rock Lights Kit 4-Piece Set (ASIN – B01MG5UXV4

Although this product has just 4 lights, they are high quality since they have an aluminum casing. They can also provide plenty of illumination at 500 lumens. You can change these lights according to the style you like.

How to Install Under Glow Lights in 6 Simple Steps

You should install rock lights to see the path around you better. Besides being highly functional, rock lights also greatly boost the aesthetic appeal of your vehicle.

Kits are available that are easier to install than others. But they also happen to be more expensive. This guide will show you the steps involved in installing relatively cheaper DIY kits.

What You Will Need

  • Mounting brackets
  • 8-16 12V LED bulbs (in water-resistant casing)
  • drill
  • heat gun
  • wire crimper
  • wire stripper
  • wirecutter
  • ratchet with a socket set
  • cable ties
  • heat shrink
  • wiretap
  • ring terminals
  • butt-connectors
  • switch
  • 5-10 amp fuse plus inline fuse holder
  • wire loom
  • 18 gauge wire

Step 1 – Plan Where You Will Install Lights

You should plan where you will install your LED lights. You should also decide what spacing there should be between your LED lights. You can think of installing LED lights at different vehicle spots like the undercarriage, wheel wells, rear bumper, and front bumper.

Step 2 – Rock Light Installation

You have to make sure that the holes you drill are wide enough to accommodate your LED lights. If you want, you can get some kind of mounting bracket to install your LEDs.

Step 3 – Route Wiring

Your wires should be routed to the engine compartment’s driver side. Carefully note which wires are positive and which are negative terminals. If you are routing your wires through a firewall, have a grommet in place so that the wires don’t deteriorate.

Keep all wires inside a wire loom so that you don’t have a bunch of wires dangling under your vehicle. Cable ties can help you mount your wires and bundle them together.

Step 4 – Cut, Strip, and Crimp Wires

You should cut your wires at a suitable length so that they can meet at one point. Take hold of positive wires and remove their insulation. Twist the exposed wires together and crimp them using a butt connector.

Put some heat shrink wrapping around the wire to which you need to connect your wire bundle. Crimp the extension wire with the connector. Place the heat shrink over the connector. Now use your heat gun to heat it to make the connection well-insulated.

Repeat the same procedure for negative terminals. But don’t crimp them onto the connector. Instead, you should crimp them to the ring terminal.

Step 5 – Switch Installation

You will have to drill somewhere inside your cabin where you will place the switch. There should be 3 connections for the switch. One is for the ground, the other is for the power source and the third is for the lights.

To get power, you should connect with some switched source, for example, cigarette lighter wires. You can ground the switch by taking a wire with a  ring terminal and installing it on the Jeep chassis.

Step 6 – Complete Wiring

Before you can connect lights with the switch, make sure that you install a fuse in the circuit using the inline fuse holder. For the circuit to be complete, you should have the negative wire bundle grounded with the chassis.

Final Thoughts

Next time if you think about installing under glow lights in a Jeep Wrangler? You can follow the steps above to get the idea.