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How To Change Tail Light Bulb

The headlights of your vehicles show you the road; the taillights ensure that other drivers on the road can see your vehicle from behind. Properly working taillights are important for safe driving not only during the night but also during the daytime.

During night time, they are must, and during day time, if you are supposed to take a left turn on the roads, you will require the tail lights to show that to drivers behind you. Thus, if your taillights are not working properly, it can be dangerous.

Taillights serve different key functions related to safe driving. When you hit the brake pedal, they lit up; they illuminate while driving during the night while activating the right or left signal turn they blink to let others know about it.

Even when you are backing your car, they get lit. Thus, when the taillight bulb is not working properly, there are high chances that you may run into a rear road accident. Even if you do not run into an accident, there are high chances that you will get a ticket once Police discover that your tail lights have burned out.

Thus, if you notice that any one of your tail lights has burned out, it’s time to take immediate action. It is a basic repair job, and if you have the right tools in your hand and a quality taillight bulb, then you can start the work yourself. There are a lot of options available, and when you buy, make sure that you have checked that the bulb fits well with the make of your vehicle.

Remember that modern-day taillights are different from the ones that were used earlier. Now, they are completely set, and by buying them, you can fix the whole thing provided, you have the right tools handy.

A few tools that you will require are Sockets, Ratchets, Screwdrivers, and gloves. You must also have the replacement tail light bulb. Let’s check out the instructions for completing the whole thing.

Step-by-Step Instructions For Changing The Tail Light Bulb

Step One

The first thing you need to determine is how you can access the tail light bulb of your vehicle. There are cars where you can find that the tail light is housing from outside. You can reach them from outside. There are some on other SUVs and other cars where you have to go to the trunk so that you get access to the tail light bulb.

driving on a foggy area

In case you are not able to figure out how to access the tail light bulb, you must take help from the vehicle manual.

Step Two

Once you know how you can reach the tail light bulb for removing it, you have to arrange the tools that will be required for changing it. The first thing you will require is a flat head screwdriver. Take the screwdrivers and then remove the screws that are holding the housing of the tail light in its place.

Before doing all this, it is a must that you disconnect the battery so that there is no connection with the taillights.

In case you have direct access to the tail lights still you should be careful about the plastic connectors or the tabs that you may have to remove for getting access to the tail light bulb. With time they may get brittle.

Step Three

After removing the housing, its time to determine which bulb or bulbs is not working. Once you know which ones are to be replaced, you can locate the bulb holder that is holding the bulbs that are to be replaced. For unseating it, you can either pull them out or, if required, you may have to use a screwdriver too. That is why a set of the screwdriver is suggested so that you can use them for varied sizes of screws.

Step Four

It’s time to remove the bulb from its holder. You have to pull it out of the socket very carefully. Check if you can pull it out straight or after making a quarter turn. Different vehicles have different make, and thus, depending upon the setup of your vehicle, you may have to remove certain extra screws here. While removing the bulb, be careful as you should not break the bulb.

Step Five

In the socket, there may be dirt and debris. Once you have opened the taillight cover, it is best that you clean the whole place. Thus, before you install the bulb, make sure that there is no grime or dirt in the socket if there is dirt clean with a microfiber cloth.

Now, insert the bulb in the socket. You have to do it more or less in the same way you had removed it. Here you can wear gloves that will ensure that no damage is done to the bulb. Insert the bulb in the socket. If required, use a ratchet to tighten it. However, be careful that you do not do any damage to the area.

Once the bulbs are placed, it’s time to house the tail light covers again.  For this, you have to reverse the whole process that you had done earlier. That is first, but the tail light housing on its place, then take the screws and tighten them so that they hold the housing properly. Check out if everything is placed in its right place.

Step Six

You had disconnected the battery, so connect it now. After connecting the battery, you have to ignite your vehicle and check whether everything is working properly. If all the taillights are lightened or not. After checking, you have completed the work properly.

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To Conclude

A gentle reminder that before buying the new replacement tail light, make sure that you have checked the make of your vehicle, and you know which is best for your car.

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