page title icon How To Repair Multifunction Switch For Fog Lights? [Tested Method]

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multi function switch for fog lights

Fog light for cars are the light fitted with the vehicle, and they can be manually switched off or on by driver in the case of poor visibility caused by fog, heavy rain, or snow. It also increases the visibility of car behind or in fronts as a fog light in cars are much brighter or much sharper than the regular flood light of cars.  It is also more intense than the brake light.

Some of the cars come with intense and customized fog lights from the factory. They are also fitted with the fog optics plugs on both sides. Many of the people see it as a big mistake but deliberately done it to make their fog lights be positioned at the normal driver’s sides.

It is not very uncommon to see some drivers switching on their car’s fog light carelessly. It is very essential to keep in mind that the fog lights of the car fog are not just for fashionable display but to warn the driver that there is a problem with the visibilities, in the time of heavy rain, snow or storm. It also needs to mention that the car fog light should be switched off as soon as it served its purpose. It should be used on the very low speed to increase the illuminations.

The multifunctional switch of the fog lights plays an important role. They are designed for more visibility and safety. You can buy the fog light kits included with the multi-function switch.

This switch can be used for changing the lights in different modes like the daytime running headlights, LED light mode and fog light more, etc. they are factory style switches that assure the right OEM fitment for the fog lights.

What to do if the multifunction switch of fog lights stop working? This is a common problem and can be resolved with step by step methods.

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To start the method, first need to arrange and gather the necessary tools like:

Important Tools:

Step 1

Before repairing, it is important to remove the column plastic cover and the steering of the car. There you will find two screws in its holes closet of the steering wheels. You can use the no 2 Philips head good quality screwdriver release the screws. But keep them safely; you will need them on a later time.

Step 2

You need to remove the two different plastic covers carefully from the car’s steering column. Tilt this steering wheel down and lock it properly.

Pull back on the car’s red tabs that you will find on the connector’s top until clicking; these will not come out easily. Now it is the time to disconnecting the two major cables, which are connected to this multifunction switch.

Step 4

From the car’s steering column, you can now remove the multifunction switch. You can also take this switch from the car’s steering column. You can remove the entire assembly of the switch.

 multifunction switch

Step 5

Now remove the relay and the two T10 major screws and surely the wire plug with the two black wires.

Step 6

Then use the small flat head to work on your process but be careful and not break any part of plastic.

If you are done with the process and the switch is completely exposed, you will be able to find out the issues in a better way.

Step 7

As the switch is open and exposed, you will find the actual reason why the fog light of your car is having a problem. There can be several reasons like the plastic pieces can be worn down or it may lose the capacity of lifting the metal pieces to stop the car’s circuit.

If you have identified the problem, your process of fixing it will be much easier. Just remove another T10 screw. As the panel is open, it will be easily lifted out. But keep in mind to remove all the major pieces because this part is quite pliable and it can break down easily.

Step 8

As the lifter is exposed completely, pull up it properly and press lightly to remove it. Inspect properly the plastic tracks that may the car’s contact slides-in to get any of the rough spots. Now properly clean out the area and again replace the contact. Properly check and go for a complete inspection that contact can freely move and there is no jam.

Step 9

You need to put some JB Weld on that particular part. You need to build up the original length of it. Clean the part properly so that no glue will stick there.

As the glue dried up, you can all the back parts together before testing it. You can also remove all the greases and apply the new electrical grease to solve the issue. If the harness is going to cracking and brittle down, it can cause huge problem further, and you need to care about the issue with the right process.

Step 10

Now place the back panel back properly onto its switch housing and click that into the right place. Be sure that all the tabs (6) have properly clicked into its places.

With the help of two Torx bit, you need to replace two screws and secure the light’s back panel in the right place.

These methods are easy if you follow it step by step and can be done by yourself. But, this is always recommended to get the expert advice for the method. Expert mechanics and automobile experts come with extensive experience and knowledge. They can complete the entire process securely without any damage or breakage.

Fog light is an essential part of a car to avoid a nighttime accident and to increase the visibility on the road. So it is recommended to take extra care of the multifunction switch while are using the fog lights more frequently. If the switch has stopped working, you can replace it with the new ones.

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