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Fog Lights

Fog lights are the specially designed driving lights that can increase our visibility in during heavy fog. These lights are quite important while driving in the rash weather conditions and also very essential to prevent the accidents that caused by several visibility problems due to sleet, snow, deep set of fogs, intense rain etc.

It acts more like an extra edge on the road safety and designed especially for the late night or early morning when there is heavy fog on the roads. They are more powerful than the brake lights and it enables drivers to view fronts and behind easily as they are much sharper or brighter than the regular floodlights.

Most of the cars come with built-in fog lights. These lights are installed by the manufacturer of the cars and they are ready to use. Due to some accidents and other factors, initially installed fog lights can be destroyed and need to be replaced. There are many companies that offer high-quality fog lights and these are available in different types.

They can be custom-made to different car models. Most people think that the fog lights are used only on the trucks and cars but they are also available for small vehicles like motorcycles.

You may find fog lights for your vehicle in the market in various colors.

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But this is right to choose the clear color while white or yellow. The yellow color is preferred also by some drivers as they look good. You may also consider the type of fog light to install in your car and it will depend very much on your budget too. Halogen bulbs were in use as fog lights for many years but the new Xenon bulb and now the LED bulbs have replaced them as they are much brighter than traditional Halogen fog lights.

If you experience a lot of fog and snow in your area or where you are travelling, then you can go for the Xenon or LED fog lights. These will be the better option for you.

Front facing lights are a specific type of automotive headlights that made specially to emit the light in the beam. They have a sharper cutoff on its top. These lights can be installed quite low and aim towards the road or ground but have a quite sharp and brighter angle. The orientation and position of the fog lights are quite similar to the low or high beam headlights.

Selective yellow lights are another choice of the drivers as they come up with violet and blue wavelength. It can create dazzle and glare effects as you are driving at night.

Glare effect of the blue lights can be used when there are poor lighting and driving condition to deal with and it can reflect off the snowflakes, fog or even heavy rain. Fog lights are essential for the extreme vehicle safety system and so most vehicles of today came up with such fog lighting accessories installed as the standard equipment while others offer them as the optional features.

Front fog light is very essential to increase significantly the vision. It positioned below the front bumper of the vehicle. These are known as the fog driving lights. They are mounted generally lower than the headlights. Apart from providing the drivers a necessary safety, the modern fog driving lights can add style to your vehicle.

When Should You Switch On Your Fog Lights?

You may ask yourself why normal lights do not perform well in the fog and you require these types of lights? You need a light that comes with longer wavelength to penetrate the heavy fog. Headlights are usually made for the regular and normal circumstances. The lights of the normal lights and also have a shorter wavelength. They are not able to penetrate the fog easily.

switch on your fog lights

Yellow or red lights usually used in the fog lights as these lights come with the longer wavelengths than traditional headlights and the regular tail lights. These can power up an intense beam to penetrate the fog and make it quite easier for the driver to see what is back and ahead.

As the fog lights can illuminate directly in the front of your car, they come up with two different uses. Firstly it cuts down perfectly on the glare when there is very poor visibility and helps the drivers to proceed slowly to their destination

Secondly, it helps the drivers to find out what is immediate front of your car in normal visibility. The main beam car headlights usually create big void space between the vehicle’s front part and the beam lightens up the surface of the road.

When there is extreme fog, snow, rain or any other obstructions on the road, Fog lights are the best choice to increase your road safety. If you are driving at dark night or lives in a snowy or foggy place, these are must have lights to be installed in your vehicle.

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