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How To Install LED Light Strips In A Car

It is a rage among many people now. Installing LED strip lights under the vehicle is very common and they make your vehicle look it is floating on a pool of light. They make heads turn and your vehicle is always the center of attraction. Before you install your LED strip lights it is important you know everything about LED strip lights.

Understanding LED Lights

LED is the short form for the light emitting diode. From the name, we can understand that this is a semiconductor component which is not like a bulb. There are no filaments to burn or break. When an electric current passes through these diodes they glow.

The main advantage of LED lights is that they consume much less power than your normal bulbs. They also don’t give off heat or fail as fast as other bulbs. These lights are ideal for your cars.

LED strip lights are basically many LED lights mounted on a strip for easy installation. They are available in many colors. You can even change the colors using special adapters. LED lights have become very common both as lighting for our homes and for vehicles.

Their low power consumption and long life have made them very popular. LED lights need a very low voltage to work and this is another great advantage. But you must attach resistors to power an LED using a normal power supply.

How LEDs Are So Colorful?

LEDs can produce different colors based on what material they are made with. The basic colors are red, green and blue like everywhere. Using these three colors different LEDs with attractive colors are made. Three LED lights of these colors are combined into one package and the combination is used to produce different colors.

How To Install LED Strip Lights

The strength of each color is changed to produce various colors from these three basic colors. An LED controller is used to change the brightness of each color.

The Working Of The Car LED Strip Light

Car LED strips are nothing but LEDs mounted on a strip and connected to each other. There are LEDs that have all three colors. These strips are powered by the car battery through a resistor to limit the amount of power sent to these strips. Cars usually produce 12 V power but the LED strips need only 1.5 Volts. In addition to the resistors, there is an LED controller that is attached to the strips. This controller has switches for each color which will switch on and off at great speeds thereby producing lights of different colors.

While you buy your LED strip lights you must check and see if they are good. There are too many products available in the market today that getting a good-quality one is very important. If you want to buy one that is good the best way is to search online and look at the reviews. You must go for the one that is easier to install. Check if the particular piece offers multicolor modes. The strip should also be able to light up according to music and have different speeds for color change.

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Installing The LED Strip Lights Inside The Car

For the LED strip lights that you are installing inside the car, you must use a good glue to fix them to the surfaces that you want them fixed. The best places are under the dashboard and below your seats. As you are not likely to find anything to tie the strips to, the best thing is to glue them securely. Most of the LED strip light sets come with an adapter you can connect to the cigarette lighter holder of your car.

LED strip lights for car

The LED light controller module is best located slightly hidden below the dashboard on the driver side. It should be in a place where the remote can control it. If the controller has a sound sensor it is better to be slightly exposed. This way you can enjoy the lights responding to the music. ensure the place the strips facing the floor of the car so that the light is not too bright and you enjoy a nice ambiance.

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Mounting The LED Strip Lights Outside

For the outside, you can get LED strips that have wires that can connect to the batteries directly. You must first clean the underside of your car before you install the lights. If you are familiar with using a hydraulic jack you can use one to see the underside in a better manner. If you don’t want to use the jack you can feel your way and connect the strips to the body. You will find plenty of places to tie the LED strips using the zip ties. You must ensure to fix them as close to the body as possible.

Lead the wires to the car engine bay and connect to the controller module. If you find that the wires of the LED strips at the back of the car are not long enough to use the extension wires normally provided along with the lights. Once you have all the wires connected to the module, you can connect it to the battery. You must connect the red wire to the positive terminal of the battery and the black wire to the negative terminal.

Make sure that the module is close to the battery. This will protect the module from getting wet as the battery holder is protected from getting wet. You can secure the module and extend the antenna so that you can control it even when the hood is closed. Once everything is done test the lights and enjoy a colorful drive.

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