page title icon LED Headlight Color Chart Guide: Is It Important?

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led headlight color chart

LED colored headlights can be tricky to choose. This is because not only do you want your vehicle to look good and stylish, you need it to be safe enough to drive at night.

In this review, we will break down the LED headlight colors that shine brighter than any other kind. Most importantly, what ones to stay away from and which to use when driving at night. how they will benefit your yard space in the worst weather conditions.

Being able to see better at night is crucial for everyone’s safety. Keep reading to learn the ideal LED color solutions for any vehicle with the following color benefits and features.

Colored LED Headlight Chart

light color temperature scale

Below is a colored headlight chart including the temperature range of each LED is equivalent to an HID temperature, and what it’s intended for.

LED Color Color Transparency Temperature Best For
White 100% white 5000-5500k Night driving
Yellow 90% yellow, 10% white 3000k – 4300k Fog lights
Blue 60% white and 40% blue 6000k-8000k Nighttime visibility
Purple 90% purple and 10% white 12000k (too bright) Style

Our Top Choice: White LED Headlights

Best for driving at night and day to provide enough visibility to not blind other drivers.

  • In a safe temperature range
  • Best look overall
  • Clear viability
  • Brightness on par

LED Headlights Colors and Purposes

headlights of car driving in fog


White headlights are the brightest LED headlights that improve driving at night for safer traveling. This is a very common color choice among sporty cars such as Audi’s or BMW’s.

Features and Benefits:

  • Very bright. The brightest LED color to improve visibility driving at night, thus increasing the safety of all drivers.
  • Natural light. Most neutral and natural light color that mimics sunlight closely.


Yellow-white or warm light headlights are used for safe driving, but even more so in the fog.

Features and Benefits:

  • Best for fog lights. Yellow headlights work well for fog lights to provide illumination on the road under foggy weather.
  • Improves brightness. Increase light production from fog lights or headlights’ headlamps


Blue-white or cool white headlights are intensely bright LED lights, that look like high beams or HIDs.

Features and Benefits:

  • Increased visibility. Drastically improves night driving visibility with intense blue-white brightness
  • Style. Stylish look that makes a car look more expensive. a blue light gives of a modern appeal usually used for high-power automotive headlights.


Purple white headlights are the least common color seen on the road. They are majorly used for style.

Features and Benefits:

  • Stylish. The look of blue and purple headlights differs from typical blue headlights that are thought of in HID headlights.
  • Very bright. A purple tint is slightly off from a blue tint but provides the same intensity of brightness. More intended for style preference.

Frequently Asked Questions

headlights on dark road

What Color Is Best For LED Lights?

A yellowish-white is the best LED light color. This is because it is in the safe range of color temperature which is much below 8000k. It also is bright and not blinding to other drivers that an emitted blue tint headlight may produce.

What Color Are LED Headlights?

LED headlights come in a range of colors. There is neutral white, white-yellow, or warm light, white-blue or cool white, and white purple. The most popular are white or white-yellow which are also the safest driving at night.

Is 6000K LED Bright?

6000k is bright. The safest headlight colors don’t exceed 8000k or more. Neutral white is only 5000k-5500k, and a little more is very bright, seeping into the cool white tones.

What Color LED Light Is Best For Sleeping?

Research has shown that a red LED light helps improve sleep inertia. The science to back this up is by exposing yourself to a red led light with closed eyes does not suppress melatonin and lowers alertness, thus helps mitigate sleep inertia.

How Many Lumens Are In LED Headlights?

Typically, LED headlights to produce an average range of 2000 to 4000 lumens for many headlights. 6000 lumens are extremely bright and should be avoided per everyone’s safety on the road.


In our opinion, neutral white headlights are the best choice among the various options that we have considered because they shine very bright without blinding the other drivers on the opposite road passing by. The temperature is in perfect range for visibility as many expensive cars are using this light.