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how to replace headlight bulb

It is very essential to know the right process of replacing the car’s headlight bulbs as it may be required during emergency situations where you may not get any mechanic to rescue you. Replacing a headlight bulb is quite easy and you can accomplish the task with just a few simple tasks.

When the car’s headlight bulbs go off, you need to buy a new headlight bulb if you don’t have the spare. Cars that have the headlights with a sealed beam have a different method to follow. If you are looking for buying a headlight bulb to upgrade it, there seem to be huge amounts of advice are available.

First, you need to make sure that you are buying the right bulbs for you. A right bulb can change the dimension of your car and can enhance visibility in a big amount. Don’t just end up the process by purchasing a wrong headlight.

First, check out the instruction manual of the company or do your own research to buy a headlight bulb for your car, a well-fit bulb.

If you require the pair of bulbs, change both of them. Make sure that the power light is off before starting the process. You need to open the cover of the bulb to change it. Make sure there is no dirt and debris in the socket before replacing one.

You may have the best fancy wheels but it really does not matter if your headlight bulbs are not working. A burned-out headlight bulb can stop your vehicle at any uncertain road or position.

Important Tools

1. You need to buy a high-quality bulb that merely available in any auto store. You can search for a bulb in your local auto part store to find it or can order online to get it in a convenient way.

Holding bulb replacement for headlight

2. Secondly, buy the alcohol tissues or wipes that may help you to clean the bulb.

3. High-quality screwdriver

Ways To Install And Replace Headlight Bulbs

#1. Locate The Holder Of The Bulb

The best way to access the headlight bulb is through the engine compartment of your car or you can locate it from the car’s front part. Open the hood of the car to locate the holder near the front part of your car. A power connector is also there to the bulb that comes generally with three wires.

#2. Removing The Power Wires

It is the safety part of the process. Power wires come attached to the plug that based on your car’s headlight. It held by the metal clip, plastic catch or the screw cap that may vary as per the car type.

The plastic catch comes with a small-sized lever at the car’s topmost part, while you are pulling out the plug, push it down.

If you have the metal clip just pull the clip away and up. But hold the clip properly as you are pulling it. If you have the car with a screw cap, just unscrew it in an easy process. Just turn the screw counter clockwise.

#3. Remove Your Old Bulb

As your wires are disconnected, you are now ready to remove the holder of the headlight first and then remove your old headlight bulb with a proper hold on the base. You also need to rotate the bulb in some cases to free it from the holder.

#4. Clean Up And Installing The New Bulb

Wear gloves while you are changing the bulb or can use some tissues. This is necessary to not get the oil in your hands. You have the alcohol wipe and clean the bulb with the wipe before installing it.

Now your bulb is ready to install and just stick the bulb into the plug base.

Install it properly and if it is properly installed, you will never see the rubber gasket. After installing the bulb put back the headlight holder in its old position and also plugs in the power wires back in the position. Turn on the headlight to check if the bulb is working properly and installed in the right way.

Safety Matter

Headlight bulb replacement

  • No matter, how clean is your hand while you are touching the glass of the bulb you will certainly leave a residue of your skin’s natural oils. When the headlight bulb is illuminated this type of oils creates a hot spot on the glass part and can cause the bulb failing quite earlier as you expect.
  • Most of the eminent manufacturers of today use the toughened quartz bulbs and so the hot spot issue is not a bigger problem now. Still, it is good to wear latex gloves when handling the headlight to make sure that you will get the best service life of it.
  • If you have the plastic headlight lenses, it will determine what type of bulb you need to buy. If you have installed the headlight bulbs that don’t have the UV filtered glass as it will discolor very fast and eventually will damage the plastic lenses. Therefore, if you have the plastic lenses on the car, buy the headlight bulbs that come with the special UV cut glass, this will label normally on the packaging.
  • Don’t install the high wattage headlights to get more brightness. Whilst the high wattage more powerful headlight bulbs can be over twice the brightness of the standard bulb and they are also not legal on the highways. The reason is that the incredibly bright light can temporarily blind on the upcoming traffic.

If you are looking to improve the visibility of your headlights, you should install the upgraded headlight Xenon bulbs; these are more identical to the existing bulb of your car but filled with the xenon gas and so emit up to 90% more light and these are legal on legal too.

You can go with the owner’s manual to find out the best headlight bulbs for your car. Generally, the owner’s manual will give you the idea that what type of bulbs you have fitted in your car and also their location and it will make your installing process much easier.

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