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Among the different types of headlights, the halogen lights are still the most popular. The tungsten filament inside the halogen bulb produces light. Durability and lower cost of replacements are the outstanding advantages of halogen headlights.

However, halogen bulbs generate a good amount of heat and even the moisture in the form of sweat from human skin can negatively affect the performance of halogen light and because of that one has to handle halogen bulbs after wearing hand gloves.

High-Intensity Discharge (HID) lights also known as Xenon lights are brighter than halogen lights and they produce very little heat when compared to halogen lights. The drivers of the vehicles which come from the opposite direction go blind because of the over brightness of Xenon headlights.

In the beginning, Xenon bulbs consume a lot of power, and after becoming operational, they consume less energy but are able to maintain the degree of brightness.

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When compared to halogen bulbs Xenon bulbs emit less heat. Xenon bulbs are costlier than halogen bulbs but, are more durable. LED bulbs are the latest entrants to the headlight scenario. Led bulbs do not consist of filaments or gas, and the light is produced by diodes.

LED bulbs are highly energy efficient but, a good amount of heat is produced on the diode. Heat control systems are to be used along with LED headlights. LED bulbs are considered the most ideal for headlights because the light produced by the LED bulbs is not diffuse but directional and also the lights can be made into any shape due to the small size of LEDs. LED headlights are expensive.

Halogens Vs. Xenon MIDs Vs. LEDs

When compared to HID or LED bulbs, halogen bulbs are more affordable though the light produced by the halogen bulb is not as bright as LED or Xenon bulb. For most of the vehicles, halogen bulbs are the standard so that replacement of halogen bulb is easier as well as less expensive.

One need not install new bulb housing, and the replacement can be done by the DIY method. The cost of a halogen bulb is only a fraction of Xenon as well as LED bulb.

The technology of Xenon HID light is not as old as that of halogen light. Xenon headlights are gaining popularity gradually. Those who want to replace the halogen headlights with Xenon headlights are required to install the HID conversion kit. The arc between the two electrons inside the Xenon bulb produces the light and the Xenon gas inside the bulb facilitates the production of light.

The light produced by HID bulbs is brighter and whiter than the light produced by halogen bulbs. Though the latest type of halogen bulb produces brighter and whiter light, it is still not up to the level of the HID bulb. The much higher price is the major drawback of Xenon light.

When the vehicle doesn’t have HIDs already, one has to purchase the conversion kit and install the same. It is all the more important to ensure that the fixtures are properly installed and aligned so as to avoid the risk of dazzling.

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LED bulbs cost more than halogen bulbs but have other advantages. The light produced by the LED bulb is as bright as the light produced by the HID bulb.

The LED bulbs produce strong, white light without the blue tint, unlike HID. LED bulbs consume far less amount of power when compared to halogen bulbs and Xenon bulbs. The LED bulb has a longer life also.

Why Halogen Headlights Are Preferred Universally For Motorcycles?

The halogen headlights are of low cost, dimmable and can be very easily replaced. Even after the introduction of newer technology many motorists still prefer halogen headlights. Halogen headlights are the most easily accessible lights the world over.

Car headlight bulbs

Apart from the low price halogen bulbs provide the advantage of bright white light which is warm. The majority of drivers agree that the light produced by a halogen bulb is sufficient and comfortable not only at night but also during storms and daytime rain. Halogen bulb doesn’t flicker, and the bulb warms up within seconds.

Halogen headlights ensure safe driving in the night in highways and back roads. The halogen headlights have a life span of 450 – 1000 hours which is reasonable. While the halogen headlights are long-lasting in vehicles that are used heavily, for moderately used vehicles they are more long-lasting.

Halogen lights are considered the best options for those who drive the motorcycles for short distances on most of the days. Those who do not drive frequently and those who do not drive much in the night need not go for a very expensive headlight, and hence for them, halogen headlight is the best option.

Replacement of halogen headlight is also a low-cost affair. The bulb can be replaced by the DIY method so that one need not pay any service charge. The process of replacing the halogen bulb is very simple and can be completed within 10 minutes.

Since the halogen bulb is capable of emitting light at different levels of intensity, the halogen headlights are easily dimmable. Halogen headlight is the most universal headlight the world over, and the majority of drivers are familiar with a halogen headlight. Hence replacement of halogen bulb is quite easy everywhere.

Also, the halogen lights come in many different sizes. The two glaring disadvantages of halogen bulbs are that the lights generate a lot of heat and they consume a big amount of energy. In spite of these disadvantages, halogen headlights will retain their popularity because of their low cost and familiarity.

Xenon HID HEADLIGHTS – Pros And Cons

The Xenon HID headlights could gain popularity because of the high intensity of the light and also the color temperature. HID headlight can generate twice the amount of lumens generated by halogen light.

The advantages of Xenon headlights are that they are more durable than halogen headlights, they produce brighter light, provide broader coverage, have more efficiency and they consume less amount of power than the halogen headlights. The higher cost when compared to halogen bulbs and the strong glare that can make the driver from the opposite direction blind are the glaring disadvantages of Xenon headlights.

Xenon headlights are the whitest and the brightest, and also they are much more durable than halogen headlights. Xenon headlights are very expensive also. Xenon HID headlights are the beast for motorists who drive more frequently during night time and are not worried about the expenses.

LEDs For Those Who Rive Motorcycles

The outstanding advantages of LED headlights are that they are of small size and that they are energy-efficient. LED headlights will not cause glare for the drivers who come from the opposite direction and LED headlights are brighter than the halogen headlights.

led light installation

The glaring disadvantages of LED headlights are that they are very expensive, they heat up other assemblies of the vehicle, and that unlike halogen headlights installing LED headlights is not easy. Also, LED headlights to require cooling. When compared to HID and halogens, LED headlights provide more brightness as well as coverage.

Many drivers prefer LED headlights because they provide white brightness. The LED bulb will not flicker and will warm up instantly. LED headlights consume a minimum amount of power and while in very dark roads they provide sufficiently broad illumination. When it comes to the safety of brightness, LED lights surpass HID lights.

Moreover, unlike HID headlights, LED lights to provide more focused light which can be shaped in different ways. Just like HIDs LEDs are also energy-efficient. When compared to Xenon and Halogen lights, LED lights to require more cooling.

When compared to low-cost halogen lights, LED lights are expensive. However, halogen lights are not as helpful as LED lights during nighttime driving. For those who drive motorcycles for long distances at night, LEDs are the best options.

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