page title icon How To Find Out Right Headlight Bulbs For Your Vehicle?

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Find Out Right Headlight Bulbs For Your Vehicle

Every car has different lights and hence needs different bulbs. There’s sidelights, indicator lights, interior lights, fog lights, headlights and brake lights – only to name a few!

Together with all of the various bulbs, there are even various fittings, depending on your vehicle model and make. A fixing refers to the size and shape of the bottom of the bulb for it to properly fix in your car.

There are three key ways to ensure you get just the appropriate kind of bulb for your car.

  • Use simple online lookup car bulb device – simply enter your registering number or enter your car make and model details, then choose the bulb type you’re searching for – you may then find the appropriate bulb for your car from the search results
  • Go through your car’s vehicle manual that records the bulb types you require.
  • Take out the bulb and glance at its covering – the letters/number printed here to label the bulb/fitting type, so you may take this information into the store to enquire for a matching additional bulb.

Car Bulb Types

All bulbs aren’t made equal still! Once you’ve found out which bulbs are well-matched with your car, there are lots of diverse features you can watch out for. You have so many choices if you fancy changing your car’s bulbs – here are some of the types available:

Standard Bulbs

These are effortless to fit, don’t require any installing changes, and are made to vehicle maker s’ original tools standards.

Heavy Duty Bulbs

Along with providing twice the life of a standard bulb, these are particularly reinforced, making them best for those who tour long distances or over badly maintained extends of the road.

Brighter Bulbs

A variety of bulbs which are 50 percent, 90 percent, 120 percent, and 130 percent brighter than usual headlight bulbs and use xenon-gas technology. They spread a white, clean light which brightens markings and road signs more, in addition to allowing you to view potential dangers much beforehand.

How To Find Out Right Headlight Bulbs For Your Vehicle

All Weather Bulbs

These lessen glare, offering you a much finer view of the road forward when the climate turns bad.

HID Style Bulbs

These spread about a brighter, white light which is almost like daylight, in addition to offering up to 30 percent additional light on the street.

Quick Response Bulbs

These provide 15-20 percent more luminance than standard bulbs, and if used as tail lights their speedy response can aid to lessen your chances of a crash into an accident.

Blue Bulbs

These are best for adapting your car’s style – verify to see whether they’re authorized for on-road use first though.

Spare Bulb Kits

A few nations need you to always keep spare bulbs inside your car, therefore these kits will assist make sure you remain on the right side of the rule.

After you’ve figured out the bulb, you can then look through by fitting by ticking on the key alongside which light you’re planning to change.

TIP – if you’re hesitant what you’re searching for, most individuals wish to substitute the bulbs they use for standard night time drive. Some of these are headlight beam, low beam and dipped beam are the most common.

Unfortunately, we always don’t have info for each vehicle, particularly as latest models are launched quite often. If your car isn’t in the record then you might use one of the ways explained above instead – either call your car company, Search in your manual, or take your present bulb out to examine it.

Other Ways To Find Your Fittings

You may even contact your vehicle maker for the fitting info, or just go through your vehicle manual, which much states all the fittings which your vehicle requires for all types of light. Together with all of the various bulbs, there are even several fittings, depends on your car make and model.

Xenon bulbs for better visibility

A fitting denotes the size and shape of the base of the bulbs in turn for it to properly fit your car.

Most vehicles have standard halogen light bulbs, but gradually car manufacturers are turning to LED and Xenon bulbs for better visibility.

Check your owner’s handbook for the particular kind of substitute bulbs you can use for your car. Then choose the bulbs which will offer you the finest visibility and value for your requirements.

LED light bars are available in 3 lighting designs; flood, beam, and combo. Selecting the right beam pattern is all about your likings, budget, and requirements.

You can even consider renewing your headlights to Xenon if they don’t come with your car. Xenon lights have a typical white or white-bluish glow and are considered as the best in luxury and visibility.

You’ll require to fix a Xenon changeover kit, but, it will take some time and some hundred dollars. However, the difference in lighting can be spectacular.


After you find what fitting you require, all you have to do is hunt for it on the website search zone and you will find all the bulbs supplied in that fitting. Choose your bulb, place your request and you’re all set!