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Philips Xtreme Vision Vs. Sylvania Ultra

I love adventure and enjoy a hobby of going for long drives, especially in the dark. However, sometimes, I feel that my vehicle’s lights are not suitable for the same. The point is that when you are driving at night, you need to consider the output of your car’s headlight, as visibility is an essential factor.

Thus, it would help if you had lights that can easily stand apart from the crowd. After doing research, I got two products on my top list. These were Philips Xtreme Vision and Sylvania Ultra.

Now, the question is, which one of them is the best headlight for your car? After all, a good set of lights is essential to drive safely and smoothly. Not all the lights are perfect for off-road or standard driving. Today, with the changing demands, the car’s headlights have also changed.

In this article, we will take you through Sylvania Vs. Philips LED. We will compare both the bulbs, mention their pros and cons, and mention which one you should purchase.

#1. Philips Xtreme Vision

Philips is a brand known for its innovative automotive products for the past 100 years. It is a Dutch organization with three divisions: healthcare, lifestyle, lights, or precisely lighting. With extremely well-designed products, the brand ensures that its products make your drive safe and is believed to be one of the highest-performing bulbs in the market.

Philips X-treme Vision +130% Headlight Bulbs (Pack of 2) (H7 55W)

A feature that brought the Philips Xtreme Vision its high fame is its ability to offer 130 percent more light as compared to its competitors. Infant, this is their main marketing aspect promoted.

Thus, if you are looking for plenty of light while driving your car, you can go for Philips X-treme Vision LED bulbs. Thus, when you talk of Sylvania vs. Philips LED, the latter surely wins as far as better visibility goes. It uses 60 watts of power with significant energy-saving capacity and works on a minimum of 12 volts.

Night driving can be daunting for aged drivers or someone like me who likes to see things brighter on the road. I am not a big fan of headlights that can get dim when dark spots appear on the road. Well, Philips Xtreme vision ensures calculative and effective light distribution to offer you proper illumination while driving.

This is what makes it a better choice in Osram Night breaker vs. Philips Xtreme Vision. Also, the best aspect about these bulbs is that even a beginner can install them easily without any knowledge of wirings.

Thus, you do not require assistance from a professional to get these headlights installed in your car. You can easily do it yourself!

Another aspect that is their claim to fame is the close to a white color of their bulb which they get from a halogen bulb. The manufacturers claim 3700 kelvins for the bulbs while a pure white colored bulb is between 4000 and 5000 kelvin.

Philips X-treme Vision +130% Headlight Bulbs (Pack of 2) (H7 55W)
  • Original Philips Item, imported from Europe. X-treme vision series do not have the COA authenticity code (which can be found mainly on Philips Xenon bulbs). For Official Philips Data sheet of this item, please contact us.
  • Up to 130% more light on the road in comparison to a standard headlight bulb.
  • X-treme Vision +130 delivers more Light without compromising on lifetime.
  • Up to 147 Feet  (45 meters) longer light beam than standard increases reaction time by up to 2 seconds.
  • High precision coating and high quality UV-Quarz glass; touching the bulbs with your fingers will cause the oil to heat up and possible shorten the life of the bulb


  • It has High-quality glass that has UV-Quarts protection coating on it.
  • It also has a lifespan of 450 hours.
  • Most Philips bulbs have a power of 50 to 60 watts.
  • An effective projection that helps give out brighter light for a long range.


  • Not very budget-friendly gear as it is not affordable by all.
  • Less service life as it is a high-performing range of bulbs.

Philips as a brand has been highly popular among motorists because of its perfect products that possess a high-quality quotient but are inexpensive at the same time. Philips X-treme vision is one of the best headlight LED bulbs manufactured by the firm, making it proud.

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#2. Sylvania Ultra Bulbs

Osram is a company that manufactures all types of bulbs and headlights. It has owned Sylvania for more than 20 years now. In the US, Osram is popularly known as Sylvania only.

Sylvania Ultra bulbs

Now, the question is, when you can enjoy LED bulls, why would you like to go for halogen lights? Aren’t the LEDs better, as per user reviews? Well, the answer can be both yes and no.

Though there have been ample improvements in the world of LEDs, many manufacturers still want to go for halogen bulbs. The reason is that these halogen lights are inexpensive, easy to install, and perfect for night driving.

When you talk about Philips Xtreme Vision Vs. Sylvania ZXE, the latter does meet its claims of offering more clarity while driving at night. Sylvania Ultra bulbs were designed to ensure complete safety and high comfort for the drivers while driving.

The good thing is that the product has achieved this by offering a brighter white light and perfect down-road performance. This bright white lends a helping hand to the drivers in distinguishing between different things or obstacles while driving.

When it comes to installation, which is a major aspect of Sylvania Vs. Philips LED Sylvania ultra bulbs do not come equipped with any kind of extra wiring or electronics. This implies that they can be installed as easily as LED bulbs.

However, it is advisable to wear gloves while you are installing these Ultra bulbs. The reason being that without gloves, you can leave behind oil deposits on your bulb, which could result in easy and early wear out of the bulb.

