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make your headlights brighter

Nothing just worse than driving down the road late night and not be able to see the road in front of you. You will always see the difference when you have changed just the bulbs of your headlights. With the passing time, headlights become dull as it covered by dust, fog and more. Yellow, cloudy headlights and dull but not the brighter light is truly the reason for many accidents that occur at night. It makes your way “not properly visible.”

All the cars that have manufactured in the past 15 years have a plastic headlight, and these lights start to cloud up and corrode due to heavy exposure to the environment and sun.  But not only the Not have only the old cars, but even 2 or 3 years old cars had the same issue. Using the Yellow, cloudy headlights make it not unsightly but unsafe also. 

You Can Make Your Headlights Brighter To Drive Safely At Night:

There Are Five Methods:

  • Clean and restore your headlights to increase the brightness of your car. In order to increase the brightness of your headlights, it needs to clean up properly and ideally clay to remove all the bonded and lose surface contaminants. To polish the lenses, you can use a plastic polishing product to clean the lenses and then polish it.  You need to make sure that all surrounding trim and paintwork are sufficiently protected to prevent the plastic polish from contaminating it. You can apply the product by your hand or can use it with a machine. Machine cleaning can assure more faster and quality cleaning to increase the brightness of your headlights.
  • If you are unable to use the plastic polish, you can use the paintwork polish otherwise. You should start the process with the least abrasive product. Only work with a more aggressive one if necessary.
  • Some headlights may contain some stone chips, and that can be very heavily faded.  They need to be wet sanded prior to your polishing. You can use the good quality fine grades of paper and then use plenty of water for the purpose. Even you can use a detailing spray as a lubricant. You need to thoroughly clean the grades.
  • If you want to do it with a home remedy, you can do it easily. Take an old rag and cover the headlight heads with toothpaste. Now rub it for three to five minutes and clean it with a wet cloth.  You can visit any automobile store and can buy a store-bought headlight cleaner and can tub it properly with the right process to clean up the headlights.
  • To get more brightness, you can go for the restoration process. This is actually a plastic repair process that removes the surface damage while restoring the clarity of the lenses. Restoration kits are available online or at the open market. Even severe cases of hazing, yellowing, and scratches can be fixed in less than 30 minutes. Apply also UV sealant on the headlights to get a much brighter light.
  • The final and last option is replacing your headlight. If you are using the old, oxidized headlights, you need to change it soon to get a brighter and powerful light. If you are using the old halogen headlights, replace it with brighter LED lights.

  • we have discussed how to clean the headlight and make it even brighter. As we use these car headlights at night, different types of bugs will be attracted to the light. It’s a fact, and you need to get rid of it because these bugs will damage your car headlight. So you should Clean its proper way, you can use spray type products like Bugs N All to do the job.

  • But let’s not forget, the car’s headlight could be dim briefly if the battery condition is poor. Though we underestimate it, it’s quite a familiar phenomenon of the dim headlight. Replace a bad battery with a good AGM Battery could be an excellent option to make the light brighter. But, it’s only effective when the headlight power source is the battery. Place this part somewhere under the “You can make your headlights brighter to drive safely at night.

Headlights can be faded due to a number of factors like harmful rainwater, UV rays, and bonded surface contaminants, baked-on bug splats and improper cleaning techniques for example. A faded can lose its brightness, so it is important to maintain the headlight regularly with proper solution and professional help.

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