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T3 LED Bulb Replacement

Nowadays, you may find that halogen bulbs burn out quickly and are not energy efficient compared to LED lights. LED lights give much better performance and consume less energy than halogen bulbs when looking for lighting options. So people have now started replacing their T3 halogen lights with LED bulbs.

Many people don’t know how to change or replace a light bulb and look for a T3 LED bulb replacement step-by-step guide? Let us look at how we can do it and choose the right LED for your fitting in replacing your halogen bulbs.

Let us further look at:

  • Things To Consider When Replacing Halogen T3 With LED
  • Can I Replace the T3 halogen bulb with an LED?
  • How To Safely Remove T3 Halogen bulbs?
  • What does T3 mean in light bulbs?
  • How Do You Choose The Color Temperature Of Bulbs?

Things To Consider When Replacing Halogen T3 With LED

Let us look at a few things you need to consider when replacing T3 bulbs with LEDs. It is essential to look at the right LED bulb as halogen bulbs come in different types and have different features.

Lumen Count

It is essential to look at the lumen count when you look for LED lights. You will get to know the strength and light you get from the bulb. Usually, when you replace your halogen bulb with an LED, it will have a lumen count of at least 500. Some may even have more than 700 lumens. You need to choose the right LED as per your need.

Color Temperature

It is also essential to look at the color temperature of LED lights. Usually, the color temperature tells you how cool or warm the light source is.

The warm light will have a temperature of less than 3000K. Choosing a color temperature of 2500K to 3000K is an ideal option.

However, a cool bulb will have a color temperature of 4000k or even more.

➡ Learn more about headlight bulb color temperature here: Headlight Bulb Types Chart


Apart from color temperature and lumens, it is essential to look at the wattage of LED lights. It is essential as it tells you the amount of energy your light requires to light up when replacing the halogen bulb of a similar feature.

light bulb on a white fence

For example, if your halogen bulb is 40W, you need to look for a T3 LED light with at least 5W. Similarly, if you want to replace halogen bulbs of much higher wattage, look for LED with similar wattage.

Base Type

It is essential to look at the base of the light bulb. If the bulb has some specific diameter or style, you need to look for the light having a suitable base while replacing it.

About Halogen Light Bulbs

Halogen light bulbs are similar to incandescent bulbs and emit bright light. It works when the thin wire filaments get heated up through electricity and use halogen gas as well.

They may last a long time and are efficient enough but get heated a lot. So many people look for alternatives for halogen bulbs.

Can I Replace T3 Halogen Bulbs With An LED?

Yes, you can replace your T3 halogen bulbs with LEDs. Replacing halogen bulbs with LEDs offers a lot of benefits. It has better light and consumes less energy. You need to consider the above factors before replacing and look for the standard fitting while replacing.

How To Safely Remove T3 Halogen Bulbs

Halogen light bulbs get heated when in use, so you need to be careful while removing them. You need to follow some steps to remove these types of bulbs safely.

#1 Remove The Plug And Let It Cool

Before removing any halogen bulb, the first thing is to unplug it from the socket and let it cool down completely. You may need to wait for at least 10 to 15 minutes. Then touch the bulb slightly and see if it has cooled down completely so you can remove it.

#2 Housing And Other Lighting Parts

Some bulbs housing your lights come with some protective guards and coverings. You need to look carefully at how and where they fit. So you can remove and attach them back later.

#3 Remove And Handle Light Bulbs Carefully

You can now remove or unscrew the bulb carefully and make sure not to break the bulb glass. You can hold a cloth or wear a globe for some extra protection. You need to turn the bulb to remove them. In some bulbs, you may need first to push the bulb inside and then turn.

If you cannot remove the bulb, avoid applying a lot of force and call an electrician for help.

#4 Some Bulbs May Be Hard To Reach

If your bulb is fixed in some high ceiling that is hard to reach, you need to make sure you use all the safety equipment to remove the bulb. It is better to use a ladder and replace the bulb. If you are not comfortable removing from hard-to-reach spaces, you can take the electrician’s help as they have all the necessary equipment.

#5 Remove and Wrap The Light Bulb

Once you remove the bulb, make sure to dispose of them off in paper so it does not injure anyone and prevent the glass from breaking.

Replace The Halogen Bulbs With LED Or CFLs.

The best alternative to halogen light bulbs is LEDs and CFLs. These lights offer better performance and have a longer life in comparison to halogen bulbs. It even gives a low wattage and high lumen count.

For example, a five-watt LED light can provide around a 200-lumen count, whereas the 22-watt halogen bulb will provide the same brightness and use a lot of energy.

KIMROO T3 Light bulb is one of the best-LED replacements for T3 Bulbs. It consumes less energy and has dimmable features. This 5W LED is equal to a 75W halogen bulb. It has an average lifespan of 30000 hours and saves a lot of money. You can enjoy the bright light without worrying about your electricity bill.

KIMROO T3 Light bulb

Answers To More Frequently Asked Questions

What Does T3 Mean In Light Bulbs?

T3 is a halogen bulb having a tubular shape. The number here refers to how large the surface of the light bulb is. T3 bulbs are perfect for outdoor lighting and security purposes.

How Do You Choose The Color Temperature Of Bulbs?

LED lights can handle different light hues with advanced technology and features and emit both warm and cool light. In comparison to this, halogen lights are limited to emitting only warm light temperatures.

In LED light bulbs, you even have the option of choosing the color temperature you want. You can look at the Kelvin value and know the color base you want to have.


If you have T3 halogen light bulbs at your home, you may want to replace them with alternative options like LEDs or CFLs that are more energy efficient.

Before replacing the halogen light bulb with an LED, it is essential to look at the factors and choose the correct bulb that fits your needs. Just be careful when removing the halogen light or take the help of an electrician.

With the help of the above guide and steps, you will now carefully remove the halogen light bulbs and replace them with LEDs.