page title icon What Are Jeep Zombie Lights? Everything You Need to Know!

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Wondering what Jeep Zombie lights are? You’ve hit the right tab; read on.

What Are Jeep Zombie Lights?

Jeep Zombie lights are illumination sources that can be installed on off-road vehicles. The brand was founded by the owner of Mike’s Off-Road Accessories. They serve the region around Fort Worth and Dallas.

They are a dependable choice for off-road vehicle enthusiasts. The company strives to provide high-quality customer service. Whether you want to install new headlights or a curved LED bar, you will be able to do it with this brand.

It aims to provide you with the best quality. The brand builds reliable off-road lights using high-grade material. Zombie lighting collaborates with some of the top brands known for quality LED lighting.

The Machete Spotlight range has Cree LED lights so that you can get the best possible lighting. The IP rating for all Zombie Lighting products is 67, due to which these durable lights can endure extreme conditions.

Zombie off-road lights can be installed on trucks, Jeeps, and all kinds of off-road vehicles. You can select from the vast array of Zombie lighting products to find one that is just right for your Jeep.

After installing these lights, you can also install other accessories to protect these lights from extreme weather and tough outdoor conditions. You can purchase all kinds of mounts as well as parts.

Zombie Lighting will be soon offering lights that can be installed on motorcycles.

Different Types of Jeep Zombie Lights

Since there are so many choices available, selecting the right kind of lighting for your Jeep might feel perplexing. There are many brands in the market and they offer different kinds of quality lighting. You will want to make your decision carefully since you want to spend your hard-earned money only on those lights that will do the job for you.

You need to know about the sort of lights that will suit you best. You can set up your rig right the first time around by choosing the right set of lights. You will also save money by getting the lights that fulfill your needs.


Lights on Jeeps have several uses. Jeep fans can agree that lights are important in many different ways.

The most obvious is the headlights. These are often replaced first with another set of lights. Stock headlights are halogen bulbs that give off a yellow color instead of full white. These lights fulfill necessary regulations but that’s just about it. For improved visibility, you will have to swap these lights for others.

Fog Pattern

The fog pattern light illuminates the area right in front of the vehicle. It casts a narrow beam of light that does not go too far from your vehicle. The light is low and wide.

Driving Pattern

The light shines in front of your vehicle in the driving pattern, much like normal headlights. The beam is wide.

Fog Lamps

Usually, fog lamps are mounted in a low position. The purpose of these lights is to cast light over a wide area in front of the vehicle. As a result, there is plenty of illumination towards the sides as well. Since these lights are kept low, they won’t be reflected back into your eyes to obscure your vision.

You can choose from a wide selection of aftermarket fog lights. You can install many of these where the stock lights are located. Hence, upgrading your lights is not that hard. Most modern replacement lights are LED.

Since halogen lights won’t make much of a difference, they are often not found as aftermarket parts. LED is often preferred since these are much brighter and more energy-efficient.

Spot Pattern

The spot pattern casts a narrow beam of light at a large distance from the vehicle. Since the area far ahead of you is illuminated, you can see hazards and obstacles well before you reach them.

This is important when you are out on trial. These lights are required for places that have no lights where it is too dark to see. These sets of lights also come in handy on long and lonely highways besides trails.

Three kinds of bulbs are commonly installed in vehicles.

  • Halogen
  • HID (High-Intensity Discharge)
  • LED (Light Emitting Diode)

Halogen Lights

Halogen lights have been available for quite a long time now. These lights work thanks to the concave reflector behind the bulb. Since the light is reflected over a large area, it is not particularly bright. It can be harder to see the path in front of you with just halogen lights.

Halogen lights may suffice for streets, roads, and highways, but they are not as useful for off-road driving. You need a better set of lights that can help you to see at a distance.

HID Lights

HID lights are often more expensive than LED and halogen lights. These are rather complex lighting systems. These lights are based on a tungsten filament. Zeon gas is used in these lights. As a result, these lights shine very brightly and are energy efficient. The main drawback of these lights is that they produce plenty of heat.

There was a time when HID lights were more common. But with the development of LED lighting, they have become less popular.

LED Lights

LED lights, on the other hand, are cooler since they generate less heat. They provide a focused beam of light, making it easier to see with these lights on. Since the beam of light is focused, you can direct plenty of light exactly where it is needed. LED lights are solid solid-state bulbs that are soldered onto a circuit board.

Although LED lights look small, they can shine very brightly. They can cast more light than either HID or halogen. The lenses help focus these lights so that you can see more easily.

Other Lights

In Jeeps, you will notice that the lights are forward-facing. There are added cube lights and fog lights, side lighting, light bars, and spotlights. There may even be lighting towards the rear of the vehicle. Whether you are out on trail or camping, you need the Jeep to light up the way. When you are in the middle of nowhere, you want to be sure that you have plenty of lights to look around.

However, you also have to be realistic about what you are going to choose. You need to know the differences between various kinds of lights so that you buy the right one. You can save money by getting the right set of lights and avoiding a lot of hassle.

For beam pattern lighting, you have the following main options.

  • Spot pattern
  • Driving pattern
  • Fog pattern
  • Combo Patterns (these are lights in various combinations).

Final Thoughts

By knowing about the various kinds of lights and their differences, you will be able to choose one that is best for your needs.

LED lights are the most popular since they are energy efficient and very bright. Although they have a small size, they can put out plenty of light.