page title icon What Are Map Lights in a Car? Everything you need to know!

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Map lights refer to the two small lights present on the roof towards the front of your car. As implied by the name, these lights were designed so that reading a map at night may be easier.

There are map lights on either side. Hence, the driver or the passenger can switch on their map light for greater ease and convenience. Map lights also switch on when a door opens. This is somewhat like a dome light.

The map light can provide you with a focused beam of light so that reading at night is easier. Depending on what features you choose, a map light can have a price tag anywhere from $10 to $50. But no matter what kind of light you select, you will get extra light in your vehicle with one of these installed.

Map Lamp Uses

Your vehicle will likely have an overhead lamp. However, this lamp is not the optimal solution for all cases. For instance, suppose you are driving. If at this time, the passenger turns on an overhead light to look into a map, the beam of light may disturb your vision. You may not be able to see ahead of you properly.

If a passenger wants to read something on a long car ride, then the map light is a good solution since it won’t interfere with your vision. You can also turn on the map lights when children start sleeping in the car. You can also switch on the map light when eating something in the car. If you want to look at your food but don’t want to wake up the kids, then the map lamp is a good choice.

Two kinds of map lights are available. One is the variety that is preinstalled in your vehicle. The other type is portable. In some newer car models, a map lamp is preinstalled towards the lower side of the rearview mirror. The other light is the portable light that can plug into your cigarette lighter. Or it might work with a small battery. In this type of light, there is a light installed towards the end of the flexible arm. Or you may be able to clip it onto the visor.

Light Color

Map lights can have various specifications. You can think of doing various tasks using your map lights. White light may be the best for this purpose. You can also select a light that has a blue color. You can use this color to change your car’s interior if you like.

Map Lamp Specifications

Map lights may be available in different specifications. The following data will give you some idea of a common kind of map light that you can plug into your cigarette lighter. This lamp typically has one 5 watts, 12-volt bulb. The lamp’s arm measures around 6 inches long. The overall length is slightly over 11 inches.

Car Lighting

When they want to customize and change the feel of their car, drivers often think about exterior lights. However, you should note that changing the interior lights can change the look of your vehicle about as much as new headlights. There are several options that you can go for when selecting interior lights. With the latest technology, you can dramatically transform the interior of your car.

Here are the different kinds of interior lights and your available options in the market.

Standard Interior Lights

All vehicles have certain kinds of interior lights that are standard. It is easier to look within your vehicle during the nighttime with these lights. Interior lights were particularly useful when smartphones were not as common. These lights can help you to read a map at night easily.

These lights come preinstalled in vehicles. However, if you prefer, you can upgrade them whenever you like. You can upgrade your preinstalled lights by having new lights in their place.

Dome Light

The dome light is situated on the roof in the center. This light automatically turns on when one or more doors open. Hence, it can warn you that a door is open. Passengers in the back seat can use the dome light to read clearly during the night.

Door Lights

In many kinds of vehicles, light is present towards the bottom of all doors. This light will switch on when the door is open. Hence, the passenger or driver can look at the ground more clearly when exiting or entering the vehicle. These lights can be useful when you are parking at an unfamiliar location during nighttime or off the road.

Upgrading Interior Lights

For the best possible performance from your lights, you can think of upgrading them to LED. LED bulbs have much brighter lights when compared to halogens that are normally installed in most cars.

LED bulbs also have another advantage besides shining more light compared to halogens. The light that LED bulbs produce is whiter compared to halogen. Due to this reason, you may be able to see more clearly during the night. However, you should be careful when you turn them on at night.

Dome lights and map lights can interfere with the vision of the driver if they shine too brightly. Even if you have to turn on these lights, you have to make sure that you are looking at the road at all times while driving. Interior lights should not be left switched on constantly while you are driving.

You can easily upgrade standard bulbs with LEDs. You don’t have to buy additional equipment. You can directly replace them to upgrade your interior lights.

Bottom Line

Now that you know what are map lights in a car. Make sure to make maximum use of it. These are the lights that help you to see better at night when no other light is available.