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Car on the road with headlights on

LASFIT, a brand of trust. It is situated in the U.S.A and working on recent headlight technology. Since the launch, LASFIT is developing, inventing, and manufacturing the latest LED methodology for the global automotive application.

They focus on experimenting with a decent pair of headlight assemblies. In this article, we discuss lasfit led reviews.

The first thing to consider the best headlight must come with brightness and lifespan; besides, the price range needs to be hands down.

If you are searching for something incredibly high & low for a daily driver, LASFIT is an opportunity to test out. The appropriate thing I’ve noticed exceeding the headlight is being packaged professionally.

Quality production of the LASFIT LED headlight fit at home, and it can be set up in the OEM housings for all-in-one bulbs are available. You can rarely find premium improvement in headlight output comparing a low price.

Besides, it is required to blow away Halogen with superior Quality. In case, LASFIT has 40% more coverage than a standard bulb. It indeed costs 5-8% more than the average equivalent, but why not gamble if it’s worth it? 

Pros & Cons: (Based On The Reviewers’ Report)


  • All-in-one design
  • 15 minutes installation process
  • Water-proof
  • 30% cooler than stock bulbs
  • 200% brightness
  • 30,000 hours (Lifespan)


  • It happens to minimum clients; if the fan doesn’t work turn the unit to 180 degrees
  • Few cars get not appropriate in housings and fittings


High light output depends on TOP LED chips, in case LASFIT uses chips with 72W (per pair). It produces cool white light (6000K). Besides, high efficiency comes with the illumination of 7600LM per pair.

headlights of car driving in fog

You must convert the stock halogen to LASFIT for 200% brightness if it gets compared to HID bulbs never delay too bright up full illumination. Being illuminated is not the prime feature, yet it is popular for a clear and crisp contrast. ATEC (standing for Arc-Tru Edge Cutting) illumination technology makes the clear bulb cut-off.


LASFIT is promising to their warranty method; 45 days refund and 12-month warrantee can be balanced if required though minimum clients claim to get a replacement. You can buy any of the specific models with confidence.

Professional customer support through the Non-artificial factors is available for 24/7. Never hassle for a replacement before flipping the plug and reinstall if the light doesn’t work after inserting.


Easy to install; the average time is 15 minutes. LED kits to come in the plug-n-play process, so additional accessories are hardly required. The quality difference of the LASFIT bulb is its small size that makes the installation process easier.

Whereas maximum LED kits to use external driver box, LASFIT provides all-in-one design for the headlight bulb plug-in. No adaption is necessary, like other prominent brands. With a 95% fitment challenge, it’s possible to work with no computer system error.

Note: We have also made a step-by-step guide on LED Headlight bulbs installation, so don’t forget to check it out for more information.


With maximum heat dissipation technology, it is possible to shine up 30,000 hours in a row. In the case of a fan design, LASFIT uses a dual ball-bearing fan design that combines 12,000 rotations per minute.

LED headlight closeup detail

Being double folding copper core thermal heat sink ensures prime durability of the headlight. A LED headlight can take the high output from its illumination system and never get wronged in durability.

Design & Build

The bulb is designed as small to be easily installed. No adaption is used in extra. Instead, it is all-in-one made. In short, it is the driver ballets built-in.

Plus, the bulb is covered through the water-proof and shock-proof material that provides safe construction for the housing in the extreme weather.

Aircraft aluminum design is used to cover the bulb with a more durable combination. Casting material of the LASFIT bulb controls excessive heat so that it remains 30% cooler than any standard bulb.

Shipping & Packaging

In the process of shipping, please provide a physical address instead of a P.O box. It takes 2-3 days for shipping, excluding the weekends. Even in the replacement process, you’re treated like a purchase. Once the verification process is done through the E-mail, please allow time to get a quick shipment.

Available Sizes

You can check out the following table as the models are available both for the single and dual-beam headlight models. You’re assured of the same treatment for all specific LED headlight bulb, just pick up the right choice and add them in cart.

Final Thoughts:

That being the case, LASFIT is unique in material and design; it performance solid than available HID bulbs in the market. 15-minutes installation process is overwhelmed through the home mechanics. The most attractive part comes with a plug-and-play design and an affordable price range.

It’s a Top-pick and appreciated through loads of reviewers in Amazon and local business programs. Being confident in the warranty process, it’s possible to buy one of the LASFIT models with no hesitation. Comparing with stock headlights, it can produce 5X more brightness.

Whenever you’re bored of yellow lightning, allow white-bluish illumination for a luxury drive. 35% of road accident happens due to flickering oncoming drivers; in case, LASFIT has the successful record of being exceptional in the race.

It can be easily installed in the home garage, but if you’re not sure about the process, it’s clever to consult a professional, or it brings damage to other parts sometimes. Remember a thing, Quality is not an act; it is a habit. Be in the professional’s touch.