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NINEO is called a modern LED frontier for the maximum car headlight design. It was founded in 2008. Since 12 YRS of marketing, NINEO proves the specialization in the higher-up performance in the aftermarket. Besides, TOP-categorized automotive lighting products are found in their stock.

NINEO results in the super light-emitting diode technology depending on the latest LED headlight design. Still, what makes people reliable to their automotive instruments? It is their support for global customers and excellent service quality.

As NINEO is renowned worldwide, the work process of them is authentic. In the headlight manufacturer verification, it is mandatory to maintain strict quality control and provide a unique manufacture code.

In case, NINEO accomplishes the prime maintenance. The attractive part of the brand is Lifetime technician support and 1-YR warranty.

Why do we praise NINEO LED headlight? You’ll be overwhelmed to know that NINEO has fame worldwide for being awarded several times for the modern automotive aftermarket. I can say, NINEO is become a frontier in all-in-one LED headlight design.

Pros & Cons: (Based on the Reviewers’ Report)

NINEO H7 LED Headlight Bulbs, 12000LM 60W No Need Adapters Fanless H7 in-line Install Lights All-in-One Conversion Kits Windless 6500K...
  • WITH POLARITY - This H7 led has a positive and negative polarity distinction, If the H7 bulbs can't light up after installation, just reverse the connection and the lamp can work.
  • NO ADAPTER REQUIRED - NINEO H7 led bulb is designed to be 1:1 equivalent halogen lamp and there is no need for additional LED bulb clips. Plug and play makes installation faster.
  • BRIGHTNESS 3 TIMES INCREASED - H7 led headlight uses 8 CSP led beads can lighten 6500K cool white light with obvious tangent. No black spots and no blind corner and give you a comfortable vision.
  • ULTRA LONG SERVICE LIFE - Designed with 6063 aviation aluminum shell, H7 led light can dissipate heat quickly without fan, which can have a service life of up to 50000 hours.
  • CANBUS ERRO FREE- Built-in upgraded driver is suitable for 98% vehicle systems. If your car system has a sensitive problem (flicker, error), you are welcome to contact us at any time to obtain a suitable decoder. Don't worry about anything.


  • 5X better than stock halogen
  • Wider angle view (360)
  • 20 minutes installation
  • Dual ball-bearing fan for heat dissipation
  • Operation Life: 30,000 hrs (Proved)
  • IP Rate: IP65 (Water-proof)


  • Anthony, an Amazon reviewer, complained of that Driver side bulb went dim after ten months continuous use
  • Fans are louder sometimes
  • You probably have to cut into the air ducting and modify the high-beam setting


LED kit of prime brands like NINEO produces 200% more light, which is 3X brighter than a standard headlight bulb. The illumination must be varied for a high-low beam as HI-beam is great than any other bulbs were tested.

Customized CREE chips help each LED bulbs light up to 6000 lumens, 6500k that produces white light perfection in the beam pattern. Being upgraded bulb construction with modern OEM chips focus on the straight lighting with no dark spot and foggy light.


Warranty is one year for all NINEO features, besides if any defect is identified, you’re allowed to get a quick replacement like troubleshooting, repairing process ETC. But, there is a limitation for the countries as a warranty is not granted outside of the USA.

Two requirements are necessary for the warranty issues; Parts and Labor defects. You will be replaced the same model that you’ve purchased alternative of repairing. Maintain returning rules like using sturdy you can ship the headlight bulb in a shippable cardboard box.

Color Options:

Kelvin is excellent as we tried the range in meter; it shows 6150K. Pure white and bluish combination takes the illumination technology to the next level. In the case of NINEO color temperature, it is kind of similar to other prominent LED models.

It never gets dim than the promising range except Morimoto 2Stroke 2.0 at 5250k. Weather-friendly color is a role model to run in the bad weather, rainy or foggy, NINEO LED encourages the straight brightness. The color temperature remains between 4300K as it can be perfect for both good & bad weather visibility. It is never as quiet as the lower temperature.


20 minutes installation process with 99.9% fitment guarantee though it’s clever to check out the configuration. Instant plug and play with the High-Low beam feature.

We’ve met an Amazon reviewer named Thomas, who put H11 to the new 2017 Tacoma in less than 30 minutes. It’s portable and wired without a hitch.


Around 30,000 hours can be processed easily if you make a perfect installation. As it is technological proved that the LED bulb circular low power fluid inside the beam pattern for heat dissipation and creates a great lifespan NINEO LED headlight is similar to the requirement. Being super durable for all specific model makes the model one of the prominent worldwide.

Design & Build:

Adjustable adapter design and wider viewing angle both are adjusting for a simple angle alignment. NINEO bulb is a mounted incorrect beam pattern so that it can be viewed for multipurpose road requirements.

Plus, 360-degree rotation makes the extra coverage on the highway so that ongoing drivers are never blind even after a high illumination. Coverless dual ball bears fan design to ensure heat dissipation for both maximum cooling and lifespan.

Shipping & Packaging:

You may be thinking how long does free shipping take, right? NINEO delivers via USPS within 3-6 DAYS anywhere, but the order must be claimed in business days. No matter what the model is, shipment is guaranteed.

But, time estimation differs from the specific time, be patient, and be in touch in case. Please provide the permanent address so that all the items get a successful delivery in next to no time.

Available Sizes:

As you can see, the available sizes in the stock it can be ordered just in a click. Though single or dual beam pattern in demands, you get what you aim to have. Lifespan, Brightness efficiency, and warrantee are prominent for all specifications. Besides, install in 20 minutes. No additional materials require for basic setup; it is all about plug & play.

Final Thoughts:

Why choose NINEO LED? It’s crazy to install alike reciprocating a standard headlight bulb. As it is an All-in-one kit, no additional kinds of stuff needed for the installment. Brightness is super illuminated and safe for the oncoming driver as it never irritates front-coming vehicles.

In the projection headlight, it can be scheduled on the cutoff line process. If I say frank on the NINEO light pattern, it is similar to the stock lights but 300% brighter. Therefore, you must give a trial on using the NINEO LED headlight bulb for the brightness perfection, high output, and long-lasting guarantee.

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