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In this article, we look at how to wire headlights to a toggle switch?

With time, there are chances that the car’s headlight can get damaged. Are you facing the same problem? Replacing the headlight switch with an original switch can be an expensive affair. Thus, if you cannot spend extra money, you can use a toggle switch to replace the actual button. It works for headlights too. 


How To Wire Headlights To A Toggle Switch


How to wire headlight to a toggle switch is the next thing that comes to mind after planning to replace the headlight switch with the toggle switch. Do not worry as we have the solution for you.

Through this article, we will explain the step-by-step installation process of a toggle switch.

How to Wire Headlights to a Toggle Switch? Six-Step Process

Wiring a headlight to a toggle switch is not complicated at all. With the help of some tools and an expert, installation becomes simpler. You can take the help of an expert to install the toggle switch. You will need a toggle switch, a screwdriver, a wire cutter, wire strippers, tape, and wire crimpers.

Step 1: Firstly, it is essential to decide where you want to mount the switch. Keeping it near the old button to install the new one with the same wire connected to the old one becomes easy.

Step 2: Understand the wiring with the help of a workshop manual. Ensure that you find the correct wire that gives electricity supply to the headlight. Disconnect that wire and then replace the old switch with the new toggle switch. 


How To Wire Headlights To A Toggle Switch


Step 3: Remember, every toggle switch is different, and the processing of wiring will also be different. There are numerous attachments at the back of the toggle switch that vary according to the switch’s appearance. Some controllers may have a screw that connects the wire to the headlight. And some may have a blade-type connection that fastens the cables at their place.

Step 4: After finding the wire that connects the switch and the headlight, you need to join them. You need to cut the end of the wires and attach it to the blade connector. With the wire strippers, it will be convenient to remove half an inch of the wire to connect well with the blade connector. Further, with pliers’ help, hold the connector together and wrap the tape around it so that cables do not come out and the connector is safe. 

Step 5: make sure that you connect the wires to the toggle switch and the headlight properly. There are different connections like ground, accessory, and power to connect in the correct order. After the wires are safe with the electric tape, check the switch and see if the headlight turns on. 


How To Wire A Headlight To A Toggle Switch


Step 6: After completing the wirework, mount the switch near the older button either by screwing it. Or if there is a hole where you can insert the switch, it will be much better. This will help to thread the nut at the back of the button. There should not be any metal coming in contact with the switch as this can result in a short circuit.

After installing the toggle switch, test it in all three positions driving light, off, and headlight position. I hope the above steps to wire a headlight to a toggle switch are now clear.

Types Of Toggle Switches And Their Application

  • In-line toggle switches used in building automation: these are in-line toggle switches. With almost four gear options, these switches have brackets that support electricity.
  • Patch-type switches prevalent in audio-visual devices: You need to install these switches on the surface. If at all you need to switch it, install it on the side. There is a chip-type pin on the button that needs to be attached with the device’s wires.

How To Wire Headlights To A Toggle Switch


  • High current switches for electrical appliances: in electrical appliances, there are high current toggle switches with a limited current of 5A. The sealing technology that uses either silver or gold plating is sealed with epoxy resin, specially designed for electrical appliances.  
  • On and off switch in Cars: toggle switches are used in classic cars. It is also used in vehicles that have fog lights that kids use. Toyota FJ Cruiser also has a toggle switch. These switches have the power to handle large amounts of voltage. It is easy to connect with applications that use direct wires and not relay to control the system.

Best Toggle Switch in Amazon

Nilight 90012 E Rocker Toggle Switch

It has a single-pole, single-throw screw connector with two terminal pins used for on and off. With 15A 250VAC/20A 125VAC current rating and operating voltage of 12 volts make it one of the most popular switches on Amazon. It is made with heavy-duty metal; thus, it is suitable for all motorized vehicles like trucks, cars, boats, airplanes, lawn motors, and much more.


How To Wire Headlights To A Toggle Switch



  • The switch is durable as it is made with metal and plastic. The waterproof rubber cap makes it easy to use the button without worrying about the current or shock.
  • Its Ergonomic design with solid construction has a mechanical life of more than 50,000 cycles.
  • It is convenient to install as there is a hole with a diameter of 012mm.
  • Connecting the toggle switch with the device is convenient as it has machine screws for connecting each terminal.
  • You get five pieces of switches, and all have a waterproof cap.


  • On and off plates are too thin. It feels like it will break easily.
  • Only the cap is waterproof, and thus, you need to be careful while mounting the switch.

Nilight 90012 E Rocker Toggle Switch
7,777 Reviews
Nilight 90012 E Rocker Toggle Switch
The switch is durable as it is made with metal and plastic and comes with a waterproof rubber cap


Using a toggle switch gives the user the right to choose between different functions of buttons. As they are digital switches, they are easy to install and operate. Ensure that the controls you buy are like sliders. I hope the above article gives you details about how to wire the headlight to a toggle switch.


How To Wire Headlights To A Toggle Switch


Further, it also gives you the different types of controls and their applications. After reading the article, I am sure choosing the toggle switch for a car, boat, lawnmower, yacht, and motorized vehicles will be convenient.

How to Wire Headlights to a Toggle Switch?

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