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how to smoke headlights

Smoking headlight to a car has been very trending to the carmakers who have been trying to enhance their car’s outlook.

Who doesn’t demand to modify their vehicle? ‘Smoking headlight’ is a synonym that came gradually after the ‘Tinting headlight.’ You can mix up a flavor look when trying to modify your backlights or headlights.

Sometimes we can see some vehicles exchange high power, which comes slowly through the headlight beam. But, if you want to reduce some light power, you can smoke your head and backlights so that it makes your car look great from outside.

Within the thousands of vehicles on the road, inventing the smoke headlight is one of the leading strategies to develop outlook & reduce excessive headlight’s power without replacing another light.

If you’re one of them to getting your smoke headlights with minimum cost in the home garage, I stay by your side with authentic experience.

Things You Need And Why?

Wiping car headlight with a rag

These things are necessary when you are tending to polish your car’s headlight by dimming the light shadow. As I have been sharing my own experience, it would be conducive

Best Way To Smoke Headlights

Step By Step Process:

Step: 1

I’m always familiar with my headlight’s lenses, and I know what their exact shape is. You must see the value of cleaning the lenses. You have to start cleaning lenses of light for the first step and are careful you’re using an incredible headlight cleaner to brushing the rust out of the headlight.

Sometimes because of not cleaning hands properly before tending to wash, headlights may occur no result because of dust ear always spreadable. So make sure you are ready with clean hands and a headlight cleaner.

Okay, if you are ready by being neat & clean, you must be prepared to find out the right shape of your backing paper to fit it to the headlight’s lens. Be careful to use the appropriate lens cover up to the headlight lens using backing paper.  

Step: 2

Once you’re ready with the headlight’s shape properly, tend to sprinkle the Headlight spray over the lens of the headlights. You must choose the best Headlight cleaner to get the best result, and even if you cannot afford the headlight cleaner, but rarely then tend to use an incredible glass cleaner. You must obtain the same result.

Cleaning headlight with spray cleaner

Okay, After sprinkling the cleaning liquid over the lenses, you must decide to keep them soak for a minimum of 20 minutes, and within the time you must use an excellent dryer which makes an incredible temperature to dip the H20 below 65 degrees F. Wait till the lens are getting dried completely.

Step: 3

After getting an almost dry headlight in your touch, withdraw the lens cover from the backing paper with no hand touch, but using gloves would be appropriate in the case to keep your hand and, most importantly, the headlight lens hygiene. You must follow me to place the lens cover, depending on the right shape of the headlight.

Be alert if you are placing the backing cover correctly to making the successful step to convert your light to the smoke headlight.

After placing the lens cover on the headlight lens, you can see it has been looking quite dim after you turning on the headlight switch. It is the same what you were expecting, yeah? No worries at all because we are going through the right solution using just the backing paper & lens cover.

Step: 4

When I tried to smoke headlights for the first time, I didn’t use both head and backlights along for the experiment, but I went slowly 1/1. Okay, when you have nicely accomplished the lens cover placement, you must go for the simple tint spray with deserves your car’s outlook and fits your choice.

The first is first. So, you need to get your tint spray ready and place aside till the final task. Get an excellent tape that is vehicle friendly and resist liquids to get inside the machine and materials. Tie the car tape over the headlight edge as it looks like a rectangular view.

Step: 5

Now it is the final process as you need to spray the tinted spray over the headlight from a distance to get you the safe flavor of the smoked headlights. After spraying the whole lens of the headlamp, you can see as it looks deep colored. Let the headlight’s glass soak for 30 minutes.

mechanic working with car headlight on

After being soaked for almost 30 minutes, it looks so dry but removable with cleaning spray, which I told you to use when washing the headlight for the first time.

Now, you need to follow step #1 again and get quicksand of headlight using the rust removal or glass cleaning spray. When cleaning, be careful if the tint has been removed from the headlights. After an efficient clean, you can get an excellent shape of smoke headlight until it has been drying properly and turning to the dark color.

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Pros & Cons Of The Smoke Headlights

You must know the benefits and disadvantages of the smoke headlight as it deserves both complications. Let us be clear on a thing, before deciding to smoke headlights; you must check out the traffic restriction over your country.

It would help if you didn’t deny the traffic rules because it may create diversity when you’re driving out on the highway. I have been going through legal permission and encourage all the seekers who have been deciding to smoke headlights legally.


  • You get an attractive outlook.
  • Headlight matches to your car.
  • You can dim your excessive light beam with no headlight replacement.
  • Reducing excessive light from the car is a good idea.
  • Be creative in automotive design.


  • You get less light production
  • Many countries restrict modification
  • Dangerous in the foggy weather
  • Need to sick an approval to smoke headlight

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