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Car headlights require replacement for various reasons. When the headlight system as a whole is to be replaced the process will be almost the same for all car models as well as makes.

Before replacing the headlights drivers are advised to refer to the owner’s manual. In most of the cases, only the bulbs of the headlights require replacement.

Those who carry out the replacement of car headlights by DIY methods need not worry about the cost of replacement because they need only to pay the price of the parts that they buy. For others, the cost of replacement of the headlights depends on the model and make of the car.

Whether the car headlights need repairs or replacement, the car owner must consider the cost involved. However, the quality of the newly purchased parts or components is also very important.

In case the newly purchased headlight bulb is of inferior quality or the newly purchased parts do not match for the car, the money spent on those items will go waste.

For all cars, the headlights are very vital, and the car owners cannot compromise with the quality as well as condition of the car headlights. In most of the cases, the car owner or the driver comes to know about the problem with headlight only when the bulb goes dim or only after it is burnt out. Car headlights go off quickly as a result of regular driving during nighttime.

Replacement Of The Headlight Bulb

A set of halogen replacement bulbs will cost around $15. In the case of HID replacement bulbs, the cost depends on the kind of bulb. LED replacement bulbs are available for not more than $50.

It is advisable to replace both the bulbs at a time. When one of the bulbs is found burnt out, it indicates that the other bulb will also burn out soon.

Prior to entrusting a mechanic with the task of replacing the headlight bulb, one must find out the labor charges as well as cost of installation. Depending on the nature of the problem as well as required to complete the job, the mechanic may charge an extra amount of around $50.

When both headlights of the car are not functioning it is highly risky to take the car out during night time. The owner of the car must see to it that both the headlights are repaired or replaced immediately so as to make the car road-worthy.

When both headlights are not functioning, an experienced mechanic should attend the problem immediately who will find out the actual problem and will suggest a solution. The mechanic may charge not less than $50 as inspection charges.

Replacement of the headlight bulb

When the fuse or the wiring is to be replaced the charges will be higher, and the mechanic may charge not less than $100 per hour. When the dimmer switch or the headlight switch needs replacement, the cost of replacement may go up to $250.

When the replacement works are carried out at dealerships, the charges are always higher. However, at the dealerships, the car owners can rest assured that the replacements are done with genuine parts of high quality.

Replacement Of Headlight Assembly

When the headlight is broken in an accident, the entire headlight unit may have to be changed. The cost of replacement will be high and may not be below $200. Depending upon the type, model and make of the vehicle, there can be considerable variation in the cost of replacement of the whole headlight unit.

Headlight assembly of good quality may cost in the range $300 – $750, and for LED lights the cost will be still higher. The best deals for headlight assembly can be found out by searching online.

The headlights of the latest models of cars have number of bolts and fasteners so that the task will be more complex as well as time-consuming. Hence the installation charges will be around $150.

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Upgrading Of Headlights

When the headlights fail to provide the required level of illumination, it will be risky to drive the car at night time and during bad weather. If the cars are fitted with old type halogen bulbs, they can be upgraded to HID lights or LED lights which are of newly developed technology.

HID conversion kit may cost around $180. LED headlights are very expensive, but they last for a very long time. For replacement of headlights, the car owners should ensure to choose a cost-effective solution. At the same time, they should not compromise with safety and should also avoid heavy fines from the traffic control authorities.

Upgrading of headlights

Affordable options for car headlights replacement are available in plenty. One has to consider the cost as well as durability of the product.

Cost Of Replacement Of Headlight Bulbs

While driving at night and when the road is difficult to see due to bad weather, the headlights of the car ensure safety. Hence the driver should ensure that the headlight bulbs are replaced when they start to go dim.

The cost of headlight replacement varies from car to car and from mechanic to mechanic. The average cost of headlight replacement will be $70 out of which the labor charges will be $50.

Replacement of headlight bulb is easy, and it will not take more than 10 minutes. When other parts also need replacement along with the bulb, it will take more time, and consequently, the cost will be more. When there is a major electrical problem, it will take more time to fix the problem, and more parts of the headlight unit may have to be replaced.

Those who drive with the headlights in good condition can ensure safe driving. Once the headlight bulbs are replaced properly, one can drive safely at night, during heavy rain and in foggy weather. The car will be visible to the drivers who come from opposite direction, and the driver will be able to see the road clearly. Also, the policeman will not stop the car.

Those who carry out headlight bulb replacement can save substantial amount of money. For cars, normally replacement of headlight bulbs is one of the simplest tasks. However, those who are not sure about the method to replace the bulb should not take risk and may get the job done by the mechanic.

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