SYLVANIA - 9006 SilverStar Ultra - High Performance Halogen Headlight Bulb, High Beam, Low Beam and Fog Replacement Bulb, Brightest...
  • Lights Dim Over Time, Replace In Pairs: Be sure to replace both 9006 headlights at the same time for optimum performance. If one bulb burns out, the other isn't far behind. Replacing in pairs allows for premium visibility
  • Brightest 9006 Headlight Equals Most Downroad Visibility: See all aspects of the road better with Sylvania's premium headlight bulbs, the Ultra Night Vision performance headlight
  • Whiter Light For Added Clarity: Patented Tri-Band Technology helps provide the whitest 9006 light compared to Sylvania OE bulbs. Improve contrast and object visibility such as street signs and road hazards
  • Sleek Style and Improved Safety At Night: Replace your standard 9006 bulb for this bright white halogen headlight that will increase your vehicles night time driving experience
  • The Sylvania Standard Of Quality: With over 100 years in business, Sylvania is the world leader in automotive lighting for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and the aftermarket


  • Easy installation process without any issues.
  • Brighter and whiter light with 4100 K lighting stand.
  • Very good quality bulbs that provide better night vision for down-road visibility
  • The ultra LED bulbs are 50% brighter and last longer than general Sylvania bulbs.
  • Its specially designed filament property helps make the bulb brighter than its counterparts.
  • It meets the SAE and DOT requirements making it road safe.


  • Limited warranty of one year.
  • Less lifespan of glass 200 hours.

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Philips Xtreme Vision Vs. Sylvania Ultra LED Bulbs: Features & Benefits

Maximum Light With A Longer Beam

Philips X-treme vision bulbs provide maximum light, which is 130 % more than other halogen lights. For a better night vision, this is surely one of the best choices.

For all those night drivers, this is one of the best choices as it provides a better beam that is longer. But, the Sylvania Ultra SilverStar LED bulb has a brighter light with 4100 K.

Ideal Color Temperature For Better Visibility

When it comes to Osram night breaker vs. Philips X-treme Vision, Philips X-treme vision bulbs provide higher visibility as one can focus on the road as the light produced by the bulb is clear and long-lasting. It provides better visibility and makes your drive safer and exciting. Philips bulbs ensure that they offer more light on the road that can help increase visibility.

Fixing Car Headlight

Easy Installation

Installing both the bulbs is very simple as it has a solid body. Philips X-treme has better glass. It has UV-guard glass which is long-lasting and UV resistant.

Even with regular usage, the bulb does not fuse easily and can run well for 450 hours. On the other hand, installing a Sylvania Ultra bulb is also simple, just that the bulb’s lifespan is 200 hours.


Philips boasts the lifespan of its bulbs with 300 to 450 hours especially, on its top-rated LED bulb, which is Philips X-treme Vision LED. On the other hand, Sylvania Ultra has a lifespan of a minimum of 200 hours. Warranty time of both is similar when compared with each other.

Better Visibility

Sylvania Ultra bulb has better visibility quotient as it has no coloring tint in it. It is brighter and provides better clarity, and beats the Philips X-treme vision LED bulb.

Bright Bulbs

Outstanding Feature: What Makes It Stand Apart

Philips X-treme Vision

The excellent white light that the bulb displays and makes drives safer and clearer makes Philips X-treme Vision stand out from its counterparts. On the other hand, the bulb has a lifespan of almost 300 to 450 hours, making it one of the best-selling LED bulbs in the market.

Philips X-treme Vision has been a product known for reducing night fatalities due to its better and improved illumination properties. These headlights have been designed to meet a client’s basic requisites of headlights for driving, especially during nighttime. Philips headlamps easily meet ISO standards that add to its safety quotient.

Sylvania Ultra

On the other hand, Sylvania Ultra has a blue tint on its glass that makes it brighter than its counterparts. It also provides the best light outputs as compared to other halogen bulbs. Sylvania Ultra meets the SAE and DOT regulations that make it road-safe and legal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Sylvania Bulbs Good?

Sylvania Bulbs provide white light making the bulb brighter than its counterparts. Though they are a bit costly, it is one of the best bulbs for night drives when one considers its quality. Its illumination lasts longer than other bulbs, which is almost 50 % more.

What Is The Best Replacement Headlight Bulb?

Replacement for led headlights can feel like solving a jig-saw puzzle when you get two prominent options written in this article. One of the best headlight bulbs is PIAA Xtreme White Hybrid.

Cars At Night

PIAA has a specialty in manufacturing lights, bulbs, and other lighting options. It is one of the most reliable lights with a brighter and whiter beam that are legal for streets. It is available in a pack of two and has a one-year warranty.

The PIAA Xtreme White Hybrid light has a light rating of 3900K, making it one of the best replacement options.

One of the most attractive features of this bulb is made with alloy filament that does not heat like other metals, thus making it long-lasting and durable. Note: Kelvin is a scale that helps measure the color temperature produced by the bulb. It is measured in degrees of Kelvin (K).

Which Sylvania Headlight Is The Best?

As mentioned earlier, Sylvania Silver Star bulbs are the best due to their bright down road light. It not only offers better night vision but makes night drives safe. Compared to ordinary halogen bulbs, it is one of the best bulbs for those who want to drive stress-free.


When planning to buy LED bulbs, buying bulbs that provide better visibility in the dark is always better. Road safety is one of the biggest concerns of any driver. Thus, lights that help see longer distances are always better to buy. We do not purchase headlights for our cars now and then; thus, buying bulbs with ideal working hours is always better.

As suggested above, Philips X-treme Vision works for 300 to 450 hours, making it ideal as it has great illumination properties. Thus, choosing the one that fits the budget will be a good option as both the bulbs are unique and perform well, providing clarity of vision.

Happy driving!

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